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Is Pokimane Asian? I take a DNA test!
wyświetleń 2,6M4 miesięcy temu
Why Pokimane stopped playing Fortnite
wyświetleń 862K5 miesięcy temu
Poki does Fed's Make Up + BIG REVEAL!
wyświetleń 551K6 miesięcy temu
Moe's #1 In My Heart!? Poki Reacts to Neeko!
wyświetleń 856K9 miesięcy temu


  • Naj-seit 157
    Naj-seit 157 8 minut temu

    8:56 Phantoms only appear when you didn’t sleep for 3 nights

  • Connor Bower
    Connor Bower 14 minut temu

    0:37 just is a minecraft parody of “that’s the cutest thing I have ever seen... eh-hahehahu!”

  • Lucas Samuel_dobre
    Lucas Samuel_dobre 14 minut temu

    you know pump is back

  • Blitzxn
    Blitzxn 37 minut temu

    2020- Jarvis and myth fight 2019- press confrenece

  • Reaffirmed
    Reaffirmed 47 minut temu

    Is that auto tune at 0:37 ? Lmao

  • the killer
    the killer 52 minut temu

    What the freak who find wanderbrad pro.... XD his vid are great

  • Ashwanth P
    Ashwanth P 52 minut temu

    Play with PewDiePie once 😍

  • Hernan Hernandez
    Hernan Hernandez 54 minut temu

    What’s the best called in 11:00?

  • Joshua Katedza
    Joshua Katedza 57 minut temu


  • Inspiired
    Inspiired Godzinę temu

    "I'm not meant for hardcore... I'm too new to this" yeah maybe Fitz shouldn't have been so rough on you and should've eased you into it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Hernan Hernandez
    Hernan Hernandez Godzinę temu

    Poki I love you❣️

  • Arnulfo Benitez
    Arnulfo Benitez Godzinę temu

    Can you play uncharted 4

  • Lunat1c Fr1ng3
    Lunat1c Fr1ng3 Godzinę temu

    I’am just going to say that make-up makes miracles...

    • Mr. Baleadas 504
      Mr. Baleadas 504 Godzinę temu

      *poki looks disgusting without make-up* that’s a fact.

    • King Wolfgang
      King Wolfgang Godzinę temu

      Lunat1c Fr1ng3 I know what U talking about -Agree- 100%

  • Todoroki
    Todoroki Godzinę temu

    R.I.P my ears

  • prod by DIL3N
    prod by DIL3N Godzinę temu

    what?!! i thought i hear an auto tune 🤣🤣😆

  • Gnome
    Gnome Godzinę temu

    i cnan tbelive poibkku eats pzizser uosiduhe dowjnb d

  • EZ Smackz
    EZ Smackz Godzinę temu

    You need to throw the bread at them

  • Rapper Mike
    Rapper Mike Godzinę temu

    0:35 AUTO TUNE

  • matthew roberts
    matthew roberts Godzinę temu

    You cute

  • Shelta Delta
    Shelta Delta 2 godzin temu

    Whats funny is that fitz is on softcore but poki is on hardcore😂😭

  • KingAce180
    KingAce180 2 godzin temu

    what minecraft texture pack are they using

  • Superkeno20
    Superkeno20 2 godzin temu

    You don't use shields why tho

  • mylyck hidad Hidad
    mylyck hidad Hidad 2 godzin temu

    I sub and i liked hit the bell

  • mylyck hidad Hidad
    mylyck hidad Hidad 2 godzin temu

    Im 7 years

  • Bluecraze
    Bluecraze 2 godzin temu

    3:30 I think it’s called white water bay

    ROYLM MLB 2 godzin temu

    Poki I'm best than you

  • Young Spoopy
    Young Spoopy 2 godzin temu

    As an Iron IV painter, your painting is good.

  • rocket league pro
    rocket league pro 3 godzin temu

    Poki is like the best fortunate player

  • rocket league pro
    rocket league pro 3 godzin temu


  • Sad boy
    Sad boy 3 godzin temu

    2:08 that changed to something else for like 2 sec when the vid glitched kinda creepy if you pause it at the right time

  • kivel orlando
    kivel orlando 3 godzin temu

    bruh was that autotune when the bunny fell? 😂😂😂😂

  • Neon Blue
    Neon Blue 3 godzin temu

    Your playing legend of Zelda breath of the wild soundtrack in the backround

  • Eduardo Pena
    Eduardo Pena 3 godzin temu

    i just ate some and the color on mine were like 75% more red

  • ZeXoN VoLt
    ZeXoN VoLt 3 godzin temu

    Yay you gonna play horror games

  • Charlie's Toys and More

    Add c-j-ninja and ok_ninja

  • akasunci YT
    akasunci YT 3 godzin temu

    5:03 so nobody gonna talk about that renaigade raider bettt

  • Nathaniel Ordonez
    Nathaniel Ordonez 3 godzin temu

    6:28 I started dying

  • Can we get 100,000 subs with no videos???

    What is wrong with a her subscriber count it says 3.96 tf.Anyone else notice???

  • Anthony Tapia
    Anthony Tapia 4 godzin temu

    Auto tune at 11:13

  • coolbro 100201
    coolbro 100201 4 godzin temu

    Damn you're beautiful and THIIIIICCCCCCCCCCC

  • Jmy Tzo
    Jmy Tzo 4 godzin temu

    Your a bot 1v1

  • bimster
    bimster 4 godzin temu

    I don't think it's appreciated enough, but the editing is really good. Fire vid 👌🏽

  • MR. Chicken
    MR. Chicken 4 godzin temu

    Pokimane can you please like this please please

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith 4 godzin temu

    Um, didn't I see you in one of Michael Reeves vids?

  • A.T.T.123 Alanis
    A.T.T.123 Alanis 4 godzin temu

    11:12 tell me does did she edit that voice or did she do that? I could also be trippin

  • Jolly St. Nick
    Jolly St. Nick 5 godzin temu


  • Destroyer 40610
    Destroyer 40610 5 godzin temu

    Am i the only one who constantly hears mother f*cking gamers

  • Aiyden Taylor
    Aiyden Taylor 5 godzin temu


  • Basketball Baller
    Basketball Baller 5 godzin temu


  • Destroyer 40610
    Destroyer 40610 5 godzin temu

    At 1:44 you can hear faint screaming

  • Skully
    Skully 5 godzin temu

    The Legend of Zelda BOTW music and SAO music really adds effect

  • Vadim Paduret
    Vadim Paduret 5 godzin temu

    Pokimane you are so nice i wish i would ever get in your game

  • Kiro 87
    Kiro 87 5 godzin temu

    Fitz -"Now we know what it feels like, to lose something" YT - Immediate State Farm ad. Me - *Dies laughing*

  • Glowstone Lion
    Glowstone Lion 5 godzin temu

    Get Carson please not fitz

  • Lance Playz
    Lance Playz 5 godzin temu

    BTW people often watch your vids because u are beutiful

  • Vincent Florendo
    Vincent Florendo 5 godzin temu

    New subscriber here💜

  • Raul Vasquez
    Raul Vasquez 5 godzin temu

    I think myth likes you

  • Kakashi senpai
    Kakashi senpai 5 godzin temu

    i still didn't know ..what's the objective of playing Minecraft ? someone HELP :o

  • Grey Studios
    Grey Studios 5 godzin temu

    I don’t know what they do with that bread

  • Hazel Reagan
    Hazel Reagan 5 godzin temu

    my named is hazel 😊🤡

  • Alfredo Hernandez
    Alfredo Hernandez 5 godzin temu


  • Ethan Mangram
    Ethan Mangram 5 godzin temu

    this video was to good for me to watch all of it

  • Markus Rochin
    Markus Rochin 5 godzin temu

    The way you say “southern” makes me want to die.

  • Haru Hsiao
    Haru Hsiao 6 godzin temu

    Clutch Grind is a good kid wish i can be like him when ima reatrd being so mean

  • Shadou Wolf
    Shadou Wolf 6 godzin temu

    11:13 pokimane sounds so much like puppycat from bee and puppycat

  • Animeislife :3
    Animeislife :3 6 godzin temu

    *me looking for hate comments to hate on the hate comments*

  • young barnacle
    young barnacle 6 godzin temu

    Stop 2:08 it looks scary

  • Hiraku
    Hiraku 6 godzin temu

    her high pitched idiotic voice is so annoying, and i know she can just talk normally as she sometimes does, so idk why she has to do that way too high pitched one

  • who kan kapkan
    who kan kapkan 6 godzin temu

    Yowwwww baby you just got pranked

  • GamingStew
    GamingStew 6 godzin temu

    POKI, can u and Fitz play RLCraft?!!

  • Andreus Chrisman
    Andreus Chrisman 6 godzin temu

    appreciate the zelda msuic

  • Daniele MacKenzie
    Daniele MacKenzie 6 godzin temu

    I wish I could play with you but I don’t have fortnite :(

  • Jolly St. Nick
    Jolly St. Nick 6 godzin temu


  • Felipe Perales
    Felipe Perales 6 godzin temu

    God fucking damn it I hoped he did worse than Carson but I was wrong💀

  • 1000 subscribers challenge

    Poki with that Zelda music tho

  • QuenTeY
    QuenTeY 7 godzin temu

    No one: Twitch Chat: THICC

  • LeoTello
    LeoTello 7 godzin temu


  • Night Walker 100000
    Night Walker 100000 7 godzin temu

    Ooh pokimane is a pedophile

  • Linzy Lopez
    Linzy Lopez 7 godzin temu

    LOVW YUUUUUUUUU❤️❤️😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Trey R
    Trey R 7 godzin temu

    I love how when the Phantom first appeared it was the Legend of Zelda BOTW fight music 😂

  • slayer konik
    slayer konik 7 godzin temu

    cutest youtuber ive seen playing minecraft now ayeee

  • ARAA Plays
    ARAA Plays 7 godzin temu

    For fucks sake plz play dota for once.

  • Eli Kennie
    Eli Kennie 7 godzin temu

    The chemistry is insane

  • 5MorGe Tube
    5MorGe Tube 7 godzin temu

    all kids now playing fortnite soon game will close for that reasson haha

  • Mardb Chanel
    Mardb Chanel 7 godzin temu

    1.3 Botw hateno village music 😍

  • Scrubby is best youtuber Ever

    0:38 sounded like auto tune

  • Isaiah
    Isaiah 8 godzin temu

    11:13 autotune?

  • supercyberbean
    supercyberbean 8 godzin temu

    im here because of carson

  • Skeletorn
    Skeletorn 8 godzin temu

    How do you get the doctor strange looking contrail?

  • Naïm Hassein-Bey
    Naïm Hassein-Bey 8 godzin temu

    hahahaha we don't care about the bunny cause he is already dead with fitz .Naim Algeria <3

  • Ashtan Krzyzanek
    Ashtan Krzyzanek 8 godzin temu

    Do u watch sword art online

  • MarshallMXL
    MarshallMXL 8 godzin temu

    0:37 autotune entered the chat

  • AJ
    AJ 8 godzin temu

    It was all happy and shit then it turned into a cyanide and happiness short .

  • Zac Avripas
    Zac Avripas 8 godzin temu

    Poki thick

  • Mason 12 gaming
    Mason 12 gaming 8 godzin temu

    Poki I love your videos can u be my girlfriend

  • Mason 12 gaming
    Mason 12 gaming 8 godzin temu

    Poke can I be your girlfriend

  • Kvnxj.
    Kvnxj. 8 godzin temu

    Her Oh Nooo hits different (Loli af)

    SF_ NINJA 9 godzin temu


  • arsenal emp archive -
    arsenal emp archive - 9 godzin temu

    8:30 you just have to put a sad sao music just to make it very devastating...

  • Royal knight iOS
    Royal knight iOS 9 godzin temu

    Bunny: get a scrap Poki: crushes the bunny