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Halsey - Ashley (Lyric Video)
wyświetleń 68KDzień temu
Halsey - More (Audio)
wyświetleń 87KDzień temu
Halsey - 929 (Lyric Video)
wyświetleń 322KDzień temu
Halsey - Road To Manic (Episode 8)
wyświetleń 329K2 dni temu
Halsey - 3am (Visualizer)
wyświetleń 110K2 dni temu
Halsey - killing boys (Visualizer)
wyświetleń 118K2 dni temu
Halsey - Road To Manic (Episode 7)
wyświetleń 286K9 dni temu
Halsey - You should be sad
wyświetleń 13M12 dni temu
Halsey - Road To Manic (Episode 6)
wyświetleń 271KMiesiąc temu
Halsey - Road To Manic (Episode 5)
wyświetleń 746KMiesiąc temu
Halsey - Finally // beautiful stranger
wyświetleń 10MMiesiąc temu
Halsey - Road To Manic (Episode 4)
wyświetleń 434KMiesiąc temu
Halsey - Road To Manic (Episode 3)
wyświetleń 245KMiesiąc temu
Halsey - Road To Manic (Episode 2)
wyświetleń 623K2 miesięcy temu
Halsey - Graveyard (Live On The MTV EMAs)
wyświetleń 986K2 miesięcy temu
Halsey - Graveyard (Live On The Ellen Show)
wyświetleń 2,5M2 miesięcy temu
Halsey - Graveyard
wyświetleń 29M3 miesięcy temu
Halsey - clementine
wyświetleń 9M3 miesięcy temu
Halsey - Graveyard (Time-lapse)
wyświetleń 26M4 miesięcy temu
Halsey - Nightmare (Behind The Scenes)
wyświetleń 964K7 miesięcy temu
Halsey - Nightmare (Live On The Voice)
wyświetleń 3,5M8 miesięcy temu
Halsey - Nightmare (Live From The Armory)
wyświetleń 2,3M8 miesięcy temu
Halsey - Nightmare
wyświetleń 83M8 miesięcy temu
Halsey - Without Me
wyświetleń 342MRok temu
Halsey - Sorry
wyświetleń 64MRok temu
Halsey - Bad At Love (Live on SNL)
wyświetleń 1,3M2 lat temu
Halsey - The Making Of Bad At Love
wyświetleń 609K2 lat temu
Halsey - Bad At Love (Angelus Cut)
wyświetleń 1,6M2 lat temu
Halsey - Bad At Love
wyświetleń 284M2 lat temu
Halsey - 100 Letters (Vevo Presents)
wyświetleń 4,5M2 lat temu
Halsey - Eyes Closed (Vevo Presents)
wyświetleń 1,3M2 lat temu
Halsey - Lie (Vevo Presents)
wyświetleń 2,9M2 lat temu
Halsey - Heaven In Hiding (Audio)
wyświetleń 6M2 lat temu
Halsey - Alone (Audio)
wyświetleń 12M2 lat temu
Halsey - Angel On Fire (Audio)
wyświetleń 4,9M2 lat temu
Halsey - Devil In Me (Audio)
wyświetleń 8M2 lat temu
Halsey - The Prologue (Audio)
wyświetleń 2,4M2 lat temu
Halsey - 100 Letters (Audio)
wyświetleń 9M2 lat temu
Halsey - Walls Could Talk (Audio)
wyświetleń 13M2 lat temu
Halsey - Don’t Play (Audio)
wyświetleń 6M2 lat temu
Halsey - Bad At Love (Audio)
wyświetleń 18M2 lat temu
Halsey - Lie (Audio) ft. Quavo
wyświetleń 6M2 lat temu
Halsey - Good Mourning (Audio)
wyświetleń 1,5M2 lat temu
Halsey - Eyes Closed (Stripped)
wyświetleń 14M2 lat temu
Halsey - The Making Of Now Or Never
wyświetleń 503K2 lat temu
Halsey - Eyes Closed (Audio)
wyświetleń 16M2 lat temu
Halsey - Now Or Never
wyświetleń 61M2 lat temu
Halsey - Colors (Audien Remix/Audio)
wyświetleń 2,7M3 lat temu
Halsey - Colors (Stripped / Audio)
wyświetleń 10M3 lat temu
Halsey - Colors (Blonde Remix/Audio)
wyświetleń 345K3 lat temu
Halsey - Castle
wyświetleń 53M3 lat temu
Halsey - Colors
wyświetleń 192M3 lat temu
Halsey - Colors (Live At The Fonda)
wyświetleń 3,5M4 lat temu
Halsey - Tour Diary Pt. 2
wyświetleń 313K4 lat temu
Halsey - Tour Diary Pt. 1
wyświetleń 299K4 lat temu


  • Sara Fulcher
    Sara Fulcher 22 minut temu

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is one of my favorite movies...absolutely love this song

  • MaliciousMAXI
    MaliciousMAXI 25 minut temu

    Love this

  • Ali Stanford
    Ali Stanford 25 minut temu

    The song Miranda Lambert wishes she wrote.

  • Ashley Noneya
    Ashley Noneya 25 minut temu

    Love this and love our name 🥰

  • Nehir Keçeli
    Nehir Keçeli 26 minut temu

    You're killing people No i'm killing BOYS

  • Elijah M. Grey
    Elijah M. Grey 28 minut temu

    I am irrevocably in Love even more.

  • Michael Selim
    Michael Selim 28 minut temu

    Painfully beautiful song... You're a real hero. Some heroes have a chance to speak. Others live in the shadows like a silent freak. Fighting for what we're fighting for and we're all still learning to love ❤️

  • M J
    M J 28 minut temu


  • sisiche
    sisiche 28 minut temu

    Why everyone is naked if you feel sad dress yourself

  • Laura Murphy
    Laura Murphy 28 minut temu

    John Mayer can slide into my voicemail any time of day

  • X X
    X X 30 minut temu

    well done

  • john vasi
    john vasi 31 minuta temu

    You:-) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Donald Boom
    Donald Boom 31 minuta temu

    What happened to Nate dog

  • R Buelvas
    R Buelvas 32 minut temu

    It must be single ❤

  • Bana mana
    Bana mana 32 minut temu

    Very nice🪐

  • Ano Hanna yo
    Ano Hanna yo 34 minut temu

    My favorite, im so proud of you baby you have come so far

  • Jake RosLin
    Jake RosLin 35 minut temu

    I love your music 😍💙

  • Aa J
    Aa J 35 minut temu

    Don't try to narrow halsey down on one genre...cz u can't.

  • Jess ica
    Jess ica 36 minut temu

    I'm not crying, there's just something in my eye...

  • Aa J
    Aa J 36 minut temu

    Halsey be making her own genres

  • Jhap Gina
    Jhap Gina 38 minut temu

    Song 😍❤

  • Sedra عاشقة فايا يونان

    You are very beatiful🖤 I speak arabic but l love you very much🖤l hope you read my comment🖤l love u so much my queen🖤👑 HALSEY IS THE LOVE🖤👑🙅🏻‍♀️

  • Jhap Gina
    Jhap Gina 38 minut temu

    Te amo...!

  • •We Are What We Eat•

    Such a stupid video for the song . So tired of this no sense videos .

  • WTBx Clan
    WTBx Clan 39 minut temu

    "Social suicide" words of a legend

  • Ephraim Beleke
    Ephraim Beleke 39 minut temu

    Wow! Lido. I was actually expecting a Jaden smith moment w this

  • Naomi Lerato
    Naomi Lerato 39 minut temu

    I like her songs but I tell people at school that I don't like it but this song change my mind why I said that I don't like it cause lot's of people like her

  • Au Dawma
    Au Dawma 39 minut temu

    halsey in.la sexy vak2 duh suh ikal.ngai in kal rawh g easy kha thyhghlih la ka duh reg che egtik lai pawh in..... mhce hemi video hi a hmuh anuamlo boring

  • John Secret Spirit
    John Secret Spirit 40 minut temu

    1:16 no man wants to lick me

  • MusicCharts TV
    MusicCharts TV 42 minut temu

    🔥 Halsey - Killing boys 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : myvotez.de/lyrics/halsey-killing-boys/ 🔥 HOT 100 SONGS OF THE DAY: myvotez.de/hot-100/ ❤️ *8.800 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  • Sedra عاشقة فايا يونان

    You are my love🖤💫 My life❤🌸 My heart❤🙏🏻👑

    SUNNEY DAZE 43 minut temu

    Yeah my gay ass is in love with Ashley mind ya business

  • Saja Ali
    Saja Ali 43 minut temu

    My favorite 💔🔥🔥

  • Jaxon Serreno
    Jaxon Serreno 44 minut temu

    I like Halsey, but I'm only here for Dom 🌞

  • Julia Leokadia13
    Julia Leokadia13 44 minut temu

    Really I Love it !

  • 432 369
    432 369 44 minut temu

    Hey Halsey. You have a great voice. Why don't you work with some real artists and make better music? Or just let Sia write your music like everyone else and make pop? Cause this is crap

  • Jean Pierre Picon Deza
    Jean Pierre Picon Deza 45 minut temu

    I don't know if I' the only one, but I want to cry when she sings this song. It may be because of the pain and sadness she is transmitting.

  • Ninja wolf
    Ninja wolf 45 minut temu

    wow...terrible...terrible music.Terrible filmography.Terrible message.Ladies and gentleman: THIS is depravity.God save this country.

  • Sprinkles4Eva 55
    Sprinkles4Eva 55 46 minut temu

    This song hits really close to home. Because now I know how my own mother felt. My mother has kidney faliure, and about 15 years ago a BUNCH and I mean A BUNCH of doctors told her that she could never have children. It broke her heart. She told me how she would spend nights staying up crying because that is how much she wanted to be a mother. Technically, I am not even supposed to be here right now. I was even born pre-mature, (i guess to put it into perspective an average newborn is supposed to be about 7 pounds but I only weighed 3) which was dangerous to both me and my mom. For the first couple of weeks I had to be put in this glass-dome sort of incubator thing to even keep me alive. My mom says I was hooked up to a ton of tubes to keep me going, and she said that it was the hardest couple of weeks in her entire life. But even when every doctor, told her it was impossible, it could never happen, (literally every single one of her doctors told her to get an abortion but she didn't believe in that) I am here today. Completely healthy. You wouldn't even notice if you saw me. I really hope that Ashley doesn't give up on being a mom. Because mine didn't.

  • Lety _
    Lety _ 46 minut temu


  • R H
    R H 46 minut temu

    This song is immense💘

  • rayonz ray
    rayonz ray 48 minut temu

    What did she mean when she said "feel something like a scaly thing wrapped around my own master" 🤔🤔🤔

  • ريهام ريري
    ريهام ريري 48 minut temu

    i love u i love u 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 waw so icon

  • MusicCharts TV
    MusicCharts TV 49 minut temu

    🔥 Halsey & Alanis Morissette - Alanis’ Interlude 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : myvotez.de/lyrics/halsey-alanis-morissette-alanis-interlude/ 🔥 HOT 100 SONGS OF THE DAY: myvotez.de/hot-100/ ❤️ *8.800 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  • Angry Santa
    Angry Santa 49 minut temu

    Poor song choice for the occasion!

  • marlon junior
    marlon junior 50 minut temu

    Halsey feat anitta pleasee

  • Aylin Yıldız
    Aylin Yıldız 50 minut temu

    Come 🇹🇷

  • Aball3331
    Aball3331 50 minut temu


  • creativemind26 los
    creativemind26 los 50 minut temu

    Yoo dominic don't sing with this worthless girl shes not on your level bro.

  • Mortada Mishal
    Mortada Mishal 51 minuta temu


  • Arry Stephan Saint-Pierre

    I love you Halsey💖💯

  • Aylin Yıldız
    Aylin Yıldız 52 minut temu

    I love you

  • Kylee Gibson
    Kylee Gibson 52 minut temu

    I bad at school

  • JeSs
    JeSs 53 minut temu

    Im proud of you Ashley, for putting out this raw album. Just keep grinding. You deserve so much and im just thankful that I got to go along this journey of yours ever since your debut album. I grew up with you and Im just so proud of you. 🖤

  • -AshleyDoesArt-
    -AshleyDoesArt- 53 minut temu

    O h

  • Daniela González
    Daniela González 53 minut temu

    Un like de una latina pss 🤗💜

  • Maddie's ColorMixMakeup

    I hope we get lyric videos for every song on the album!!! I’M IN LOVE WITH THESE 😍😍😍😍😍

  • lilkaktus
    lilkaktus 56 minut temu

    can't wait for tik tok to kill this song

  • Army BTS
    Army BTS 56 minut temu

    His songs are very sad but I love them

  • Jamie Latham
    Jamie Latham 58 minut temu


  • iamzaymusic
    iamzaymusic 58 minut temu

    Halsey’s been goin hard for a minute now. I think a good break would be healthy for her. U have my support Halsey 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Damien Dingus
    Damien Dingus 58 minut temu

    I'm not half the man I think I am because I'm not half the man I wanted to be. What you said and what you've shown in your videos is the opposite. At least I hope so anyways, hehe *wink*. Call me what you wanna call me as long as you call me.

  • Army BTS
    Army BTS 58 minut temu

    Is it me or is Halsey sad? v,:

  • Snickers23
    Snickers23 58 minut temu

    ''Music video by Halsey performing Ashley'' what a sentence.

  • Ahlem Siah
    Ahlem Siah 58 minut temu

    Power giirl 💕💕💕💕💕🥵🥵🥵🍭🍭🍭

  • Damien Dingus
    Damien Dingus 59 minut temu

    Thanks, Ashley. I love you.

  • Aaron Fenty
    Aaron Fenty Godzinę temu

    This was so raw as a 1st track

  • Ana Karen De La Garza
    Ana Karen De La Garza Godzinę temu

    Definitely my favorite song of this album is just so pure and real ❤

  • pHARMAcreates Customersnotcure

    This song is just gold!! I have read a lot of comments saying is she singing about that g what ever his name is again get over it etc. But believe me If any woman has been in a narcissistic relationship it’s not like a normal break up. Trust me those who haven’t you have no idea at the wounding!Once a narcissistic gets a hold of you it’s normally to the grave! There insidious. It’s not physical but mentally. They make you feel like nothing. They strip you to the very core. This song to me seems like a finale goodbye like she’s laying it to rest. But recovery from these types of relationships are fucking brutal. The scars run deep.She will of trauma bonded with him too. These type of relationships are the same has an addict on drugs the body produces the same chemicals. She’s a very lucky young woman to of got out of it alive. More awareness should be brought to these type of men and woman there a death machine!! This song just blows me away it’s deep and so much raw emotion.

  • solymar
    solymar Godzinę temu

    her best song💔

  • Михаил Пучков

    Так классно рисовали и в конце взяли и испортили замечательный рисунок...

  • Sikandar Shah
    Sikandar Shah Godzinę temu

    You have done so much for us We love you Ashley ❤❤

  • MusicCharts TV
    MusicCharts TV Godzinę temu

    🔥 Halsey - 3AM 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : myvotez.de/lyrics/halsey-3am/ 🔥 HOT 100 SONGS OF THE DAY: myvotez.de/hot-100/ ❤️ *8.800 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  • Mia Aim
    Mia Aim Godzinę temu

    lol my biggest flex ist that i have birthday at the same day as halsey

  • Arki B
    Arki B Godzinę temu


  • Shawn Thomas
    Shawn Thomas Godzinę temu

    O Ashley.....if we could only meet....u'd fall 😜. I'd show u true loyalty 😘

  • Clara
    Clara Godzinę temu

    This song had me weeping and my heart aching after I listened to the song like 10 times...I really love Halsey right now.

  • Kitty Kleopatra
    Kitty Kleopatra Godzinę temu


  • Yurimayra Mendoza
    Yurimayra Mendoza Godzinę temu


  • MusicCharts TV
    MusicCharts TV Godzinę temu

    🔥 Halsey - I hate everybody 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : myvotez.de/lyrics/halsey-i-hate-everybody/ 🔥 HOT 100 SONGS OF THE DAY: myvotez.de/hot-100/ ❤️ *8.800 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  • Selenophile _3
    Selenophile _3 Godzinę temu

    I love halsey But I love ashley more💕

  • Momo Hirai
    Momo Hirai Godzinę temu

    Putz, finalmente letra pior do que a minha Cara, eu já tou viciada na música ;-;

  • Lord Pennywise
    Lord Pennywise Godzinę temu

    Her music is honestly like the best

  • Nicole Marie
    Nicole Marie Godzinę temu

    I swear to Bob I am SO mesmerized by her body, moves, & looks, especially in this video!!! The choreography is absolutely perfect for this song, seriously! She is so freaking gorgeous 💞 Get it Halsey!!! 💥

  • kaas aab
    kaas aab Godzinę temu

    Hellooo ... am on time this time . ... love u ..

  • MusicCharts TV
    MusicCharts TV Godzinę temu

    🔥 Halsey & Dominic Fike - Dominic’s Interlude 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : myvotez.de/lyrics/halsey-dominic-fike-dominics-interlude/ 🔥 HOT 100 SONGS OF THE DAY: myvotez.de/hot-100/ ❤️ *8.800 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  • Antonio Pimenta
    Antonio Pimenta Godzinę temu

    I'm in love

  • Hailee vanleysen
    Hailee vanleysen Godzinę temu

    Ugh are we in yottabyte by Martin Garrix???? The music box?

  • MusicCharts TV
    MusicCharts TV Godzinę temu

    🔥 Halsey - Forever (is a long time) 🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* : myvotez.de/lyrics/halsey-forever-is-a-long-time/ 🔥 HOT 100 SONGS OF THE DAY: myvotez.de/hot-100/ ❤️ *8.800 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

  • Jamie Latham
    Jamie Latham Godzinę temu


  • Elizabeth Qaunaq
    Elizabeth Qaunaq Godzinę temu

    I felt that Halsey girl. Keep that shit up. You’re so amazing like my daughter would yell it to my face “That’s so amazing mom!” She’ll love it and she’s a 3 year old Marilyn 💝

  • Summergutierrex
    Summergutierrex Godzinę temu

    I listened to this yesterday when it first came out and instantly fell in love with it! I felt it on a new level😂😂👏🏼👏🏼

  • Hailee vanleysen
    Hailee vanleysen Godzinę temu

    Martin Garrix era is still here

  • Polina Studio
    Polina Studio Godzinę temu

    My favourite song!!!!!

  • Jamie Latham
    Jamie Latham Godzinę temu


  • Scott McGoldrick
    Scott McGoldrick Godzinę temu

    I really want the version of just her vocals on Spotify so I can stream the hell out of it 👀

  • Jamie Latham
    Jamie Latham Godzinę temu


  • Ramush Karpuzi
    Ramush Karpuzi Godzinę temu

    the drawing - from Ashley they made Halsey.

  • Fatima Batool
    Fatima Batool Godzinę temu

    I love this song!!! This is going to my “before sleep” playlist 🥺

  • Hailee vanleysen
    Hailee vanleysen Godzinę temu

    Halsey's Martin Garrix era 1:22 Alison wonderland? 2:31