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Game Theory: Who Will Survive [CENSORED] Virus?
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There has been a lot of news going around about how to not catch the flu and other recent illnesses. In that, I found an interesting question about facial hair - will it protect you from getting sick? Today we are checking our temperatures as we see if your beard is RUINING your chance at staying healthy! From Mario's mustache to Geralt's manly stubble, we are seeing who would SURVIVE a viral outbreak!
*This video is not intended to give medical advice.*
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Game Theory: Death by NIGHTMARE! (Try To Fall Asleep)
wyświetleń 1,7M6 dni temu
Get yourself some NEW Theory Wear!! ► Try To Fall Asleep is an indie horror game that has taken my Theorist brain by storm. Since playing it, I HAD to do a theory. The story revolves around our player character, a man tormented by hallucinations while awake AND asleep. We have to try to fall asleep for our own good, or so our Doctor says. I am going to piece together all of the p...
Game Theory: Who Will Survive [CENSORED] Virus?
wyświetleń 2M15 dni temu
Special thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring this episode! Visit & use code MATPAT to get 70% off a 3 year plan 1 extra month free!! There has been a lot of news going around about how to not catch the flu and other recent illnesses. In that, I found an interesting question about facial hair - will it protect you from getting sick? Today we are checking our temperatures as we see...
Proof the Legend of Zelda is Earth's Future! | The SCIENCE of... Zelda
wyświetleń 860K17 dni temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► We've done a LOT of theories on Legend of Zelda and it's many games. Today, Austin is figuring out something we have never tried to do - finding out the ORIGIN of the world of Zelda. You see, he's been collecting reading the stars and collecting the evidence to PROVE that Hyrule and the rest of the world of Zelda is actually on EARTH! Get rea...
I'm building a BETTER Youtube.
wyświetleń 1,9M22 dni temu
SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ► For years I have watched Creators struggle to keep up with the ever changing PLclip guidelines and algorithms, get taken advantage of by MCNs and merch companies, and more. This includes me! We all remember the DEFY situation. I've talked at length in previous videos about the struggle of making money on PLclip what with COPPA and trying to s...
Game Theory: The HORROR That Threatens SCP
wyświetleń 2,5M26 dni temu
SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ► is beloved my many, whether it's through the SCP Foundation and community or the games like SCP Containment Breach and SCP Blackout. They've landed in some trouble recently, with a person taking their Russian trademark. You see, that person has been on a mission to, seemingly, take down all the SCP over there. Why? No one is quite sure. Today...
Game Theory: A Boy and His D̴̬̝͖͍̋͋͛̊͆͑̄͋̄͐̏̔̚͠ő̵͔̦̭͉̟̬͌͊̽g̶̹̀̈́̈́͆̃͌́͆̈́́̎͝ (Boneworks / Duck Season)
wyświetleń 2,3MMiesiąc temu
Special thanks to Raycon for sponsoring this episode! Get 15% off your order here! ► There are so many secrets buried in Boneworks as it relates to Stress Level Zero's other games, especially Duck Season. There was still one thing left, after our last episodes, that I REALLY wanted to talk to you about. That is the connection between Arthur Ford, our Boneworks protagonists,...
Exploding Barrels Are a LIE! | The SCIENCE of.. Doom Barrels
wyświetleń 749KMiesiąc temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► Looking back on Doom in preparation for Doom Eternal coming out, I've noticed that, like so many other video games, it has barrels that explode when you hit them. Why IS that? What makes there barrels explode - no, SHOULD these barrels explode? Today, Austin is diving head first into the science behind exploding barrels! From Doom to Donkey K...
Game Theory: We Let Them Out (Boneworks / Duck Season)
wyświetleń 2,7MMiesiąc temu
SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ► Watch part 1! ► Last episode, we explored the big secret hiding beneath the surface of Boneworks - the double agent Arthur Ford and his quest for immortality. I left you with the idea that this all comes full circle with the evil Dog from Duck Season, another game from Stress Level Zero. Today, we are o...
Game Theory: He Never Died He NevEr D̳͗Ie̳̱̒̍d̩͆ H̛̞͆͛Ẻ͎̺̊͑͘ N̑͒e̱͌͗VẺ̘r̨̫̖̓̋̃ D̻̘̾̒ỉE͎͚̹͗̽͌d͚͌̕͘
wyświetleń 3,3MMiesiąc temu
SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ► Unmasking the Duck Season Dog! ► One of my favorite VR horror games is Duck Season, so when the makers of that game came out with Boneworks I was sold! There is SO MUCH hiding beneath the surface of this gam that, of course, I had to do a theory! Today I am going to show you how Boneworks, at its core, is...
Game Theory: The Secret Mastermind of Marvel Strike Force
wyświetleń 1,3MMiesiąc temu
Thanks to FoxNext Marvel Strike Force for sponsoring this video! Download the game HERE! ► Marvel Strike Force is an EPIC game with all of our favorite heroes! When playing through the game, I was amazed at the huge roster of supers. It got me wondering though, if we are going around saving heroes such as Captain America, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four from Ultimis, then who ...
Game Theory: What is a Minecraft Emerald WORTH?
wyświetleń 2,9MMiesiąc temu
SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ► In Minecraft's recent update to the Villager trading system, they stopped with their randomly-generated prices and started setting a standard. Well Theorists, give me a consistent standard and I will give you a theory! This is the key to figuring out the economy of the Minecraft world - or at least the value of all the good we've been trading...
Game Theory: Is Link the STRONGEST Video Game Character? (Legend of Zelda)
wyświetleń 1,8M2 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ►► It's been a while since I talked about Legend of Zelda, and since Nintendo released a teaser trailer for Breath of The Wild 2, I figured it was about time we revisited the franchise. I've talked a LOT about this world, its timelines, and pretty much every version of Link there is - so what's left? Well Theorists, today we are doing some heavy liftin...
Game Theory: FNAF, The Faceless Puppet Master
wyświetleń 4M2 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ►► In my previous FNAF episode that dived into the new Fazbear Frights book series, I said I was going to come back to one of the characters for a closer look. Today is that day! I am taking a hard look at the boy in the time traveling ball pit, Oswald. You see, I think we may have found the person making these FNAF games. No, I don't mean Scott ...
The Final Proof that Minecraft ISN'T FLAT! | The SCIENCE of... Minecraft
wyświetleń 2M2 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► Austin and I have both covered - and DISPROVED - the popular theory that the Minecraft world is flat, but apparently that was not enough! Today, Austin is going to prove once and for all that the world of Minecraft is just as round as our Earth! He's got the evidence, he's got the science. and he's got the will to keep on calculating! Want to...
Game Theory: FNAF, The Secret Crimes of 1985
wyświetleń 4,6M2 miesięcy temu
Start listening with a 30-day Audible trial. Choose 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals absolutely free. Visit or text matpat to 500-500 Special thanks to Audible for sponsoring this video! With the release of the new Five Nights At Freddy's book series Fazbear Frights, the first 3 stories of which have been released, we have been introduced a monumental piece of information....
Game Theory: Minecraft vs. League of Legends, The Battle for the Decade's BEST GAME!
wyświetleń 1,7M2 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ►► Watch part 1 here! ► Last episode I covered some of the most impactful games of the past decade and today we are topping off that list. You see, when I decided to do these episodes, I had ideas of what games would and wouldn't end up making the cut. There are SO MANY great games that came out in the past ten years but, no matter how m...
Game Theory: 2019 Game of the Year? More like Best Games of the DECADE!
wyświetleń 1,8M3 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ►► The end of 2019 not only marks a time to look back on the top games of this year, but the top games that defined the entire decade of the 2010s. So to celebrate the end of the decade, I am counting down the games that defined not only gaming as a whole, but gaming on PLclip and the communities around it. From Pokemon and Mario to Star Wars and Fortn...
Is Darth Vader REALLY That STRONG?! | The SCIENCE of... Star Wars
wyświetleń 1,3M3 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► How the Force WORKS Explained! ► The most famous icon from Star Wars is arguably Darth Vader. You see him everywhere and his story is pretty much the center of all the main movies. He is synonymous with power - what with the force chokes and other crazy tricks he pulls in the series and it's other properties. Today, Austin is g...
Game Theory: Why YouTube Will NEVER Fix Rewind (YouTube Rewind 2019)
wyświetleń 2,4M3 miesięcy temu
Get Your NEW Holiday Theory Wear NOW! ► SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ►► PLclip Rewind 2019 came out and most people were left unimpressed, some even angry - though not as much as last year. I watched it myself, hoping to see the PLclip rewind of yesteryear, where it felt like a celebration of the Creator community. Alas, no. This year was so disconnected ...
Game Theory: The Tragedy of Minecraft's Sunken Tomb (The Drowned)
wyświetleń 2,8M3 miesięcy temu
Get Your NEW Holiday Theory Wear NOW! ► SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ► Last episode we talked a lot about the many mysteries of Minecraft's underwater biome and I mentioned that I would need to bench our deep dive into The Drowned for another day. Well Theorists, today is that day! The Drowned are FASCINATING and have a pretty tragic past. What piec...
Game Theory's UNCENSORED Interview with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki
wyświetleń 1,5M3 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ► I was given the chance to interview PLclip Ceo Susan Wojcicki earlier this year. I was allowed to ask her ANY QUESTION I wanted and believe me I pulled no punches. I asked Susan all the things I've waited years to ask and today I wanted to share it with you. I am an advocate for Creators and our community, we deserve the answers to all the thin...
#CancelCancer LIVE w/ Game Theory + St. Jude (Ft. Markiplier, Try Guys, TheOdd1sOut, and MORE!)
wyświetleń 14M4 miesięcy temu
Learn more and donate here! ► Or use the Donate Button! You helped us reach $1.3 MILLION and we are so thankful! The giveaway may have ended, but you can still donate! We are so thrilled to be hosting a charity livestream in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and we can't thank you enough for joining us to support this cause. For those that...
Game Theory: The Murky History of Minecraft's Underwater Gods
wyświetleń 3,9M3 miesięcy temu
Get Your NEW Holiday Theory Wear NOW! ► SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ► The world of Minecraft is vast and pretty well explored... except for one place. You see, we've covered a LOT of Minecraft on this channel, and in doing research for all of that I've noticed that one place remains mostly undiscovered - or at least un-theorized! The underwater bio...
We Visit St. Jude to Help Cancel Cancer!
wyświetleń 475K4 miesięcy temu
Tune in to our BIG #CancelCancer livestream with St. Jude happening on Dec. 3rd, 10:00 AM PST here on Game Theory! There will be games, prizes, special guests and more! Use the blue DONATE BUTTON to start donating NOW! Special thanks to St. Jude and everyone at the Memphis campus for having us! When we began our journey to the #CancelCancer campaign with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital ea...
Game Theory: Star Wars, How the Force WORKS! (Star Wars Fallen Order)
wyświetleń 2,2M4 miesięcy temu
Thanks to EA for sponsoring this video. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available now on XBOX, PC and PS4. Check it out here: One of my favorite fictional worlds is Star Wars and with the release of Star Wars: Fallen Order I knew it was time to cover a topic I've wanted to do for YEARS! It's time to talk about the Force. Anyone who has seen one of the movies or played one of the ...
Game Theory: Will Your Favorite Channel Survive 2020? (COPPA)
wyświetleń 4,3M4 miesięcy temu
Get Your NEW Holiday Theory Wear NOW! ► SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ►► Here we go again, another big, scary change coming to the platform that has Creators shaking in their boots. I'm talking about COPPA, the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act. Now COPPA has been around for a while but not too long ago the FTC and PLclip got into things over wh...
These Pokemon are HUNTING Humans! | The SCIENCE of... Pokemon Sword and Shield
wyświetleń 1,2M4 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► The release of Pokemon: Sword and Shield has brought on a plethora of new Pokemon. Specifically, a lot of sweet, dessert themed Pokemon. Cakes, ice cream, milk - oh my! Today, Austin is focusing on one that may be the most DANGEROUS Pokemon the games have ever had.- Alcremie. What makes this cute pocket monster so dangerous? Let's find out! W...
Game Theory: FNAF, The Cult of Glitchtrap (FNAF VR Curse of Dreadbear DLC)
wyświetleń 4,7M4 miesięcy temu
Get your NEW Holiday Theory Wear NOW! ► SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ►► Welcome back to Five Nights at Freddy's, where today we are diving into the successor of William Afton - or rather his cult. The Cult of Glitchtrap. You see, with the release of the FNAF VR: Help Wanted DLC, Curse of Dreadbear, we were introduced to what looks to be our new big bad of...
Game Theory: Can a Goose DESTROY YOUR LIFE? (Untitled Goose Game)
wyświetleń 2,2M4 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ► Untitled Goose Game is a gem no one anticipated. I've seen a few theories floating around about this game but there was one question none of them answered. Is a real life goose smart enough to accomplish what the feathered protagonist of Untitled Goose Game does? Yes, I really want to know. Get your feathers ready, Theorists. Today, we will cal...
FNAF AR, Can Your Phone STOP a Killer Animatronic? | The SCIENCE of...FNAF Special Delivery
wyświetleń 1,5M4 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for More SCIENCE! ►► FNAF AR Special Delivery is coming out soon, and there's not too much information out yet about the game. But that isn't going to stop Austin from diving right in! Today on The SCIENCE, Austin explores the question of whether or not your phone could actually be used as an effective weapon against animatronics in this "real-world" FNAF game. SUBSCRIB...
Game Theory: Pokemon - Why Pikachu is SHOCKINGLY Terrible! (Pokemon Sword and Shield)
wyświetleń 2,2M4 miesięcy temu
Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ► My subscribers have already saved over $1,545,000 on stores like eBay, Newegg, and Target. Special thanks to Honey for sponsoring today’s video! We've talked before about the science behind Fire Pokemon. Today I am turning my Theorist eye towards a different type - Electric! Throughout the series we see Pikachu zap Ash and m...
Game Theory: The Tragic Story of Minecraft's Zombie Pigmen (Piglins)
wyświetleń 5M5 miesięcy temu
Donate and get involved now! ► SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ► Minecraft keeps on giving. Today I want to talk about Minecraft's Zombie Pigmen. What are these weird Nether dwelling creatures? I am continuing my journey through the mysterious history of the Minecraft World to find out! They seem to be connected to EVERYTHING! Creepers, Villagers, regular pigs - ...
Dissecting Monsters! Could Giant Beasts ACTUALLY Exist? | The SCIENCE of... Dauntless
wyświetleń 908K5 miesięcy temu
Join the hunt! Download Dauntless for free here: Thanks to Phoenix Labs, the studio behind Dauntless, for sponsoring this video! Dauntless is a free to play game about hunting giant monsters and believe me when I say that these monsters are EPIC! Can you imagine living in a world where giant Behemoths are casually strolling by on the regular? Think about it!...
Game Theory: Minecraft, STOP Punching Trees!
wyświetleń 5M5 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE to never miss a Theory! ► There are a ton of interesting things in Minecraft, but one that stands out to me is the fact that to cut down a tree you PUNCH IT! You punch a tree! How does Steve not break his hand? Loyal Theorists, I want to find out if you can really cut down a tree with only your FISTS and not injure yourself... too bad. Don't try this at home Theorists, ...
Game Theory: The Kindergarten Family Secret (Kindergarten 2)
wyświetleń 3,5M5 miesięcy temu
Special thanks to The Dollar Shave Club for partnering with us! $5 STARTER SET!! ► After the first box, your next box ships regular sized products at regular price. I have SO much fun with Kindergarten and, since playing Kindergarten 2, I've wanted to do another theory on it. Today Theorists, we are diving into to one of the biggest unsolved secrets of this game -...
Pokemon vs Fallout! Who's Getting PAID?| The SCIENCE of... Video Game Millionaires
wyświetleń 1,2M6 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► You wanted to know gamin's richest character and Austin is BACK to figure it out! Is a Pokemon Master richer than the Sims? Could Geralt from The Witch buy out all of Skyrim? That is the economic mystery we aim to figure out today! Want to join in the SCIENCE discussion? Head to ►► Game Theories: The Tragedy of Deltarune...
Game Theory: FNAF Just Got A Reboot... (FNAF VR Help Wanted)
wyświetleń 6M5 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ►► FNAF is back... but not in the way you may be thinking. Oh, we are getting a new game alright. Scott has started teasing FNAF AR and it made me realize something. We've been fooled! I was trying to slot in FNAF VR into the timeline as we knew it but, in fact, this is a brand new timeline - the REAL timeline! You see, everything before FNAF VR has be...
Game Theory: I Lost EVERY Game of Magic... So You Don't Have To! (Magic The Gathering)
wyświetleń 1,5M6 miesięcy temu
Download Magic: The Gathering Arena FREE on PC Now! ► Special thanks to Wizards of the Coast for sponsoring this episode! When Wizards of the Coast approached us about doing an episode on Magic the Gathering, I felt like this was the sign I was waiting for to enhance my skills. By that I mean, learn how to finally win! I wanted to become the best Magic player I could and to do so...
Game Theory: The Lost History of Minecraft's Wither
wyświetleń 5M6 miesięcy temu
Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ► My subscribers have already saved over $1,545,000 on stores like eBay, Newegg, and Target. Special thanks to Honey for sponsoring today’s video! Now that I have started to dive into the deep lore of Minecraft, I think I will be able to map out the ENTIRE in-world history of the game. We've talked about the corrupted music di...
Game Theory: Do Video Games Cause Violence? It's Complicated.
wyświetleń 2,2M6 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ►► Watch our Fortnite video on this! ► Do video games make you a more violent and aggressive person? That is the question we are covering today. We touched on this topic before in our episode "Does Fortnite Make You Violent?" but I think, in the wake of current happenings, it deserves a deeper look. This is a tricky and very personal top...
Minecraft, Your World Has A BIG Problem! | The SCIENCE of... Minecraft
wyświetleń 2,1M6 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for More SCIENCE! ► How much more is there to say about Minecraft? A lot it turns out. Have you ever wondered about the day and night cycle of the Minecraft world? It is fascinating... in the horrifying way video game science always ends up being. Today, Austin is going to show you just how scary the Minecraft world really is and why there would be no survivors. Want to...
Game Theory: No More Games
wyświetleń 2M6 miesięcy temu
Have You Taken My Challenge? ► Watch part 1 here! ► This is the end my friends. Well, sort of the end. We are approaching the end of the Game Theorists ARG and with that, I want to fully reveal how I pulled this off. From start to finish, this has been a grand undertaking full of ups and downs, twists and turns, and many, MANY gates. If you still want t...
Game Theory: The Ninja Mixer MISTAKE! (The Ninja Mixer Deal Part 2)
wyświetleń 2M7 miesięcy temu
Watch Part One! ►► Get Your New Back To School Theory Wear Here!! ► Last time we talked about the good and the bad with the deal between Fortnite streamer Ninja and Microsoft's livestreaming platform Mixer. This time I want to provide my help. You see, this may not have been the GIANT mistake... if Mixer plays its cards right. Can Mixer use this very expensive...
Game Theory: Was Ninja Worth It? (The Ninja Mixer Deal)
wyświetleń 3,5M7 miesięcy temu
Special thanks to Audible for sponsoring this episode! Start Your 30 Day Audible trial and get your first audio book and two Audible Originals FREE! ► Or Text MatPat to 500-500 There was a BIG shake up in the streaming world with Ninja leaving Twitch for Mixer. Mixer has invested a lot in Ninja to really jumpstart their platform. What I want to figure out is whether or not th...
Game Theory: We've Been Hiding Something From You...
wyświetleń 2,9M7 miesięcy temu
Get Your New Back To School Theory Wear Here!! ► Have You Taken My Challenge? ► Loyal Theorists, I've been keeping secrets from you. Well, actually I've been creating riddles and codes leading to secret gates for you to find - and find you have! So many of you have participated in the Game Theory ARG we started oh so many months ago. Today I want t...
Game Theory: The Mystery of Minecraft's Haunted Discs (Minecraft)
wyświetleń 7M7 miesięcy temu
Get Your New Back To School Theory Wear Here!! ► Today Theorists, I aim to solve another one of the many mysteries of Minecraft. We've explored a lot already, but with a game this big, there is always more to find. Take the music discs, which are the objects you find randomly throughout the game when you do certain things. Except, there are two discs in particular that peake...
The Secret Ingredient in Kindergarten's Poison Nuggets! | The SCIENCE of... Kindergarten
wyświetleń 2M7 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for More SCIENCE! ► With the release of Kindergarten 2, we had to take a look back on the game that started it all. There are lots of ways to go in Kindergarten - if you know what I mean. Crazy janitors, students with lasers, and so much more. Today, Austin is focusing on one particular means of elimination - Nugget's poison nuggets! We want to know the secret ingredien...
Game Theory: FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! (FNAF VR Help Wanted)
wyświetleń 8M7 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for Every Theory! ► ► What if we rethink the ENTIRE lore of FNAF? I'm talking taking it back to the crying child, Afton and the original suits and a mysterious Orange - yes ORANGE - Man that no one was able to figure out. What if William Afton was not the only bad guy in the story? What if someone drove Afton into becoming Purple Guy? What if Henry had a bigger part to ...
Game Theory: Dear Nintendo, I FIXED Your Timeline! (Zelda)
wyświetleń 3,6M8 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► I've been theorizing about Zelda for a LONG time! Since the beginning of Game Theory, I've tried to figure out all the ins and outs; all the ifs and maybes. Today we return to the Zelda timeline because I have finally SOLVED it! I have found the MISSING Link in this whole mess of a timeline that makes everything work! Strap in Theorists, this may be...
Game Theory: The LOST History of Minecraft's Enderman
wyświetleń 9M8 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Minecraft is a GIANT game full of many mysteries. So many that I could do a CRAZY amount of theories on it. Today we're going to focus on one of my favorites - the Minecraft Enderman. What are they? I want to get into the nitty gritty of these Slenderman-like creatures, so get your scalpels ready Theorists! We're cutting into the secrets of the Ende...
Why Starters Are DISAPPEARING! | The SCIENCE of... Pokemon
wyświetleń 2,4M8 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for More SCIENCE! ► There are MANY mysteries in the world of Pokemon, and one I've always wondered about is - "Why are Pokemon Starters so rare?" When you start your Pokemon journey and get to choose your travel buddy, we learn that starters are difficult to find in the wild. Today Austin is going to uncover the secrets of Pokemon starters and why they may be going EXTI...
Game Theory: Peach's Castle of LIES! (Super Mario Maker 2)
wyświetleń 3,5M8 miesięcy temu
Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ► My subscribers have already saved over $1,545,000 on stores like Amazon, Newegg, and AliExpress. Special thanks to Honey for sponsoring today’s video! Have you ever wondered how much a gold coin in the Mario universe is worth? I have! People like to joke in Super Mario Maker that the coins are worthless and it got me thinkin...
Game Theory: The Secret Identity of Hollow Knight's Hero (Hollow Knight)
wyświetleń 3M8 miesięcy temu
Get your NEW Theory Wear!! ► A game that grabbed my attention recently is Hollow Knight, the indie darling about insect creatures in masks being terrorized by a creature corrupted by Randiance. This game is LOADED with theory material but what grabbed my attention most was the character we play as - the Knight. There is so much we don't know but the clues are EVERYWHERE! Today Lo...
Portal: The Boots Are A LIE! | The SCIENCE of... Portal's Long Fall Boots
wyświetleń 1,6M9 miesięcy temu
One of the questions people have been asking for the LONGEST time is finally being answer TODAY. Do Portal's Long Fall Boots actually work? In the game we see Chell jumping from crazy heights, at insane speeds, and landing with no injury to her body in sight. To be honest, looking at those glorified socks it is hard to believe these devices could work. Today Austin is going to finally put an en...
We Built A Computer in Mario Maker! | Game Theory (Super Mario Maker)
wyświetleń 3,2M9 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► You can find many videos across PLclip of people building amazing "machines" in games like Minecraft. They are working objects inside the game, like a Game Boy or a computer. Now, there is a new game that arguably opens even more possibilities, so much so that it may be the most COMPLEX game of all time - Super Mario Maker. What power does this game...
Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!
wyświetleń 3,3M9 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► So E3 just happened and it got me thinking a lot about which of the announced games will be the next big game here on PLclip. The answer? None of them. You see, none of these games will be able to do what Minecraft and Fortnite have done on the platform. Not internet darling Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077, not Deathloop, or any other game. You see, ...
FNAF Was Right! Ennard's Bodysuit Actually Works! | The SCIENCE of... FNAF Sister Location
wyświetleń 3,3M9 miesięcy temu
BE AWARE! - Footage of dissected frogs appears on screen from 9:06 until 9:29. You can skip this and still understand the entire episode . There is a lot to unpack about the FNAF franchise. From the possessed animatronics to wearing a guy like a three piece suit, this series goes to some crazy places. Today, Austin is going to tackle the latter. Could Ennard wear a Purple Guy suit like in FNAF ...
Game Theory: Are Humans Obsolete? (Ghost Recon Breakpoint)
wyświetleń 1,8M9 miesięcy temu
Check out Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Pre-order the game and get guaranteed access to the beta here: Special thanks to Ubisoft for sponsoring this episode! Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is the newest game in the Ghost Recon franchise and, oh boy, did it get me thinking. Specifically, thinking about DRONES. You see, drones have become common in today's world - enough at least that we don't re...
Game Theory: FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose (FNAF VR Help Wanted)
wyświetleń 10M9 miesięcy temu
Get Your NEW Theory Wear Here!! ► FNAF is back with it's first official VR game "Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted". You know what that means Theorists - the story is not over yet! Well, mostly. I think this is the start of a whole new chapter of FNAF lore. The old story had its ending, William Afton trapped in limbo forever. The new story has a new villain, YOU... sort of....
The Tragic Mystery of Pokemon's Ghost Girl (Pokemon) | Game Theory
wyświetleń 3,5M10 miesięcy temu
One of the most mysterious, unanswered questions in the Pokemon games is "Who is the Ghost Girl"? Throughout some of the games you come across ghost girls who disappear with no explanation. Super creepy when you are just a kid trying to play a game about cute little pocket monsters being forced into unending battles for your entertainment. Anyways, for as much as these ghosts have popped up thr...
Game Theory: Could A Banana Save Your Life? (Fortnite Season 9)
wyświetleń 2,9M10 miesięcy temu
Get Honey for FREE and start saving money today ► My subscribers have saved an average of $38.89 on stores like Amazon, GameStop, and AliExpress. Thanks Honey for sponsoring today’s video! In the trailer for Fortnite Season 9, we see good ol' Jonesy and everyone's new favorite banana-man, Peely, get trapped in a bunker. Two characters go in, only one comes out. That is a SU...
Game Theory: Trapped in the Machine (Petscop)
wyświetleń 2,8M10 miesięcy temu
Get yourself some NEW Spring Theory Wear!! ► Last episode we dove into the deeper world of Petscop. Today, we are connecting all the dots. Who are all of our players? What happened to the children? What is the real purpose of the game? Theorists, this is the beginning of the end. We are going to solve the mystery of Petscop, the scariest game to have never been played. Let's go! ...
How To SURVIVE Life On Mars! | The SCIENCE of... Surviving Mars
wyświetleń 1,2M10 miesięcy temu
Special thanks to Paradox Interactive for sponsoring this episode! Get your copy of Surviving Mars Green Planet now! ►► The game Surviving Mars lets us see what it would be like to manage living on the planet. Today Austin wanted to explore the ups and downs of terraforming Mars in real life. Could we ACTUALLY do it? Theorists, it's time to find out if Mars could be the next h...
Game Theory: Is This Video Game HAUNTED? (Petscop)
wyświetleń 3,3M10 miesięcy temu
Get yourself some NEW Spring Theory Wear!! ► The Petscop series has concluded... so we think. Now, the ending we got left me with a LOT of questions. The one that has stuck the MOST - is whether or not this game haunted by the spirits of one or more characters we see in the game. Theorists, I've gathered all the clues and easter eggs together to figure out once and for all what i...
Game Theory: Why Ridley is Smash's Deadliest Fighter! (Super Smash Bros Ultimate)
wyświetleń 3,2M10 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► The Super Smash Bros franchise has so many characters with so many INSANE moves that I started to wonder - what move is the deadliest move in SSBU? Well Loyal Theorists, today we have a serious contender. Enter Ridley, the dragon so big he almost never made it into Smash Bros. Today we are seeing how much damage Ridley's drag, on the right level, wo...
Game Theory: Hard Mode is a LIE! (Sekiro Easy Mode Controversy)
wyświetleń 2,7M11 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Lately, gamers have been up in arms about whether or not all games should have an Easy Mode. Fans of games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Dark Souls argue that the hard mode aspect of the game is part of the experience and doesn't need an easy mode. Others think games should be accessible to all gamers, no matter their skill level. Well Loyal Th...
Minecraft is DOOMED! How the Nether Portal PROVES Minecraft's End! | The SCIENCE of... Minecraft
wyświetleń 2,9M11 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► One of the most fascinating things in Minecraft is the Nether. It is a place you can only get to with the right materials and then you are transported through a PORTAL to a whole other world! That is such a crazy mechanic for this game to include. So much so, in fact, that Austin decided to figure out just how the Nether and the Minecraft ov...
Game Theory: Bendy 2, Return to the Ink Machine (Bendy and the Dark Revival)
wyświetleń 3,5M11 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Thanks to Spence for letting us use his Joey Drew art! ► Good old Joey Drew Studios isn't done with us yet. Bendy is coming back! The Bendy and the Dark Revival trailer left us with a bunch of questions as to what the second installment of the Bendy story will bring us. Is is a prequel? A sequel? Who is the observer? Today Loyal Theor...
Game Theory: How to WIN the Mr Beast $100,000 Challenge!
wyświetleń 2,9M11 miesięcy temu
Get 75% a 3 Year Plan! ► Get an extra month FREE with code MATPAT Special thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring this episode! MrBeast is best known for donating and/or giving away a LOT of money - sometimes as part of some crazy challenge. In one video, MrBeast gave his friends $100,000 to spend in ONE HOUR. They all spent the money in a different way - some smart, some more... ex...
Game Theory: How Does Kirby Fly?
wyświetleń 2,2M11 miesięcy temu
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► I know what you're thinking, Kirby sucks up some air and floats - that's how he flies. Except that should NOT work! Kirby, everyone's favorite little pink mystery, should sink like a lead filled balloon. Why doesn't he? Well today Theorists, we are going to solve the problem with Kirby's flight! Find the game here! ►
Mario, DON'T JUMP! Calculating the Danger of the Yoshi Sacrifice! | The SCIENCE of... Mario
wyświetleń 1,8MRok temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► We all know Mario is a jerk, especially to his "friends". Like poor Yoshi, who is forced to give him a ride only to be shoved down into the pits in favor of helping Mario survive. Oh, you don't remember that part? Well today Austin is here to explain how sacrificing Yoshi to help you jump higher is the WORST thing you could do to this lovabl...
Game Theory: The FNAF 7 Oopsie! Scott's Problem With Fanart
wyświetleń 6MRok temu
Game Theory's Biggest Problem ► SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Just a little while ago, Scott Cawthon resurfaced with a FNAF 7 teaser image that was quickly removed because - SHOCKER - it contained fan created models of the FNAF characters. If that sounds complicated, the short of it is that Scott (or rather his team) used fanart in their official teaser image. Tho...
Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problem
wyświetleń 2,3MRok temu
The FNAF 7 Oopsie! ► SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Hey guys. I've thought about doing a video about this for a long time. Over the years of doing Game Theory, people have had one MAJOR problem with the series - the use of fanart. And since I'm covering the Scott Fan Art Issue as well, I figured what better day than today to address it. I've done my best to set rul...
Game Theory: FNAF 7, The Untold Story of Sister Location
wyświetleń 9MRok temu
Special thanks to Honey for sponsoring this episode! Join Honey for FREE! ► And for a limited time, get Honey within 14 days for a chance to win $100 worth of Theory Wear! FNAF is back again. This game never really ends, does it? This time Scott Cawthon put up teasers for the new installment, Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. Of course then he took the main image dow...
Apex Legends STRONGEST Legend: Why Wraith Cannot Lose! | The SCIENCE of... Apex Legends
wyświetleń 1,3MRok temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► This is the first time we are covering the behemoth that is Apex Legends on this channel and we have our eyes set on Wraith. She is a complex character with a unique set of powers. One of which is the ability to predict what her opponents are going to do... sort of! Today Austin is going to tell you just what is behind the future predicting p...
Game Theory: The Frozen Level You Will NEVER Play! (Kingdom Hearts 3)
wyświetleń 2,7MRok temu
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Watch our Frozen 2 Film Theory! ► Remember when Elsa was going to be the villain of the story? No, I'm not talking about Frozen, the movie. I'm talking about the Frozen level of Kingdom Hearts 3. That's right, for the SECOND TIME Elsa's evil storyline was cut out. Don't believe me? Well, bundle up, this will be a cold journey! Find th...
Game Theory: Kirby...Dream Land's Biggest THREAT! pt 1
wyświetleń 3MRok temu
Special thanks to NordVPN for sponsoring this video! Go to to get 75% off a 3 year plan and use code MATPAT for an additional month for free. Kirby is the lovable gumball that is all about friendship and saving the world. Except, he isn't. In fact I don't think Kirby cares about any of that at all! Theorists, I went back through all of the Kirby games and I started to notice ...
Mario vs Minecraft! Who is Gaming's RICHEST? | The SCIENCE of... Video Game Millionaires
wyświetleń 1,7MRok temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► Video games have many things to do and one of the things players try to do most is become RICH! Austin wanted to know which game allows you to become the RICHEST out of all of them? Today he's starting his journey with games like Mario, Minecraft, Fallout, and more. Who will bank the most gold? Let's find out! Want to join in the SCIENCE disc...
What They WON'T TELL YOU About Your Favorite Channels
wyświetleń 3MRok temu
It seems like all the news you hear about PLcliprs now a days, or ever, is bad news. Whether it's a new scandal, controversy, or bit of miscellaneous drama - it's a LOT. It can be very disheartening as a Creator to never see the good from our industry be recognized. I'm not looking for praise, but I want to take the time to recognize what my fellow Creators have done over the years to give back...
Game Theory: All Games are CONNECTED! | How Fortnite, Doom, and Kingdom Hearts Share a Universe
wyświetleń 2MRok temu
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Assassin's Creed Connection ►► The OG Cross Over Theory ►► It's been a while since I've done a connected universe theory, but man did I find a BIG ONE! Doom Eternal is coming out soon, and it got me looking into that universe. Little did I know how far that reach would be! We are talking Fortnite, Kingdom Hearts, and ev...
How Subnautica Proved Humans Are Going Extinct! | The SCIENCE!... of Subnautica Below Zero
wyświetleń 1,9MRok temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► Subnautica has a vast and beautiful underwater world to explore, full of many interesting creatures. Some of them are simple, like the Peepers, while others have evolved further along the consciousness spectrum like the Leviathans. Today, Austin is exploring how these creatures can help us determine the fate of human existence. Are we "intell...
Game Theory: Mario Odyssey's Big LIE.. Power Moons have NO POWER!
wyświetleń 3,4MRok temu
Special thanks to TikTok for sponsoring this video! Download the app NOW! ►► In Super Mario Odyssey, Mario and Cappy collect Power Moons to fuel up their airship. Power Moons are new for Mario Odyssey and they're the only real source of power we see in any of the worlds we travel to, so I had to ask... are these Power Moons actually that strong? I've decided to figure out ju...
The $1.7 Million Lie
wyświetleń 3,5MRok temu
The Defy saga continues...A few weeks ago, I told you my personal history with MCNs and how this industry, one that was built to revolutionize entertainment, has instead spent years taking advantage of creators and investors alike. In the aftermath of that video, we've received an overwhelming amount of support from viewers, news publications, and other Creators, and I cannot be more grateful b...
Game Theory: Resident Evil's Zombie Outbreak is Closer than You Think (Resident Evil 2)
wyświetleń 2,7MRok temu
Special thanks to Capcom for sponsoring this episode! Get Your Copy Now! ►► SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Resident Evil is a stand out icon in the zombie genre. It checks all the boxes. Viral outbreak? Check. Trapped in a building full of the undead? Check. Lots of crazy jumpscares? Check! Yet the scariest thing about the Resident Evil fr...
Game Theory: We Were TOTALLY WRONG! What Bendy's Ending REALLY Meant (Bendy and the Ink Machine)
wyświetleń 5MRok temu
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Bendy FOOLED Us! ► Bendy's Tragic Ending EXPLAINED ► Thanks to Spence for letting us use his Joey Drew art! ► And thanks to Sebby07 for letting us use his Bendy art! ► Today we are explaining what the ending of Bendy and the Ink Machine is all about...again. Stay with me! We've uncovered ne...
Game Theory: Could Tails Really Fly? (Sonic the Hedgehog)
wyświetleń 4MRok temu
Special thanks to Google Pixel for sponsoring this episode! Learn More about the Google Pixel 3! ► We've done TONS of research on Sonic's speed over the years. From how fast he REALLY is to if he can even survive his own speed - we've covered it all! Well, that's only partially true. Until now we've only turned our Theorist eyes towards the blue hedgehog. That e...
They stole $1.7 million
wyświetleń 6MRok temu
In November 2018, Defy Media shut down without any notice. They laid off their workers without warning and have held ransom the money earned by the PLclip Creators who were in their network. I was one of those Creators. Defy was my former employer and the multichannel network that represented Game Theory, Film Theory, and GTLive - EVERYTHING. We trusted them to help us and for that we and 49 ot...
Game Theory: Mewtwo's Secret Human Clone! (Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee)
wyświetleń 3,6MRok temu
Ready for my challenge? Gate 2 Awaits... ►►► Why Eevee is the MISSING LINK! ► SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► The origins of MewTwo are EXTREMELY tragic. We all remember that first Pokemon movie, right? Pokemon vs Clone Pokemon. Fewer fans have seen the TRUE origin story of MewTwo... and his clone 'siblings'. The ones that didn't make it, ...
No Cowboy is Safe! Red Dead's Biggest THREAT! | The SCIENCE!... of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2)
wyświetleń 1,5MRok temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► Fortnite is STEALING AGAIN! ► Fallout's BIGGEST Mistake! ► In Red Dead Redemtion 2 you play as Arthur Morgan, a sharp shooting outlaw... who gets infected with tuberculosis. Before this game, I didn't think too much about this disease. Oh boy, this things is INSANE! Not only is it a danger to the cowboys in this ...
Game Theory: Petscop - The Music and The Madman
wyświetleń 3,3MRok temu
Special thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this episode! Get Your 2 Month Free Trial! ► The GHOST Inside a HAUNTED Game ► SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Petscop is the biggest mystery in gaming that you can't play. We've talked a lot about this non-game. Throughout our other theories we've uncovered who our cast of characters are, what this game...
Game Theory: Is the Lost Level of Accounting+ Real? (Zoo Level Mystery)
wyświetleń 2,6MRok temu
SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Watch The 1st ACCOUNTING Theory ► Fortnite is STEALING AGAIN! ► The alleged Zoo Level in Accounting is either the greatest mystery in gaming, or the greatest troll. And this time I've left no random object unturned in my search for the truth! It's time to decide if there really is a "missing level." Find the game here! ...
Mario's CRAZY Strength SOLVED! | The SCIENCE... Of Mario
wyświetleń 1,9MRok temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► Fortnite is STEALING AGAIN! ► Fallout's BIGGEST Mistake! ► Mario slams bricks with his fist everyday, and we just take it for granted. Well not anymore! Today, Austin discovers the insane block-breaking strength of Mario's punch. Find the game here! ►
Game Theory: Fortnite is Stealing...AGAIN!?! (The Fortnite Dance Controversy)
wyświetleń 4,7MRok temu
Will PUBG SHUT DOWN Fortnite? ► The RACE to Solve Fortnite's MYSTERY! ► SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► When you're on top, everyone is aiming to take you down. And no game this year has been MORE on top than Fortnite. Fortnite, with the success of its Battle Royale mode, is the number one target for everyone trying to get a piece of its crown and tod...
Game Theory: The Undertale / Deltarune Connection FOUND!
wyświetleń 3,1MRok temu
Will you listen to Kris? ►► Will you search for Gaster? ►► SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Who made Undertale? I'm not talking about Toby Fox, I'm asking in the world (or worlds) of Undertale and Deltarune, who MADE it all? Gaster had many experiments and there are many clues that point to Deltarune being a result of his machinations. Equally, there i...
Game Theory: Gaster FInally UNMASKED! (Deltarune / Undertale Connection)
wyświetleń 2,5MRok temu
Listen to the First Part of This Theory ►► Will you listen to Kris instead? ►► SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► The mad man. The missing scientist. Gaster. In Undertale we learn of Gaster's many experiments and the many realities he's manipulated. Deltarune is another one of those experiments. There are so many easter eggs hidden in Deltarune and today...
Game Theory: We Are Playing Kris' Game (Deltarune / Undertale Connection)
wyświetleń 2MRok temu
Listen to the First Part of This Theory ►► Will you search for Gaster instead? ►► SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Kris is the storyteller, the game master. He created a game to play with Suzie, the one we see them play in the first chapter of Deltarune. Kris, with his big imagination, then created the game we all love, Undertale. How? Well listen in, ...
The BIGGEST Mistake of Fallout 76 EXPLAINED! | The SCIENCE!... of Fallout 76
wyświetleń 2,3MRok temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► The Tragedy of Deltarune (Undertale) ► How To SURVIVE A Nuclear Fallout! ► Fallout 76 had a rough start. Still, their biggest mistake may not have been all of that pre-order nonsense. It may have been in the world of Fallout 76 itself! Today, Austin is going to tell you just what's going on in the world outside o...
Game Theory: Gamers Will NEVER Solve This Mystery! (Accounting Plus Zoo Level)
wyświetleń 2,7MRok temu
Special thanks to Oculus for sponsoring this episode! Get your Oculus Rift today! ►► SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► Is the Accounting zoo level gaming's biggest mystery yet? No one can find this thing! Believe me, I've TRIED! I spent HOURS searching through this game trying to find this "missing level". Is it really missing or is something else going on here Find t...
Game Theory: Super Smash Bros Ultimate Ending EXPLAINED | World of Light True Ending
wyświetleń 4,7MRok temu
Special thanks to NordVPN for partnering with us on this episode! Protect yourself & save 75% for 3 years! ► Or Use the Code ►► MATPAT Special Thanks to Jirard the Completionist! ► SUBSCRIBE for More Theories! ► I promised to explain the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate story mode to you and guess what? I'm keeping that promise! Today I am here to t...
Diagnosing Deltarune! Kris is NOT Evil! | The SCIENCE... of Deltarune
wyświetleń 2,1MRok temu
SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► This is NOT Your Story! Deltarune/Undertale ► The Tragedy of Deltarune (Undertale) ► The story of Deltarune is a sad one. Kris, our main character, is alone, isolated, and lashing out. At least, that's the picture we get when we talk to the people of the town. Today, Austin is exploring what is going on with Kris...
Game Theory: This is NOT Your Story! | The Deltarune Undertale Connection
wyświetleń 4,4MRok temu
Get your NEW Holiday Theory Wear! ►► The Tragedy of Deltarune ► Who is W.D. Gaster? (Undertale) ► Special thanks to Whynne again as well as Geoff from Mother's Basement for helping me work through all the bits and pieces of this huge series of three theories! Also, special thanks to itsmeveronica for usage of their custom Ralsei crying animation ►►1:...


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    3:57 Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm preeetty sure Bangungut/Bangungot is a Filipino term. And it's pronounced ba-ngu-ngot not bang-gu-goot.

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    14:34 The time is 7-11

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  • Joshua Tapia
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    If you don't belive Mat, I can aprove of this. A couple of months ago, after a horrible chain of stressful and depressing events, I had a "nightmare". I couldn't move and I saw myself in the darkness, screaming in pain and horror, while a bodyless darkness began to hurt me and I felt everything, a sort of tournament announcer was the only thing I could hear besides my screams. He was describing everything that the darkness did to me, but it wasn't to an audience, he was talking to me. "You're now screaming in pain" "You don't know what's going on" "What if you die right now?" being only a couple of the things I remember him saying to me. After what I felt was an eternity, I "wake up" in my room, where my mom was knocking on the door, asking was what going on. Happy that I was even alive, I laughed, relieved that I was alright. My mom asked if I was alright, I replied "Yeah I was just testing this machine I found on youtube" just to look back and notice there was no machine, and I didn't remember ever making anything. I was just as confused as my mom at that moment. My mom noticed I had marks all over my body and told me to sit down. My body hurts, I thought, I look down to see what marks mom was talking about before I go on a trance again, this time nothing happenned, or atleast not in my head. I went blank for a full minute, but my body was screaming, punching and kicking. My dad grabs me and holds me down as he can, only for me to "wake up" again soon after. Afraid, I looked at my dad and before I could ask what was going on, he said "I don't know what the f*** you smoked, but I hope you know not to ever do it again. I see my mom crying while calling an ambulance. After that it was mostly fine, I didn't want to sleep in my room, so I slept in the living room. The strangest bit of all is that before leaving the hospital that night, the doctor had no idea what was wrong, there was no sign of disease or mental disorder, it was "just a dream" they said. And now, after months, I finally have some clarity as to what might of happenned that night. Needlesa to say I'm just as scared as I was before if not more.

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    Actually Matpat has its reasons yes I’ve checked every fact that he says in here it’s true, So before u say oh yeh blah blah blah blah blah. Blah the facts don’t lie. SpiderMan is making more bad problems then solving.

    • Arthur Fury
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      If Spider-Man didn’t do that he’s practically involved with most or not all of villains. A

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    RFXZ LUCKY ツ 18 godzin temu

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