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  • Dana Bui
    Dana Bui 42 sekund temu

    I'm would be so excited if I met faze rug

  • TGN shxfty
    TGN shxfty 2 minut temu

    if you're here for the best one (the Pepsi bottle one) it's at 10:57

  • Scary M7
    Scary M7 3 minut temu

    Damn i watched the whole video and then remembered, I never have gotten a Christmas gift

  • Frederick Lukas
    Frederick Lukas 4 minut temu

    Do it dont care what people say

  • Mythic RyZe !
    Mythic RyZe ! 8 minut temu


  • asraff dope
    asraff dope 8 minut temu

    Rug pls do the polar plunge challenge

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 9 minut temu

    This how mutch Bryan earns a minute 👎

  • toxguks
    toxguks 10 minut temu

    Logan Paul is going to Saudi Arabia oh some of Logan fans gonna be happy and actually I’m Arabic but not from Saudi Arabia and he said it in this 4:58

  • ZachcaZ
    ZachcaZ 11 minut temu

    dude as that thump happened at 9:23 my door of my room litterally SLAMMED SHUT! help me plz D:

  • Creeper Loynes
    Creeper Loynes 13 minut temu

    It’s the ice deplacment

  • Weirdest Bro’s
    Weirdest Bro’s 14 minut temu

    Who’s santa

  • Zane Ahmad
    Zane Ahmad 14 minut temu

    Your so nice

  • crackhead diaries
    crackhead diaries 14 minut temu

    I’m Arabic and all I understood from this video is “sjakbaoansdbdoueebwmkaozhxnslqoqwjwb” Who’s with me?

  • Live.Laugh.Love.Lashes Live.Laugh.Love.Lashes

    $1,000 can bless so many durning this season.... Should I leave my PayPal link $-)

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy 8 minut temu

      If i got a 1000$ id buy myself a birthday gift, and a early Christmas gift. Since i had my Birthday on December 10th, and didnt get any Birthday Presents.... Loved the video toda

  • 100 Subs with no Vids!!!!! HARD!!!!!!

    Rug: “oh yea sorry I will leave right after this” Also Rug: 30 mins later at the same shopping centre! Lol

  • cølt
    cølt 17 minut temu

    i got a CHALLENGE for you rug.. train to become an mma fighter in 2 months. then have an actual mma fight! accepted?

  • Adam Scharf
    Adam Scharf 18 minut temu


  • Calizay Legatasia
    Calizay Legatasia 19 minut temu

    Is in Hawaii

  • Anthony Diaz
    Anthony Diaz 20 minut temu

    We need more people in this world that are nice.What is our world it is just a lot of savage people we need to protect our world or it will probably be the end for us 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 21 minuta temu

    12:08 she's cute

  • Bnear Baner
    Bnear Baner 21 minuta temu


  • Comi 54
    Comi 54 22 minut temu

    That’s really nice if you faze rug you are the best I don’t know what will happen to me if I didn’t get to see you Chanel love you

  • JCclapzz
    JCclapzz 22 minut temu

    Follow me on ig @itzclint.boyd

  • piwdipie and tsearies
    piwdipie and tsearies 24 minut temu

    You did not upload

  • Comi 54
    Comi 54 26 minut temu

    I know how you fell because when i was in first grade i lost my dog but i hope buzzly be okay good luck guys

    • Comi 54
      Comi 54 25 minut temu

      I wrote bosley wrong sorry

  • Winter Wonderland
    Winter Wonderland 26 minut temu

    The first Uber driver was so niceeeee 😂 I couldn’t stop smiling

    LEZDA 28 minut temu

    I don't use tiktok but this is so interesting

  • YUNGSTER 310
    YUNGSTER 310 29 minut temu

    Faze rug I’ve been wanting an apple 😢 think you can give me one use or new plzz🙏 For Christmas 🥺🙏

  • Deven A
    Deven A 29 minut temu

    ur gonna make ur mom so spoiled LOL and btw ur money her money so it dont matter i guess and u live at there house so RENT money lol

  • Woah Devin
    Woah Devin 30 minut temu

    What's the song at 11:16

  • christal adkins
    christal adkins 31 minuta temu

    I cant believe faze rug missed a video

  • Resuslanka WCR
    Resuslanka WCR 33 minut temu

    that last hack is very helpful for me when i watch vidz in my ipad.

  • Gamer_JashanYT
    Gamer_JashanYT 33 minut temu

    If yr watching in 2019 Anthony looks so young

  • Lord Elgin Pagala
    Lord Elgin Pagala 33 minut temu

    Your jocket pretty dope man👍👍👍

  • Edward Yeung
    Edward Yeung 35 minut temu

    How does rug still look like a high schooler

  • Isaac Razo
    Isaac Razo 36 minut temu

    4:05, 9:39, 13:50, 13:52 THICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

  • Zane Ahmad
    Zane Ahmad 37 minut temu

    Hi your the best I subscribed

  • Harley Northrop
    Harley Northrop 38 minut temu

    Love the ideas!!

  • Bibb Bibb
    Bibb Bibb 39 minut temu

    We’re is your dad brain

  • Buang Bontle
    Buang Bontle 39 minut temu

    Wow a video about my family!!!

  • ThatGuy Ty
    ThatGuy Ty 39 minut temu

    Logan seems so genuine irl

  • Gamer_JashanYT
    Gamer_JashanYT 39 minut temu

    At the beginning mama rug tries to dance and sing but she failed

  • Kathleen White
    Kathleen White 40 minut temu

    oi i saw same one wen you started getting in to your room

  • jesse holmes
    jesse holmes 41 minuta temu

    Trans scooter you mean tramp scooter

  • Stepbro Gage
    Stepbro Gage 42 minut temu

    You should’ve asked Mia khalifa to do a collab

  • Kelly Hazzard
    Kelly Hazzard 43 minut temu

    salice can eat a ass

    ABBI NOLOVE 44 minut temu

    where are we going though

  • Mythical Gamr
    Mythical Gamr 44 minut temu

    What’s better Like for Rug’s “Goin’ Live” Comment for Blaze’s “Get Loose”

  • FaZe Not in FaZe THE ND

    Sorry I had to click off the video it was getting to emotional for me

  • Trend Setter
    Trend Setter 45 minut temu

    Nice gifts, but it wasn't " anything they wanted"

  • nicole dirks
    nicole dirks 46 minut temu

    I was kinda uncomfortable during this whole video. ❤😂

  • ruben d
    ruben d 46 minut temu


  • Lilia Moushtaha
    Lilia Moushtaha 46 minut temu

    I dont understand but i speek in airabic

  • Skulli Rx
    Skulli Rx 46 minut temu

    My b-day also in Jan 3rd

  • Frank Tomi
    Frank Tomi 46 minut temu

    I think you should col the name coyote

  • Crusty Static
    Crusty Static 48 minut temu

    2:12 a camera man walks in with you an she dindnt see the camera🤦‍♂️ this nigga think we stupid🚫🧢

    • Crusty Static
      Crusty Static 45 minut temu

      2:59 "He snuck out"🤦‍♂️

    • Crusty Static
      Crusty Static 48 minut temu

      If u look closely u could see him in the mirror

    XD TITAN 49 minut temu

    Rug no one will pick up there all probably busy 5 mins later Everyone: *just chillin* ! 😫

  • Lilia Moushtaha
    Lilia Moushtaha 49 minut temu

    I speek in that language

  • FaZe Not in FaZe THE ND

    Honestly the music is the only thing that makes me emotional

  • James Hurkett
    James Hurkett 50 minut temu

    Is anybody watching in dec 2019

  • STW-StaTicz
    STW-StaTicz 52 minut temu

    Steves too blasted why ya think he ate that

  • Shruti More
    Shruti More 53 minut temu

    God protect me when I m watching this 🙏

  • TripleX Beto
    TripleX Beto 53 minut temu

    Do a rice and rug song

  • Taetae BangtAn
    Taetae BangtAn 55 minut temu

    Kaelyn 😍😍😍

  • Rogue
    Rogue 55 minut temu


  • Avery Boehmer
    Avery Boehmer 55 minut temu

    Wheres the new vid?

  • Yantong Chan
    Yantong Chan 56 minut temu

    Happy birthday rug

  • Sauna Mad Man
    Sauna Mad Man 56 minut temu

    Is this real! Cause I’m looking for this homie!

  • Virginia deutz
    Virginia deutz 56 minut temu

    Were not rats

  • Lester Sassman
    Lester Sassman 57 minut temu

    Me I can't offord it :(

  • Tyler Fredericks
    Tyler Fredericks 57 minut temu

    Its cocoa

  • Hyper Drive
    Hyper Drive 57 minut temu

    Hello there

  • Bloody Larzon
    Bloody Larzon 58 minut temu

    The fact that I just got done watching that Tfox video

  • guld Neo21
    guld Neo21 58 minut temu

    11:56 cocaine in the bag?

  • Anthony Diaz
    Anthony Diaz 58 minut temu

    The whole video I was crying

  • Safina Shah
    Safina Shah 59 minut temu

    Sorry about that I hope he is in heaven! I hope you enjoy your life

  • matt alex
    matt alex Godzinę temu

    who is watching this in 2019 i am a girl btw

  • Stepbro Gage
    Stepbro Gage Godzinę temu

    Bro his birthday is a day after mine sick.

  • Mana Ahmed
    Mana Ahmed Godzinę temu

    How did he know it was 10000??

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    YoXtro Godzinę temu

    7:44 d1cksen

  • Vanessa Raya
    Vanessa Raya Godzinę temu

    Because they bought a new phone

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    JNJ VLOGS Godzinę temu

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    Fast editz Godzinę temu

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