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Jaguar I-Pace | Top GearJaguar I-Pace | Top Gear
Jaguar I-Pace | Top Gear
2 miesięcy temu
Coming Soon | Top GearComing Soon | Top Gear
Coming Soon | Top Gear
7 miesięcy temu

Komentarze • 200

  • tarach520
    tarach520 9 miesięcy temu

    Poland vs USA :))

  • Having Fun With Eldin
    Having Fun With Eldin 9 miesięcy temu

    this season of top gear is not like back then anymore with all the drama and the fun stuff. bring back Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and last of all, James May AKA (Captain SLOW)

  • 自由门
    自由门 9 miesięcy temu


    GIGGLR 9 miesięcy temu

    This comment licks b*llz...said no one ever!

  • BMW 1071
    BMW 1071 9 miesięcy temu

    Thx for the follow!

  • Haarrvin GVRaj
    Haarrvin GVRaj 9 miesięcy temu


  • sham bolic
    sham bolic 10 miesięcy temu

    thank god that clarkson and his crew are gone.....long live the King

  • CCGtv
    CCGtv 10 miesięcy temu

    Good day, I just looked at your channel you have some dope content ! Check out some of my videos and subscribe if you like the content. Thanks for your time !!!

  • Sokol Miftari
    Sokol Miftari 10 miesięcy temu

    I Cant whait for the big drag race 1 mile BMW M5 2018 VS E63 S

  • 24 Horas 365 DIAS
    24 Horas 365 DIAS 10 miesięcy temu

    Me gusta mas el programa con los nuevos presentadores , los antiguos se repetian excesivamente lo que hacía ya un poco aburrido lo que al principio era divertido por su irreverencia

  • TitelSinistrel
    TitelSinistrel 10 miesięcy temu

    Can you guys please stop exporting from the BBC player and just post the original files. That really bad anti-aliasing makes every video look very bad. Every sharp edge or line is fuzzy/zig-zaggy. The frame rate is also very low compared to what Chris Harris posted on his previous channel. Video quality overall(technical aspect) is much lower, but the content is still very good.

    DAZZYVANDAM RETRO GAMING 10 miesięcy temu

    Welcome to the all new Multicultural BORING POLITICALLY CORRECT show..........Reverse Gear

  • Matthias Van Laethem
    Matthias Van Laethem 10 miesięcy temu

    Clarkson, May and Hammond waren de beste. hoe kun je de beste bekeken serie op tv zo om zeep helpen de fans zullen nooit nog naar top gear kijken bbc .does it again van 100000 kijker naar 1000

  • m&h k&h
    m&h k&h 11 miesięcy temu

    Top gear is dead without Jeremy, Hammond and May

  • Andrew Blankenship
    Andrew Blankenship 11 miesięcy temu

    when will chris harris review the 2018 mb e63 s edition one AMG

  • Fiesta ST Fan
    Fiesta ST Fan 11 miesięcy temu

    Can't wait for 2018 - I really enjoyed the latest offering - think we need to give the new team a chance - will become more natural and less scripted as they go along. Top Gear is back - watch the ratings go through the roof !

  • George Scott
    George Scott 11 miesięcy temu

    Bring back Clarkson or I'm done watching Top Gear all together.

  • Landon Gaming
    Landon Gaming 11 miesięcy temu

    I'm scrolling down here and all I'm seeing are people who want Jeremy, Richard and James back, but the BBC can't bring Jeremy back if they wanted to which they probably do.

  • TDA
    TDA Rok temu

    You made so a great job firing Clarkson/May/Hammond.. Compliments to you... I see u have a huge success after that decision. U can shut down the show - there's nothing left of TopGear.

  • Oleg Melnikov
    Oleg Melnikov Rok temu

    Dear Top Gear - Why you only drive super cars that most of people dont have money for ? why not review bit more cars like Leon cupra' Ibiza golf' Subaru turbo etc. besides that all good :)

  • Lracnolip
    Lracnolip Rok temu

    just found out you guys lie about the cars you review. Shame! Don't see any positive videos on cars that don't pollute. Shame.

  • HyPeR MaN
    HyPeR MaN Rok temu

    Top Gear is dead.

  • Mark Vari
    Mark Vari Rok temu

    Just watched 1st episode of top gear 2017. It was actually pretty good. Had me laughing out loud. Jeremy, James and Richard were great but they've got another show now. Time to move on. The new team seems fine to me. Looking forward to more.

  • PurpleShirt910
    PurpleShirt910 Rok temu

    Quick Question: Where's Top Gear America ?

  • CounterStriker013009

    I wan to see GT86(FT86) and AE86(Tureno) in Top Gear Show, can official make it?

  • Ralph Tait
    Ralph Tait Rok temu

    Now the show has no PIzzazz without those three Halmarks,

  • Mark Beattie
    Mark Beattie Rok temu

    Just finished s24ep5. Might be one of my fav TG's ep's ever. In front and behind the camera the hard work is paying off. Rory is a cool dude. Matt is very slick, funny, charming and just gets better as a presenter. Monkey and I go way back so that was always a good move. Love it, please don't stop.

  • Vicente Fenandez alberti

    It is fake

  • m4k
    m4k Rok temu

    good video friend, really enjoy your fresh content!

  • T_StreakMLP
    T_StreakMLP Rok temu

    Quick question: What's the song used in Season 3 Episode 7 (Jeremy's test of the MG Xpower SV)

  • Rejith
    Rejith Rok temu


  • ROBLOXGamingDavid

    Where is Jeremy, James or Richard?

    • Joshua Butler
      Joshua Butler Rok temu

      Jeremy was fired and then James and Richard left, you can find them on grand tour (Amazon TV) , which is much better than this new topgear

  • Taniford
    Taniford Rok temu

    Watch Jeremy, James, and Hammond on the channel called Dave , I do it as well, the newcomers don't know how to throw in silly puns!

  • Logan The Hacker

    Clarkson is better then all of you.

  • King Ijaz Malik
    King Ijaz Malik Rok temu

    Without my 3 Idotz its not Top Gear

  • InFiD3ViL
    InFiD3ViL Rok temu

    I will admit that this season is back on track to a be much better show. It will never be of the same calibre as previous seasons without Clarkson, Hammond, and May...But it is a substantial improvement from last year with Chris Evans. There is definitely room for more than one car show of this type.

  • Eugene Lee
    Eugene Lee Rok temu

    I feel that visual directors have done a very good job presenting the essence. One is left to guess what is at the core. The nature of the beast. What presenters, be it the Friends’ guy or bald Shorty (no offence, I’m one too) are, are, lacking is the connection to the power, the savage of the power - the zing!!!! Now. Take me as it is. You must skip your ego. Take the Orangutan or May, they’d always go beyond themselves. The success of the program lies in the attempt to go bigger than “I”. I feel, (sounds like cliché), the presenters to hit the spot would need to go beyond themselves. Break their own images. Sketchy? Yes. Abrupt? You have it. But the only appeal you’d get if you one at the core of the program is the one who is gets to the HEART OF WHO WATCHES IT. I’m short of words. Bear with me. But I get the feeling - the effort of who is trying to make the program better is not, not that, far away. Question is - who’d be able to break the wall quicker? Amazon? Or, BBC? Sorry to say, or not!!!!! The three musketeers needed the chemistry of the pool! …Shikes?! Euwgh!!!

  • sandro card
    sandro card Rok temu

    Mejor era con Clarkson, Hammond y May

  • timmyh13
    timmyh13 Rok temu

    Are you kidding??? Where's the real Top Gear???? I was watching a Jeremy Clarkson video and ended up here!!! Just wrong......

  • prestige world wide

    Stop wasting your money on this show BBC. you will never succeed without the old crew again!

  • B Hew
    B Hew Rok temu

    Love the new series, I have no idea why people dont just watch the grand our if they want to beat off over Clarkson??

  • Gage Parker
    Gage Parker Rok temu

    R.I.P. THE REAL TOP GEAR 1977-2015

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson Rok temu

    Hi, episode 3 this year, have slammed, it, great humour, Joey from friends chase, and Hillary Clinton wants jacket back.. Love it from land down under..

  • Fox Mulder
    Fox Mulder Rok temu

    these guys are bbc`s new top gear team? well then..... farewell.... #un-subscribe

  • Clayton Carney
    Clayton Carney Rok temu

    bring back the people who where born to do this job

  • Car & Performance

    Chris Harris TOP

  • IndyanaSkywalker

    Watching new Top Gear, like the new opening,the set is very high tech, Matt LeBlanc is duller than dish water overly scripted, never want to hear that complaint about Grand Tour again. BTW where is the called chemistry? I think it is better than series 23.. Might or might not watch next week, I think they are trying to hard.

  • I'm an ostrich
    I'm an ostrich Rok temu

    i am a ostrich

  • caca
    caca Rok temu


  • caca
    caca Rok temu


  • Darshan A
    Darshan A Rok temu

    bring jeremy back cause i want to watch top gear not some dumb show

  • BlazingVictor
    BlazingVictor Rok temu

    i dont like the new host. i like the old ones from season 22 to the begging

  • shortneer
    shortneer Rok temu

    top gear used to be good

  • Бендер Родригес

    I love your channel!!!

  • alertonoff 4
    alertonoff 4 Rok temu

    make a total break with the past .. get a WOMAN to host the show ! .. take your pick of excellent female automotive journalists ..

  • Christos Papachristoforou Sventek

    P.S make a video of a motorhome pulling a caravan

  • Me again
    Me again Rok temu

    Please become Top again ! TGT is kinda boring, nothing like the previous TG. If you need ideas, I got planty - get three old cars with boots full of duck tape and spanners. Send them on a trip and see who gets the farthest. On that trip visit a drivable beach, attach two big kites to each car and see which one will go the fastest. Next on the list could be a three way tug of war. Finishing with a challenge - who can cook the best meal on his engine. I would watch this.

  • Saul Rodriguez
    Saul Rodriguez Rok temu

    please gymkhana en bilbao guggenheim,spain ken block hoonicorn ,or gymkhana or madrid,barcelona,or valencia ,please

  • strzaskany alf
    strzaskany alf Rok temu

    Good bye Top Gear what an awesome Grand Tour has it been :)

  • Laszlo Mechtler
    Laszlo Mechtler Rok temu

    Topgear has been royally, without a doubt ruined *slow claps* well done BBC....well done......*sarcasm*

  • iridiumFalcon
    iridiumFalcon Rok temu

    Is it to late to say bring back clarkson?

  • Fingers Tube
    Fingers Tube Rok temu

    👌😍 Happy New Year Everyone… 😘 👊

  • pcspider
    pcspider Rok temu

    Dear top gear, thank you for providing hours of entertainment but unfortunately i can not say i will keep watching your content due to the lack of personalty.tho it highly unlikely you are going to read this i think you and everybody else here knows what you must do. -a fan of old top gear PS having american stars does not make it appeal to Americans!

  • chao kenny
    chao kenny Rok temu

    We need 1 billion people, to help another billions of people.We need you make fund / materials / hr / ..whatever to help the organizations as belowThe World VisionThe UNicefThe ....whatever you know.We need You! Thank You!

  • Jef Abenoja
    Jef Abenoja Rok temu

    Should you leave the car engine run idle for a while before turning it off after a long drive?

    • Rolf T
      Rolf T Rok temu

      I usually just go easy on it for the last few miles before arriving, give it a chance to cool down.

  • Michael & Friends

    This is actually painful that this channel is still uploading, plz just die, just die gracefully. please.

  • Arneiro0silva
    Arneiro0silva Rok temu

    Dear Top gear, You need change . About Chris evan, Mat , and others. Is good job , The problem This guy hi need aonther show the same, NOT the Top Gear Name, but another Name, Same challenge , same driver skil test, etc. This 5 Pilot need get in other Show Not Top Gear.

  • Elijah F
    Elijah F Rok temu

    BBC Right Now- Watching Grand Tour on Amazon and crying while eating ice cream

  • GamingPredator
    GamingPredator Rok temu

    its funny how you had nearly 9 million subs but your going down cos you ruined the show completly, but you know what, im glad you sacked clarkson, now they have a better show!

  • Jonathan Elgar
    Jonathan Elgar Rok temu

    have to say watched 3 episodes now of the grand tour your seriously going to have buck the ideas up or just do the sensible thing and just put top gear to bed, its had its day and to be fair now your not going to be able to compete with amazon !!! come on be realistic! it aint gonna happen!!!!

  • NuclearGlow.TM
    NuclearGlow.TM Rok temu

    It was nice this Chanel but Goodbye -1 sub

  • Mr. Unknown
    Mr. Unknown Rok temu

    *The Grand Tour*

  • Grigore Giurgiu
    Grigore Giurgiu Rok temu

    Brilliant show!. Good to see that returning to a more car-oriented show didn't mean a cut-down on the fun. Also seem to be in perfect complementarity to The Grand Tour. The split-up between creator and creation was the perfect decision. New Top Gear - less rubbish. cool

  • Jordan Puddicombe

    You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  • sky cuddler
    sky cuddler Rok temu


  • GodGaveCars
    GodGaveCars Rok temu

    Hey all... I am from south Africa ... the most difficult country to actually get anything at all started. It's kinda rough here where I am in my position and if #TopGear does not mind helping me and all of you. Could you please go to my channel and grow with me as I go and learn more on editing and better content for all of you. Your free to comment and give advice and to help me get somewhere please. That is my channel and I'd honestly love if you could all help me. It's really not much now but in a weeks time I posted 3vids which isn't bad for a guy who is new to editing for PLclip. My dream is to get enough people to start my autoshop with a vibe that brings car guys and girls back to party further .. I really appreciate your time.. and remember that it's your channel too

  • gs4gundam
    gs4gundam Rok temu

    You know you guys should have just kept the old crew, they made the show entreating. Now it makes me wonder what were you guys at bbc were thinking. I understand there were issues Jeremy, but most likely bs we are never going to hear about. You guys could have made it worked out with still having the old cast. I think the first step is admitting the new top gears sucks and than try getting the old staff back. Your most likely will have to pay them more and give them more freedom. But top gear will be great again, if not. Just end it, now's the time.

  • Silver Fox
    Silver Fox Rok temu

    I can't be the only person who, when landing on the page of 'clips, keeps scrolling down and down to get to the 'real' Top Gear, not the Chris Evans stuff.......

  • EpicJoi15
    EpicJoi15 Rok temu

    Do Hot Laps instead of drag races

  • Isaac 8675
    Isaac 8675 Rok temu

    I came here to tell you guys that their new show is called 'the grand tour' starring James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson - Have a good day!

  • تطبيقات عربية - ArbApps

    I enjoy watching top gear all the time

  • ICEY
    ICEY Rok temu

    boo this channel sucks now Like if you agree

  • N Daw
    N Daw Rok temu

    You were mahogany, now you are cardboard packed furniture from ikea.

  • Efren Moncada
    Efren Moncada Rok temu

    every one unsubscribe to this channel to show them jeremy and the the crew were the best there ever was

  • Efren Moncada
    Efren Moncada Rok temu

    bring back clarckson hammond and may pppppppplllllllllllllllllllllsssssss im just some kid in california and discovered the show on netflix but i love this show so much and it brought me so much joy to stay up late and watch this show every night

  • ZomBie Gamer
    ZomBie Gamer Rok temu

    the difference between the new topgear videos and the classic video is really big when you compare the views

  • alberto soares
    alberto soares Rok temu

    just subscribed to tell you please bring back the old top gear. and tell land rover not to bring that ugly new discovery i hate it. wr is the spirit on cars we all petrol heads and this new show is not appealing at all

    • ReadySalted80
      ReadySalted80 Rok temu

      How can the old Top Gear be brought back? it will never happen, since them who made Top Gear have a brand new show.

  • Jt Justus
    Jt Justus Rok temu

    I unsubscribed then subscribed and unsubscribed again, hope you get the point new Top Gear!

  • Hishaam Patel
    Hishaam Patel Rok temu

    for such an amazing series and brand...or was...there's hardly any new content on this channel...get into 2016 TG...90% of the world browses PLclip...

    • Hishaam Patel
      Hishaam Patel Rok temu

      you guys haven't even updated the profile pic...shame...this was my all time favourite series...


    the new caste of top gear is not worth running the show..... Now no one will watch it bec it is so hard to watch the show

  • XEZER0
    XEZER0 Rok temu

    We need #poodlecorp in here now.

  • Mark Chapman
    Mark Chapman Rok temu

    I really think that if the BBC is going have even a remote chance of reviving Top Gear that they should place a cast of three kick-ass car loving Women. Young female analogues of Clarkson, Hammond and May. The only difference... They will not be to old, and they must be bad-ass, hardcore "petrol-heads", who can hang with the big boys any day of the week; Lastly... They absolutely must have chemistry and they must be irreverently humorous. If the BBC can pull this off, I think the Top Gear reboot may have a "Snowball's chance in Hell" of regaining a healthy Audience.

  • 45100
    45100 Rok temu

    I guess nobody would really care, but I'll write it anyway. I am unsubscribing this chanel. This is not Top Gear. You have the name and logo. But that's it. What's left is empty, useless and boring husk and shadow of the former show.

  • Mave242
    Mave242 Rok temu

    time gear - germany :-) yes..the new ones ruined it all. didnt liked them. it was so....uncool. i have all time the feelig, that they try to copy the 3 originals..jeremy, richard and james....some stuff cant be copied...doesnt matter how u try wont work! so..its over. to bad. or..buts nearly impossible...bring them back into the show...

  • nomecaca
    nomecaca Rok temu

    LOL well I was going to write on how horrible the cast of the so called "new and Improved Top Gear" is but I see about a million people beat me to it LMAO. My Daughters have watched Top Gear along side of me for years because they thought the show was hilarious after watching a few new episodes even they find it boaring and have now lost interest in the show. WOW BBC you sertianly screwed this up.

  • max oliver stuardo fuenzalida

    hola buenas Oye tú puedo auto locos y celular app "Uber" y trabajo camara, GoPro. Top Gear

  • Series of Tubes Person

    Congratulations, BBC. You played yourselves.

  • Lu Digital
    Lu Digital Rok temu

    Is Top Gear still a thing???

  • CecilthePaladin
    CecilthePaladin Rok temu

    You Suck now Top Gear!

  • dravec sk
    dravec sk Rok temu

    it is worse than the old part of the trio would be if they remained

  • esurfer26
    esurfer26 Rok temu

    Can you please show us a rematch between the brand new 2017 Focus RS500 and the 1992 Escort Cosworth RS2000 ? Thanks.

    AZZOS Rok temu

    top gear has returned osom!!!

  • Johan Jacobson
    Johan Jacobson Rok temu

    If you want to do something fun, you should take a koenigsegg for a test drive!!!

  • Johan Jacobson
    Johan Jacobson Rok temu

    R.I.P Top Gear!!!

  • Gaetan Mathieu
    Gaetan Mathieu Rok temu

    There are some duplicate videos in "Top gear Challenges" playlist (Grasser vs Corniche Part2,...)

  • zJoriz
    zJoriz Rok temu

    ... put one full episode up maybe? I'll suspend disbelief until then, but I won't be watching 40-second clips either.

  • ED Tutorials
    ED Tutorials Rok temu

    BBC plss bring back the old crew the new one sucks !!

  • GT3
    GT3 Rok temu

    5 Million Subs.

  • Kuba Stifler
    Kuba Stifler Rok temu

    Returning the old Top Gear was better this sucks

  • RGames
    RGames Rok temu

    why do they do this i loved this show but now its sucks i want the old team back Jeremy richard james get them back '

  • S-W-A-G
    S-W-A-G Rok temu

    dear so called top gear two words Rocket Car

  • Marek
    Marek 2 lat temu

    I subscribed for Chris Harris

  • Cole Swangin
    Cole Swangin 2 lat temu

    what happened to top gear USA they lost my subscription because of that and they got rid of the people who made the british top gear great -1 sub, top gear you did this to your self

  • L3ngnd27
    L3ngnd27 2 lat temu

    BBC what were you thinking when you got rid of the original people and replaced them with people who doesnt even belong near cars

  • vincent
    vincent 2 lat temu

    Bad unsubscrip becus jeremy is gon

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson 2 lat temu

    Silly comments below, bashing the BBC for what is actually a global cancer - far more deadly than weapons or personal vices - political correctness and the socialist agenda. Special emphasis on the 'POLITICAL' part. The US media eats, breathes, and shits a socialist political agenda on a daily basis. They are the crack whores who refuse to acknowledge a habit and thus paint others as the one's with a problem. It is a common denial by regular habitual offenders. The job of every living human being is to seek and destroy political correctness it at every turn. Only then will there be peace in our time.

  • Top Travel Official

    Unfortunately, new Top Gear show isn't really funny and too boring without jessa, captain slow and hamster's joke.

  • Frankie Hardwick
    Frankie Hardwick 2 lat temu


  • Jawad Deyab
    Jawad Deyab 2 lat temu

    why guys why? I think TopGear just died for changing somewhat 'The Main Attraction', those people made topgear THE TOP GEAR and you guys just killed the show.... The two new hosts haven't even driven and reviewed most of the cars themselves! Shitty decision..............

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson 2 lat temu

    Now i have seen 3rd show, it is getting better.. it now has the original fun, not stagged, stuff.. Clarkson, drift, May, slow,

  • Eddie Toledo
    Eddie Toledo 2 lat temu

    what happen to james and jermey and hamond

  • Ryan Hutomo
    Ryan Hutomo 2 lat temu


  • Ly Nguyen
    Ly Nguyen 2 lat temu

    I've just watched the episode 8 of series 12 in Vietnam. It's really special and interesting.

  • MatthewTheGood
    MatthewTheGood 2 lat temu

    why people watch you I DO NOT KNOW

  • MatthewTheGood
    MatthewTheGood 2 lat temu

    in there minds bbc are thinking they have done the wrong decision about this new top gear

  • MatthewTheGood
    MatthewTheGood 2 lat temu

    chris evans is shit

  • zero11010
    zero11010 2 lat temu

    You guys are destroying this intellectual property at an alarming rate. Clarkson was an ass. But, he always was and everyone knew it from the start. He punched a dude in the face and you guys were right to fire him (not too many people can get away with genuinely punching a person at work without being fired). The show collapsed around you. But, what's this shit you came back with? Really. You have no significant presence online. You had a new host who left after a single season. There were two other guys. What have you posted online about the new show? Nothing but teasers after a full season? Does the BBC just not have anyone who knows about social media and PLclip and how to present content?

  • Dominick J
    Dominick J 2 lat temu

    Thank god the old cast is coming back under a new show!

  • kevin mitchell
    kevin mitchell 2 lat temu

    This new Top Gear is SHIT, BRING BACK JEZZA HAMOND & MAY.

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 2 lat temu

    "This car looks like it has been designed by a committee" legendary words of Lord Clarksonias Now this show is being produced and presented by a committee!!!!!!!!

  • Seth Schafer
    Seth Schafer 2 lat temu

    I've been watching this show since I was 12 years old, and have seen literally every episode. I loved coming home after school and just watching this show for hours and hours. I'm a major car guy, and enjoyed everything the show had brought to the table. I can say that I loved the show through and through up until they got rid of the old hosts. -1 sub.

  • Stedic Shock Ali
    Stedic Shock Ali 2 lat temu

    Lazareth LM847 review this

  • Musica Relajante Estudio LoungeV

    the show died, rip top gear!

  • William White
    William White 2 lat temu

    Sad when it takes 7 people to make up for the lose of 3!!! -1 subscriber....

  • Brad Taylor
    Brad Taylor 2 lat temu

    The demise of Top Gear is proof that Political Correctness is a destroyer.

  • Merv
    Merv 2 lat temu

    Well now they have dropped some dead weight, the show just might have a chance. Maybe BBC will one day realise the difference between entertainers enthusing about cars and car enthusiasts who are entertaining.. I however will never stop wondering which is more annoying. Chris Evans head, or his voice..

  • Todd Tourville
    Todd Tourville 2 lat temu

    This show was great now it is garbage at best. You lost me as a subscriber. BBC get your act together.

  • Arijit Banik
    Arijit Banik 2 lat temu

    Please get rid of Chris Evans - Others are OK / Good for now and will improve as times goes by - But Chris Evans is complete dud in this kind of motor show. In the place of Chris Evans appoint Rory Reid Full Time with Matt LeBlanc even Chris Harris is far better choice. But please get rid of Chris Evans. I don't know he may own all model of Ferrari at home and very successful in Britain / England - But show like Top Gear which Got around the Globe audience - A grown up Aged man flapping his hands and run around with his female voice - doesn't add up.

    IOANNIS TZARTOS 2 lat temu

    Ok try to find what is possible wrong... 3 friends with minds of ten years old boy,lot of curage -they love danger... Now what do we have now 4 men and a woman... can you please tell me what kind of men is waiting to see,learn, and understand something about a supercar from a WOMAN??? Please mercy...

  • kevin
    kevin 2 lat temu

    thank god chris evans left

  • Rik Dingus
    Rik Dingus 2 lat temu

    and -1 subscriber ;) hope the new clarkson show will be great again

  • Raging Bull
    Raging Bull 2 lat temu


  • Flappo Spammo
    Flappo Spammo 2 lat temu

  • der Führer
    der Führer 2 lat temu

    Yes first one is down Chris Evans is going to stop now the other two

  • ReadySalted80
    ReadySalted80 2 lat temu

    1.9 million viewers last night losing 800k, just cancel it.

  • Braddah Ned
    Braddah Ned 2 lat temu

    Yep, it continues to suck!! Watched 10 minutes which is all could stand without puking!!! Come on, fix it!! Bring back Richard, James and Jeremy.

  • Kľúčová Služba Žilina Jaroslav Hradňanský

    New top gear sucks !!!!! RICHARD JAMES Jezza and they are top gear! If not for the BBC so stupid collapses

  • bedla wassim
    bedla wassim 2 lat temu

    Top Gear is dead. Without Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond the show is dead. Well done BBC, because of your decision to sake Jeremy Clarkson you have lost not only 350 million viewers, you have also lost millions of pounds. I won't be surprised at all if you beg Jeremy Clarkson to come back all to make a profit before you realize you have just killed one of the world's greatest shows. Can't you people realize that the show is dead? Or are you too caught up in the head with that show off Chris to notice people unsubscribing to you? I miss the Top Gear that made a difference. Rip Top Gear 2002-2015. Jeremy Clarkson MADE Top Gear for what it was, and now that you've sacked him, the show is dead. I almost want to cry.

  • bedla wassim
    bedla wassim 2 lat temu

    Top gear is over. Without the old crew, its boring and a waste of time to watch...

  • bedla wassim
    bedla wassim 2 lat temu

    what a mesirable show now -_- you just getting ride of the people who made it great -_- we want (jeremy_james may and hammond ) <3 <3

  • Thijmen van den bosch

    Top gear you are the most utterly useless

  • BLacKNesMonsTaz
    BLacKNesMonsTaz 2 lat temu

    goodbye!!! topgear usa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jan Grčar
    Jan Grčar 2 lat temu

    this is not a top gear this is shit

  • Akhil John
    Akhil John 2 lat temu

    No soul in car reviews or passion...Ear;lier ones has. Bring that carfection guy..Please top gear

  • ReadySalted80
    ReadySalted80 2 lat temu

    You must be concerned you can't ignore this amount of hate as well as the dislikes on a huge social video website, suck it BBC _)_

  • pedro ochoa
    pedro ochoa 2 lat temu

    i have never fast forward top gear before until this new seasons, although i have to say Matt is not that bad, i can't wait for Amazon The Grand Tour to come... the new top gear should be called (Reverse Gear)

  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos 2 lat temu

    Sack evans he really sucks and put Chris Harris presenting the show.

  • Matthew Barrow
    Matthew Barrow 2 lat temu

    What is the title and band of the music in episode 1 where Chris and Matt pull away in their jeep/land rover for the final challenge? 56:30.

  • Braddah Ned
    Braddah Ned 2 lat temu

    Hey BBC The New Top Gear still sucks!! That punk Producer needs his ass kicked again!!

  • trainforebay
    trainforebay 2 lat temu

    This is not Top Gear. This is low gear. Grinding gears. Broken gears? Whatever it is this isn't Top Gear. Top Gear is now named the Grand Tour and can be found on Amazon.

    DUDE DUDERSON 2 lat temu

    American Top Gear is now the best. (I haven't seen the Australian, But I have seen the French)

    • Braddah Ned
      Braddah Ned 2 lat temu

      Yeah but thats not saying a lot. Those guys are dorks too.

  • BigTlittleodd
    BigTlittleodd 2 lat temu

    Worthless channel with such short vids.

  • theresidentone
    theresidentone 2 lat temu


  • theresidentone
    theresidentone 2 lat temu

    Hahahaha Top gear fail without the trio Chris Evans sucks

  • Michal Koňařík
    Michal Koňařík 2 lat temu

    Please Evens anymore .. Top Gear would die if she will continue with him

  • Gus Johnson
    Gus Johnson 2 lat temu

    I live Australia, we havent got the New Top Gear yet.. Doesnt look like i am missing much.. Chris Evans, should swap his Jeans for a Skirt, and Let Matt take over the show, at least he can drive, and doesnt loose his lunch.. Its a car show for Christ sake, whats a Chundering passenger doing on the show?

  • 朱潜
    朱潜 2 lat temu

    今天我作为一个中国观众,很想说,非常怀念Clarkson, Hammond & May版本的topgear,时间飞快啊!!~~~

  • stallion78
    stallion78 2 lat temu

    Just hire them back......give us what we want

  • Flappo Spammo
    Flappo Spammo 2 lat temu

    The arrogance of the bbc revealed yet again... Evans is awful , just abysmal Then again it's not their money so why should they care ?

  • Leo Dirilo
    Leo Dirilo 2 lat temu

    You really need a group of five to replace three people? Amazing.

  • Just another guy on the internet

    Must have missed these episodes of fifth gear...

    • XEZER0
      XEZER0 Rok temu

      how does it feel with top gear with you.

  • Torsten Pheifer
    Torsten Pheifer 2 lat temu

    ps i know wath happend with the steak

  • Torsten Pheifer
    Torsten Pheifer 2 lat temu

    top gear isnt top gear anymore wihtout jermy james and hammond as a trio i suggest you will get them back

  • Epileptic Duk
    Epileptic Duk 2 lat temu

    Cant they just make a new channel for the edgy buggers and let this one be what it was?

  • Leo Dirilo
    Leo Dirilo 2 lat temu

    Honestly when I saw the new cast I thought I was looking at the USA version of Top Gear.

  • Aleksandar M
    Aleksandar M 2 lat temu

    I really hate Chris Evans' narration over almost the entire episode and he acts as though every other member of the cast is just his sidekick. He acts really shitty towards and apparently we're supposed to find this funny? If you want people to give the new series a chance fire Evans or cut his screen time/voice down to under 5% of the episodes. Seeing that egotistic loser (Chris Evans) makes me want to vomit.

  • The Kentucky Car Nutt

    Can't believe how much this show sucks now. I have watched it for years .But now i am unsubscribing to this channel because of this..Maybe the powers that be will listen to the viewers and change it back to what it once was a Great show that people enjoyed watching.

  • Roope Hinkkanen
    Roope Hinkkanen 2 lat temu

    all of top gears new youtube videos habe gto more disslikes than normal like

  • ago deo
    ago deo 2 lat temu

    Unsubscribing!! Bye!!

  • American Kalashnikov Challenge

    I love how every new video is way over 50% disliked. THAT'S REALLY HOW WE ALL FEEL.

  • Just Boris
    Just Boris 2 lat temu

    I love how not only have the bbc tried to recreate the magic of the 3 amigos but they still have a channel discription that shows how much they're holding on to what was the greatest and most watched bbc program ever ! Ahh well - evans and le blanc are both awful and boring but at least they still make it interesting .... Only joking - its worse than Chris' bad hair cut and false enthusiasm !

  • steven uk1
    steven uk1 2 lat temu

    The new Top Gear with Chris Evens is boring, I don't think its working like it did with Clarkson, May and Hammond. I nearly fell asleep watching episode 2.

  • Nielsjuh262
    Nielsjuh262 2 lat temu

    flop gear

  • benn malvan
    benn malvan 2 lat temu

    new top gear shit

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 2 lat temu

    ..... it seems that you can't hit rock bottom as yet, I have just watched episode #2, the only thing that stayed with me from that misery is the lasting grimace on my face!! It is gonna be an awful nose dive all the way through that hideous series!!

  • 80iceman08
    80iceman08 2 lat temu

    British top gear is dead for me :((((((

  • Calvin the Patriot
    Calvin the Patriot 2 lat temu

    you are NOT Top Gear, and you gobshites will never be Top Gear again

  • drumsalltime
    drumsalltime 2 lat temu

    Chris Evans is trying way to hard to be Clarkson and it is NOT working. He is terrible. He's too damn stiff and awkward and weird and quirky. You guys are falling into the trap of trying to recreate personality traits and personal relationships between hosts that simply are not naturally there. Its obvious to everyone except somehow the people making it and it has to stop.

    • Bumble Bee
      Bumble Bee 2 lat temu

      It is the BBC. They are getting paid anyway and admitting a mistake seems to be outside of what they are physically capable of.

  • Jon Doe
    Jon Doe 2 lat temu

    The Brit guy sounds like kermit the frog and the Friends guy sounds half asleep. Hope that cry baby producer's ego-trip was worth it for him, because still nobody cares about him and now not this new show either.

  • ijslandernl
    ijslandernl 2 lat temu

    I already hated Matt LeBlanc when he was a star in a reasonably priced car. Chris Evans wasn't that bad the times he was a guest on old Top Gear, but as a presenter on new Top Gear he's absolutely terrible. Him together with that annoying Matt LeBlanc means a Top Gear that's just impossible to watch. Sacking Jeremy was the stupidest thing the BBC could ever do. Just forget about your argument with Jeremy and bring those heroes back! Top Gear without Jeremy, Richard and James is no Top Gear. Without those three heroes it's just like Top Gear USA: complete shit.

  • fl1cky
    fl1cky 2 lat temu

    Chris needs to clam down massively whats with all the shouting and fake laughing the hole show has been hyped up for nothing had to turn the thing off half way because of Chris Evans he is just way to over the top

    • Bumble Bee
      Bumble Bee 2 lat temu

      Yep, it feels like a desperate salesman on cocaine who tries to sell you a insurance you never asked about. Unpleasant.

  • Impulse
    Impulse 2 lat temu

    This show is now called 5th gear

    • Rolf T
      Rolf T 2 lat temu

      I think Reverse Gear is more fitting :).

  • Jason Graves
    Jason Graves 2 lat temu

    Someone please just put it out of its misery and fire the self proclaimed "Intellectual" idiots who put this together.

  • Raf
    Raf 2 lat temu

    Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are the only people who can perform in top gear, not some other idiots. Clarkson, Hammond and May need to come back or else Top Gear is ruined forever.

  • Calvin The Old Man
    Calvin The Old Man 2 lat temu

    I'm not sure I can even watch anything related to the BB we are doing this now cause we want money C after this. Can't wait for the grand tour though!

  • drumpy123
    drumpy123 2 lat temu

    Sooooooooooo, Top Gear absolutely SUCKS ASS now.... Thank you BBC and good night!

  • Fredrik Midtkandal
    Fredrik Midtkandal 2 lat temu

    I'm not going to banter on and on about what almost everybody in here have already done. I used to be a massive fan of the show, and it was actually Top Gear who made me interested in cars. I recently saw the new show and I saw several things that could be better. That's why I'm writing this. To try and give some feedback on how to improve the show. I realize that several episodes probably already have been filmed, so some of my observations may be subject to change. 1. A star in a rallycross car: I like that you tried putting in some new content, but this I'm not very satisfied with. In A star in a reasonally priced car, you saw celebrities race around the track in an inexpensive car, showing that you don't need to sell all your organs to get a car with a bit of oompf in it. At least that's how I interpreted it. The show already have so many expensive cars, so it was fun to see that you could have fun in a cheap car as well. A rallycross car is not usually that cheap 2. The furniture: Chris Evans was always nagging on and on that the new Top Gear is just that - new. Why, then, are the old furniture still there: I refuse to believe it was difficult to find a new chair, sofa and coffee table. I was all done in a hurry when the storage building burned down during the old top gear. 3. Interviews: In the old top gear, the stars were interviewed before we see the clip of them driving around the track. It was about their life, what they're currently up to and so on. In the first episode, the so-called interview was just about what was their first car, their worst car and their favourite car. I know this is a car show, still. 4. The challenge: The challenge was okay. It was their first. What made me a bit annoyed, though was their mechanical skills, or rather lack of it. When Matt LeBlanc's car break down, they put it on a tow truck and that's it. The most advanced "mending" we got to see, was Evans refilling some coolant. In the old Top Gear, the one with the breakdown would actually be under the hood and try to find out what's wrong and try to fix it. Here, the car was just thrown at the back of a truck and that's it. No back-up car? What's the use of having people on a car show that has no technical and mechanical skills whatsoever? I know that the original team was followed around by a mechanical crew as well, but you were at least shown that they tried to fix it by themselves. That's what I can think of at the moment. Please. If anything I've written here is wrong, feel free to correct me. And if people want to post useless comments and hate: Don't. I'm just trying to be constructive here. Please show the same courtesy back

  • Edwin McKnight
    Edwin McKnight 2 lat temu

    This isn't Top Gear anymore. Its now just a marketing scheme to sell their new car that's taking the place of the reasonably priced car and using star guest to sell it. The reasonably priced car was there after time testing and consideration not some sponsoring companies push to get more advertising time on T.V. Evans is a useless talentless hack and for some reason they decided to get Le Blanc to do the show. The one person they could have gotten from the cast of friends and they chose the crappy one. You'd be better off having a methed out person with Turrets Syndrome host the show. At least it be more entertaining. They didn't really got into negatives to well about the car. At least When Clarkson did it you'd get the truth and a good laugh about it. BBC should grow a set hire the guys back and just except that maybe they should not be always looking to control everything and line their pockets.