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HOW TO: AMG Race Start / Launch Control
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    Wow Doge Dzień temu

    Why does his background look like a Forza horizon 4 setting in the game

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    Hemant Kadlag 3 dni temu

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    Car Wash Perfect 3 dni temu

    Hello Im interested for modules and lights. Thanks

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    TheEpicGamin8tor 4 dni temu

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    Mortgage Optionsni 4 dni temu

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  • Chevycpe
    Chevycpe 5 dni temu

    Thank you for taking the time to find and explain these options, And Pay no attention to the Bonehead remarks from the Peanut gallery, It makes them feel a little smarter. Some people need that .........

  • Josh F
    Josh F 6 dni temu

    This is probably a stupid question but why does your automatic car have 3 pedals🤣

  • Remmy 15
    Remmy 15 6 dni temu

    So he got 3 pedal and he's car is automatic wtf?

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    nu-well Upright 6 dni temu

    Will this work with my 99 w202?

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    P Ed 6 dni temu

    Excellent stuff as always!

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    Varsha Jain 6 dni temu

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    Rick Bleeker 7 dni temu

    What is the right under button after colder and heater on the climate 3:12 ?

  • Toejam
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  • BluMac.
    BluMac. 8 dni temu

    2:17 voice crack alert

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    Why are these features hidden 😂

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    Sihle Mashoba 9 dni temu

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    Arvydas Sabonis 9 dni temu


  • col walker
    col walker 10 dni temu

    have you done one of these excellent vids for the current c class w205? cheers

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    Affan Azam 10 dni temu

    I have two Mercedes

  • Denis Gal
    Denis Gal 11 dni temu

    I press the serv button and nothing happen.. maybe it s broker?

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    gmugrumbach 16 dni temu

    Awesome. Just replaced the button control module inside the wheel because of this video. Thank you!

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    Maddax Sayakoumane 16 dni temu

    The window thing is also on BMW

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    sajan khaling 17 dni temu

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    Jack Carline 17 dni temu

    The first one is a safety feature by the way

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    Maquien Serrano 18 dni temu

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    Ben Mash 18 dni temu

    who else watched because PLclip pestered them with the suggestion?

    • Ben Mash
      Ben Mash 18 dni temu

      KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications hot interior air and the rain sensor. That was useful

    • KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications
      KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications 18 dni temu

      Hopefully you found at least part of it interesting 👍

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    Majid Ali 19 dni temu

    Why did he have sorts on 1:54

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    steady apple Abbas 19 dni temu

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    • KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications
      KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications 22 dni temu

      @ThisIsRandom S-A Its all good :)

    • ThisIsRandom S-A
      ThisIsRandom S-A 22 dni temu

      @KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications no man I didn't mean anything in like a disrespectful manner or way to judge. It's just ironic you know. Anyway liked your video bud, you teached me a few things I didn't know about my own Mercedes.

    • KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications
      KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications 22 dni temu

      Not going to wear my best clothes when working on a car :D

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    THE BLOODY ALBOZ 24 dni temu


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    Manavdeep Singh 24 dni temu

    The first feature is in volksvagem also

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    Buddy Bhai 24 dni temu

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    Amaljith k p 25 dni temu

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    Cliffy Shine 25 dni temu

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    Will Sistrunk 25 dni temu

    That rolling windows stuff? I can do that with my 2007 Honda Odyssey

  • Dhyanesh Kumar
    Dhyanesh Kumar 25 dni temu

    My hyundai accent 2012 model also have this features (if one window open, if we lock the car the windows automatically pulls up so don't call it hidden feature of mercedes)

    • KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications
      KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications 25 dni temu

      Maybe if you watched the entire video and paid attention to the 1st 10 secs of the video 'or not commonly known' Nowhere did I say it's exclusive to mercedes. Troll elsewhere

  • Eri Poss
    Eri Poss 25 dni temu

    Oh, I didn't know that I can close the boot from inside neither... thanks for that.

  • Steve'sdetailingmk
    Steve'sdetailingmk 27 dni temu

    Great video, I've learnt new things

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    B4LL1STA 29 dni temu

    Hehe 3:27

  • Another Skywalker
    Another Skywalker 29 dni temu

    LOL the very first 'hidden feature' (removeable stop/start button) was not known to me, thank you!

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah Miesiąc temu

    Can i put the 63 steering like yours in my e55??

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    usar sar Miesiąc temu

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    Thanks, my car did not come with a manual, and if it did i would not have read it anyway

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    jay eff Miesiąc temu

    not sure if this was ever mentioned, but i've heard that mercedes will offer roadside assistance regardless of yr or model.. can anyone verify?

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    Faisal Maqsood Miesiąc temu

    Hello mate quick question I have e220 merc 2014 model need to buy a camera can u guide me where can I get it from and please upload a video for how to install camera to the car also it would be great help thanks

  • Rob Smith
    Rob Smith Miesiąc temu

    Can you do faster launch times if you do it manually. I can't help thinking that the stig wouldn't use AMG launch.

    • Rob Smith
      Rob Smith Miesiąc temu

      @KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications will do, love your channel

    • KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications
      KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications Miesiąc temu

      @Rob Smith If you would like to drop me an email with more info about it/when your next going? that would be great - address on my 'About page'

    • Rob Smith
      Rob Smith Miesiąc temu

      @KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications Come and do the next mission motorsport launch control event with me and we'll find out. It's a services charity and they make air strips and timing gear available for our enjoyment.

    • KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications
      KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications Miesiąc temu

      You would get more wheelspin doing it manually...

  • Ree eee
    Ree eee Miesiąc temu

    Does this work on a Mercedes 2015 amg line c220d ?

  • John Devenny
    John Devenny Miesiąc temu

    Hi Killerhertz. I have 06 CLS55AMG with a failing instrument cluster. cold start takes 3 miles driving to get cluster to start working. Warm day car in sun starts working rightaway. My guess is VDO used lead free solder and i have dry connection issue. Have you come across this? i am looking into getting it repaired. But want to buy a spare cluster on ebay incase repair not possibe. Id like your thoughts on this please. John

    • John Devenny
      John Devenny Miesiąc temu

      Oh by the way, the cluster comes out in 5mins. No problem at all. Found great help on PLclip. If you have knowledge of excellent instrument cluster repairs company I'd be very grateful for your help. Really frustrated over here.

    • John Devenny
      John Devenny Miesiąc temu

      @KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications Thank you. thats what i think too. Mercedes cannot supply a new cluster. They also refuse to code any part I buy on ebay. Clusterrepairs uk unable to fix. Trying Totaltronics next. Car is fabulous. Im shocked that I cannot get new cluster from Mercedes!!!!

    • KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications
      KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications Miesiąc temu

      Sounds like a dry-solder. Any decent electrical specialist should be able to fix this. Getting it our of the dashboard will be the tough part.

  • Karl Lambourne
    Karl Lambourne Miesiąc temu

    Sweet Camera work KillerH

  • Habib Malik
    Habib Malik Miesiąc temu

    Hi I have just recieved my C class 2019 and can't get Mirror link to work with my android phone. I have the special USB port with the picture of the phone on it, the phone boots into mirror link mode but it errors out on the Mercedes screen. Any ideas?

    • You Wish
      You Wish 21 godzinę temu

      You may have to use the bottom usb port if you have 2 usb ports...

  • Kuba Szeląg
    Kuba Szeląg Miesiąc temu

    no Way Jose 🤣

  • StrashP
    StrashP Miesiąc temu

    What are the voltage parameters for the CLS chassis?

    • StrashP
      StrashP Miesiąc temu

      AnnaBloodFrost most of them won’t! You can find Star with a developer mode enabled for around 500-600$ nowadays!

    • AnnaBloodFrost
      AnnaBloodFrost Miesiąc temu

      How do you find people with that? Would a dealership willingly lower ur car?

    • StrashP
      StrashP Miesiąc temu

      AnnaBloodFrost via Star!

    • AnnaBloodFrost
      AnnaBloodFrost Miesiąc temu

      StrashP how are you lowering it? I have a cls an older one and I’ve been wanting to lower it more, I heard lowering links?

    • StrashP
      StrashP Miesiąc temu

      KillerHERTZ Mercedes Modifications I’ve never done lowering on a CLS before! I did lowering on my SL65, but didn't like the ride! Any issues so far? I'm lowering a CLS this upcoming weekend and you’re the only person on PLclip that had it done on a CLS! So any input is truly appreciated! Cheers 😊

  • yung Traxxlorrr
    yung Traxxlorrr Miesiąc temu

    I knew all of these cause I read the whole manual but great video

  • Paul Wright
    Paul Wright Miesiąc temu

    Well I tried them! The brake hold feature will be a godsend for me, I never liked the button handbrake in some situations. Also, the push button audio mute, simple but well handy :) Still haven't worked out where the emergency key goes (A200 2019) if the fob battery is flat, but I will. I will be watching all your other videos. Thanks again,

  • Paul Wright
    Paul Wright Miesiąc temu

    Thanks! Just got my first Mercedes, so will be trying these :)

  • Esaw100
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