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TINDER IN REAL LIFE **dating game**
wyświetleń 189K20 godzin temu
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  • BrainyBombShell
    BrainyBombShell 39 minut temu

    noah should have said "are you a campfire and baby your on fire" it's corny but she could have swiped right on his ass lmao

  • Notintrest sehkhandary
    Notintrest sehkhandary 39 minut temu

    You are such a virgin Jk😂😂😂

  • Emily Hernandez
    Emily Hernandez 39 minut temu

    Ben ain’t even that cute🤢.

  • Loam the Boam
    Loam the Boam 39 minut temu

    Notice hkw faze rug hot all right

  • david gibson
    david gibson 39 minut temu

    Bad drawing

  • Idk lol
    Idk lol 39 minut temu

    Smells like sideman in here...

  • Chronic Dior
    Chronic Dior 39 minut temu

    gold diggerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Motion Austin
    Motion Austin 39 minut temu

    Sidemen check

  • Lando _Pru
    Lando _Pru 39 minut temu

    Ben was not confident lol

  • Riley Nicole
    Riley Nicole 39 minut temu

    rebecca zamolo just posted the today

  • Johnny Capone
    Johnny Capone 40 minut temu

    Yo who's mom is that

  • maks dinamo
    maks dinamo 40 minut temu

    If you find some girl she will be gold digger

    TRNY SLITER0 40 minut temu

    Brian’s Ex after this 🤬🤬😡

  • Alexis Montiel
    Alexis Montiel 40 minut temu

    First Gold digger

  • Vlog Peep
    Vlog Peep 40 minut temu

    I am watching Jan 18 2020

  • 12 Nation
    12 Nation 40 minut temu

    Sidemen tinder 2.0 ✔

  • Ethan TUBER
    Ethan TUBER 40 minut temu

    Hello 👋🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤬👮🏿‍♀️👮‍♂️

  • Jerry Casasola
    Jerry Casasola 40 minut temu

    Rug you should do this again but for your subs! Make sure to invite me!!!

  • bassandbucks tv
    bassandbucks tv 40 minut temu

    This video awesom

  • Wavy_ Manny
    Wavy_ Manny 40 minut temu

    What Noah shoes called?

  • Amor_ 11
    Amor_ 11 40 minut temu

    Who watches Brent and that’s why you know Ben?!

  • Nickthe Comedian
    Nickthe Comedian 40 minut temu

    Need a pt.2 this shit funny

  • Jadzia Wilson
    Jadzia Wilson 40 minut temu

    Why does Yennifer look like Ayesha Curry

  • Harrythebomb 123
    Harrythebomb 123 40 minut temu


  • Gabrielius Stankevicius

    Dosent Ben have lexi brents sister 🤔

  • Momin Khan
    Momin Khan 40 minut temu

    The Rated PG version of sidemen tinder

  • Ajeem Uddin
    Ajeem Uddin 40 minut temu

    Sidemen tinder was better to be honest ;)

  • Giordinio Maduro
    Giordinio Maduro 41 minuta temu

    Britney looks like Lucas Dobre's ex grilfriend

  • J family
    J family 41 minuta temu


  • VS Industry
    VS Industry 41 minuta temu

    That black guy is so fucking cringe is not even funny... The man stands like a fucking robot

  • Genesis Nolasco
    Genesis Nolasco 41 minuta temu

    She only picked rug and Anthony because they had gucci

  • Epix vlogz Win
    Epix vlogz Win 41 minuta temu

    I thought that Ben was Brent‘s sisters boyfriend

  • Karen Diaz
    Karen Diaz 41 minuta temu

    kaelyn is punching the air right now

  • Stephen G.
    Stephen G. 41 minuta temu

    They are gold diggers especially the first one!!!!😡

  • JUBI3_ chris
    JUBI3_ chris 41 minuta temu

    Wast Ben with brents sister 😂

  • TWSnutella
    TWSnutella 41 minuta temu

    You copied sidemen

  • Hira Ibraj
    Hira Ibraj 41 minuta temu

    1 like for Davey everyone 👇👇

  • NathanandG’slife
    NathanandG’slife 41 minuta temu


  • kic doe
    kic doe 41 minuta temu

    That Mans face so small 😭😭

  • oscar ceb
    oscar ceb 41 minuta temu

    they all gold diggers for brian 😭

  • Rl Jayce
    Rl Jayce 41 minuta temu

    I got really happy cause I thought it was the sideman than I realized it wasnt

  • Inferno_Shock186 TM
    Inferno_Shock186 TM 41 minuta temu

    They low key want the bois who are rich like rug

  • Jon Hofer
    Jon Hofer 41 minuta temu

    Such a dumb video

  • iOS J x 3
    iOS J x 3 41 minuta temu

    anthony Got Yes in all ones

  • Freddie Emm
    Freddie Emm 41 minuta temu

    You ain't sidemen

  • Exniex
    Exniex 41 minuta temu

    Copied sidemen

  • estrada
    estrada 41 minuta temu

    *who cares if sidemen did it first this was a banger*

  • Ahmed Alateek
    Ahmed Alateek 41 minuta temu

    Yo Rug you need brawadis in more videos because you and him make the funniest vids together

  • TrishB 06
    TrishB 06 41 minuta temu

    Sidemen CopyCat’s

  • Haseeb Ahmed
    Haseeb Ahmed 42 minut temu

    Wow copied sidemen

  • fardin
    fardin 42 minut temu


  • Cast
    Cast 42 minut temu

    gold diggers confirmed😭

  • Magdy Eltohamy
    Magdy Eltohamy 42 minut temu

    I mean Godzilla rawer at 8:56

  • Daven Haven
    Daven Haven 42 minut temu

    Now I know they saying the truth when they say Anthony hit on girls, my guy is a pro

  • kampala_ STUDIO
    kampala_ STUDIO 42 minut temu

    Of tanya is she 40 or some she is not telling her age😂🤣🤣

  • Lucy Cansell
    Lucy Cansell 42 minut temu

    This whole vid is crying but still ly u faze rug 😂💗

  • Johnny Capone
    Johnny Capone 42 minut temu

    8 ads, are you fucking shitting MEEE?!!?

  • domthe mod
    domthe mod 42 minut temu

    He was copying off mrbeast now sidemen. God. He is running out of ideas.

  • Roberro Vega
    Roberro Vega 42 minut temu


    GAMEBOSS 42 minut temu

    Dis man Sherman knows what to say to da ladies

  • Carlos Almendarez
    Carlos Almendarez 42 minut temu

    "Im looking for a SIDE boo" 10:19😭

  • Leah Garcia
    Leah Garcia 42 minut temu

    you should name her Lola because that would be so pretty because she is cute

  • champion legend
    champion legend 42 minut temu

    This is from the sidemen

  • CurlyDH
    CurlyDH 42 minut temu

    She looked awkward asl durin the whole video

    • CurlyDH
      CurlyDH 42 minut temu

      Or uncomfortable

  • Baby Mathias
    Baby Mathias 43 minut temu

    Bro Some GOLD diggers

  • Roberro Vega
    Roberro Vega 43 minut temu

    Ben has a girlfriend lexi

  • SanatOp
    SanatOp 43 minut temu

    What if the boy swipes left

  • Final
    Final 43 minut temu

    Bruh I love how the first girl said she is picky but she swiped the 2 ugliest people to the right. 😂

  • Savy Games
    Savy Games 43 minut temu

    Isn’t Ben dating Lexi already

  • Savy Games
    Savy Games 43 minut temu

    Isn’t Ben dating Lexi already

  • iucid
    iucid 43 minut temu

    I thought this was the a sidemen video

  • Cristiano Pabla
    Cristiano Pabla 43 minut temu

    Copying THE SIDEMEN

  • Leo Tang
    Leo Tang 43 minut temu

    Again please

  • Magdy Eltohamy
    Magdy Eltohamy 43 minut temu

    That skitter literally a Godzilla roar 8,56

  • Ruined Plays
    Ruined Plays 43 minut temu

    I bet molly and kaylen are sweating after watching this video.

  • Luis Mercado
    Luis Mercado 43 minut temu


  • DB
    DB 43 minut temu

    *Copy some videos but make sure it doesn't look the same* Teacher : SIDEMEN ??????????????????????????

  • Flame BTW
    Flame BTW 43 minut temu


  • Verbena Flora
    Verbena Flora 43 minut temu

    I think anthony payed all the girls to swipe him right

    NINJA FIRE 43 minut temu

    But Props to you

  • kim formalejo
    kim formalejo 43 minut temu

    Swipe Right for Noah.🤗 I love you😘❤️🤗🤗 Your Pick up lines are so cool for me. 😉😘

  • Ineffaceable
    Ineffaceable 43 minut temu

    Jubilee much?

  • Ethan Choi
    Ethan Choi 43 minut temu

    Best Collab confirmed

  • Allan Kim
    Allan Kim 43 minut temu

    Money talks lmaaoo

  • Brandon Gomez
    Brandon Gomez 43 minut temu


    EL CHAPO OG 43 minut temu

    They only swipe right on Anthony and rug for the 💵💰💰💰

  • Abdeeq Mohamoud
    Abdeeq Mohamoud 43 minut temu

    why is jackiy in the vid but not your bro

  • Fernando Enriquez
    Fernando Enriquez 43 minut temu

    There all gold digger my man faze rug rich

  • hunnid hussein
    hunnid hussein 43 minut temu

    ive been so bored on youtube i was waiting for you to post lmfao

  • Colm Byrne
    Colm Byrne 43 minut temu

    Faze Rug: uploads " in real life tinder " People who watch sidemen: know ur fucking place trash

  • xXEric-Snipez 148
    xXEric-Snipez 148 43 minut temu

    I laugh in all of them

  • ObbyKing
    ObbyKing 44 minut temu

    Ben how bout lexi

  • Erik Cordova
    Erik Cordova 44 minut temu

    Mom can we have “ Tinder in real life” Mom: we have “Tinder in real life” at home. At home “Tinder in real life”

  • Maria Fuentes
    Maria Fuentes 44 minut temu

    He copied the sidemen

  • BladeSword77
    BladeSword77 44 minut temu

    At least if you are going to copy the sidemen, version don't do the same thumbnail layout with different people, but good vid though

  • BrainyBombShell
    BrainyBombShell 44 minut temu

    part 2 part 2 different guys and girls

  • Yahye Omar
    Yahye Omar 44 minut temu

    the ting is they dont say something unique they just take popular pick up lines

  • Krish Patel
    Krish Patel 44 minut temu


    BMWSZN 44 minut temu

    Anthony just a simp lol

  • Mohammad Salim
    Mohammad Salim 44 minut temu

    Anthony FUCKBOYYY