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    Thank you 🙏

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    Alex Garcia Miesiąc temu

    Thank you for the pointers. Saved me a headache. It was a bit of a fight but managed to remove it quickly with your help. 👍

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    That made me NOT want to mess with it.

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    Brian Patton 2 miesięcy temu

    You should watch this and explain it like he does. I watched yours. Nothing. I watched this one and it fell in my lap. 3 seconds

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    brother thank you for this video great help man

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    dude how do i put them back in?😅

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    Very Easy & help fully one.

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    Muchas gracias, también me funcionó para la Honda pilot

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    Great video! I'm more amazed by the fact that this video was viewed 144,000 times meaning at least 100,000 people pulled off their visors like i did lol

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    Thx dude

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    Thanks for this, very helpful. We need more people like you on youtube.

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    Gracias bro me ayudo estaba un poco atorado

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    Gracias tu vídeo me ayudó mucho me suscribo a tu canal amigo

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    Thanks man ive been trying to remove it about an hour and half. Thanks for the video!

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    Thank you kind stranger

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    Jesus what a pos design worse than Mercedes

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    Gracis y yo bqtallndo

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    Marc Sherson 9 miesięcy temu

    Wow. I really didn't expect to be able to fix my sun visor. It just fell out one day (which saved me the problem of getting it out). It might fall out again but now I know how to put in a new one. Many thanks.

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    Thank you man !

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    Beep Beep! LoL these things are a super pain in the butt for sure. I'm glad the design didn't change for the 2016 year!!!! Cheers

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    Thank you so much for making that video! Thank you!!

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    Great video my friend Now, do you think make a video about, how can I found the MES at Honda Civic 2012 lx. Please I need this information.

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    Much appreciated! Thanks

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    What about the other visor holder that the visor snaps into?

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    Good on ya bro! You've earned what ever advertisement money this gets you.

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    Awesome! You saved my butt today! Thanks buddy.

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    i need a new visor with the electrical reconnected and my sun roof for a 2014 fusion tuturial

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    Helpful Thanks

  • Kristina Hess
    Kristina Hess Rok temu

    I just pushed in turn the visor and it came right out I guess I was lucky

    • bigwesc
      bigwesc Rok temu

      Kristina Hess I did the same used car key just mash the tab in and rotate

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    nico rickey Rok temu

    Thank God Someone made a video for these, fuck honda

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    Dislike for not showing how to install it back, you screwed up trying to put it back in, so change your title of this video accordingly

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    Thank you very much 😊😘 it works!!!!

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    This video is true for 2016-2017 civics as well. Good job!

  • TigerJaw
    TigerJaw Rok temu

    Thank you for the video! It helped out very much! The removal of fuse horn was a very smart suggestion. A good ole hammer knock helped me get into crack area. For those asking how do you lock it back, well, first on your replacement sun visor keep in unlock position and then carefully slide into place with hole alignment with small leg and push it up, then turn sun visor and it locks into place. That simple. Also your electric connection must be pulled out from roof hole and snap out and plug in new sun visor before the other steps. I had both of mine out and back in under 30 minutes. Good Luck!

    • john googly
      john googly 5 miesięcy temu

      Thank you tiger jaw! Just spent an hour trying to lock it back in read what you wrote and it popped back in in 3 seconds. Greatly appreciated!

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    Thank you, you saved me a lot of time.

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    Thanks a lot you just saved my boss some money!!!! I was getting close to ripping these fuckers out lmao

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    Natalie Sanders 2 lat temu

    Thanks for the video! I was taking a headliner down on a 2012 Acura and this saved my butt! Still took me a while and the horn honking omg lol.

    • Natalie Sanders
      Natalie Sanders 2 lat temu

      Oh and my dad's a dent doctor. He founded the business in 86!

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    Arkhip P 2 lat temu

    Thanks It worked from the second time! Thanks again for the tip

  • Andre Williams
    Andre Williams 2 lat temu

    The driver side is a mf. I cant ger it back in. Am i suppose to turn towards the windshield to lock in? When I do the windshield is in the way. HELP!!

  • Zach lind
    Zach lind 2 lat temu

    Thank you Thank you Thank you, I got a new sunvisor and it would not go inn. Watch your video and it went right inn. Thanks again

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    donaldteeeee1 2 lat temu

    Thanks for the video! I have 2012 Acura TSX, it is pretty much the same mechanism, but has a power cord to the vanity mirror. I just bought a used visor off eBay and followed your video! It saved me a few hundred bucks!

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 2 lat temu

      I'm really glad it helped. I know this was a nightmare for me the first time I attempted it. I literally considered ripping it out of the roof and posting the video, because I knew anyone who has tried this would be able to relate. please give this video a thumbs up and share it on your Facebook page so more people can't get up to speed on Honda's new, no screw policy!

  • Cuenca956
    Cuenca956 2 lat temu

    bro thank you so much this thing is a pain in the ass until your video I got it done in 10 seconds

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 2 lat temu

      Cuenca956 You're welcome! Please share this video on all your social media and click the like button so more people can get these visors out

  • Citizen Tom
    Citizen Tom 2 lat temu

    Thanks. This was helpful. When I went to the dealership, I was astonished the did not seem interested in replacing my sun visors. The price was ridiculous. So I went out bought some and discovered I had purchased a puzzle. Anyway, thanks to your video, I managed to make the swap.

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 2 lat temu

      and that my friend is exactly the reason I created this video!

  • Walter Masterson
    Walter Masterson 2 lat temu

    Great video. If you have a Fein, Dremel, or other brand of oscillating saw, and you don't need the old visor, you can make a cut in the outer locking shell to release the latching tab. I had the drivers side out in under 15 seconds.

  • Fuling Yue
    Fuling Yue 2 lat temu

    Thanks brah, this video complements a 2010 Honda Accord. It's the same mechanism

  • Daniel Brambila
    Daniel Brambila 2 lat temu

    Thanks bro, thanks to this video I did it under a minute

  • Tony Pham
    Tony Pham 2 lat temu

    Hello Texas Dent Doctor. Just wanted to let you know, your instruction was extremely helpful. I had no clue of how. My car is Honda Accord 2011, but the visor assembly is almost the same with the civic in your video. I followed your recommendation remove the negative lead of batter, then lean on the steering wheel, and in 5 mins, I was able to remove driver's side sun visor. Next challenge is to find an affordable replacement, dealer would cost approx. $100 or so...even more. I heard...Thanks for sharing knowledge...Tim-Co-Don is Sugar Land, Texas.

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown 2 lat temu

    Some engineer in japan needs their ass kicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a lot of your "oh well" & the damn thing falls out. I learned if you man-handle it removing it, it will damage the plastic & bend the metal so I had to flatten the metal the best I could & open the 3 slots that engage when installing & if you put a little down ward force on the visor ( when its pointed at you) then swing it around it binds a little better so that 3 point part rotates & locks the way it should. They should have had a snap on cover with fine thread bolt hidden inside & life would be a whole lot easier! Mine is a CR-Z by the way

  • Robin Van Nielen
    Robin Van Nielen 2 lat temu

    thanks from a fellow dent doctor from the Netherlands

  • Michael Rinkle
    Michael Rinkle 3 lat temu

    rotate clips back to start position? also clips rotate in direction of little locking tab. ie; toward center of car.

  • RFB Production
    RFB Production 3 lat temu

    headliner removal please? I want to make mine suede.

  • Marcio Sanches
    Marcio Sanches 3 lat temu

    excellent video brother. thanks

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    • dane burk
      dane burk 2 lat temu

      Rick Burr 4:07 shows how to put them in

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 3 lat temu

      I will with the next Honda I get in the shop.

  • Howard Hsu
    Howard Hsu 3 lat temu

    I went through 20-30 videos on how to remove the sun visor. This is the only video that actually showed how to take the damn thing off. It's the only video that showed the minor detail of how to depress the tab and rotate it.

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 3 lat temu

      I'm so glad it helped! I almost made a video of me simply ripping the visor out, I probably would have gotten a million views! This is so frustrating. I have since found an easier way to get them off and it only takes about 30 seconds per visor. I will be putting that video together as a revision soon. Please make sure to click the like button and also the Subscribe button and if you would, please share this video on your social media formats so more people can get the same help with these wretched things. Thank you!

  • Stasia Y
    Stasia Y 3 lat temu

    I wish you would have given a bit more instruction on how to get them back in. My son some how pulled it out of the roof and I can't get it back in. I'm thinking it has something to do with the plastic clip not turned to the unlocked position. I can't seem to find a video on that. Help!

    • Sherry Pugh
      Sherry Pugh 8 miesięcy temu

      How can you put the drivers side of a 2012 of an Accord back in. Just wants to hang down. Don't wanna break the bank to pay a dealership to fix or replace. Just popped out. Someone help please. TY

    • dane burk
      dane burk 2 lat temu

      April Herrera 4:07 he shows you how to put it in

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 3 lat temu

      did you ever get them back in? I can make another video showing how to put them in for you if you need it.

  • Michael Mcconnell
    Michael Mcconnell 3 lat temu

    What a TOUGH job.......even with the GREAT HELP....DRIVER SIDE.....WOW!!! TOUGH,,,,,That dagnabit HORN!!! Finally got it. THANKS

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    Sorry to ask a dumb question, but what ads? Do you mean those annoying popups? I didn't realize watching them meant you got more money.

  • azjen
    azjen 3 lat temu

    Thanks! This works on the 8th Gen Accords also!

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 3 lat temu

      your welcome! I'm so glad it helped. Please like this video And subscribe to my channel. Also, will you please share this on all of your social media platforms so more people can get the same help? Thank you!

  • EV
    EV 3 lat temu

    Like many said thank you I was clueless about how to take them off. Can you do a video on how to remove the piece they hold on to when stationary.

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 3 lat temu

      I don't have a car in front of me, but I think you just twist it clockwise or counterclockwise. I don't believe it matters which way. It should come right off.

  • Dick Rivers
    Dick Rivers 3 lat temu

    Thanks for this, saved me a lot of time and hassle. I thought I was going to bust this thing but you described it right and it turned into a ten minute job on my 2011 Accord.

  • Restin Burk
    Restin Burk 3 lat temu

    pretty much the best video ever!

  • lances4803
    lances4803 3 lat temu

    Great video. I got mine out with very minimal visible damage. Unlike the replacement that came in that looked like a dog had chewed it off.

    • lances4803
      lances4803 2 lat temu

      Another update. The first replacement came with the metal support bent down. I ordered a replacement, and it too came bent. Apparently when they take them out, they bend them down to clear the A arm. The fix is to take a 5/32 punch and put in in the shaft where the wiring comes out. (Be careful not to pinch the wires.) You can then use the punch as a lever to bend the metal support shaft back into alignment.

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 3 lat temu

      stupid dogs. Thanks for everything! Thanks for your comment! Please like this video And subscribe. Also, will you please share this on your social media platforms so more people can get who sang help? Thanks!

  • Rami A.A
    Rami A.A 3 lat temu

    Thanks for the video. Tip:Take out the fuse for the horn :)

  • michael mcdaniel
    michael mcdaniel 3 lat temu

    that absolutely helped im working on a 2016 replacing the headliner and LTside airbag and I have fought these things for an hour I found the clip but I didn't know how it worked thanks alot

  • j4cee
    j4cee 3 lat temu

    Dude thank you so much for teaching this on here, what a muthafreakin pain in the ass it was to take this muthafreakin piece of sh*t off. I thought i was going to rip off upholstery and everything. Patience was all it took. 😐

  • Michael Sackstein
    Michael Sackstein 3 lat temu

    I need to do this on my dads 2011 Pilot. The visor is sagging. I guess he pushed it too far forward. So I ordered a new one. Should be here in a couple days

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    Appreciate Sr., it's a good video and you helped me a lot. Thanks!!!

  • Restin Burk
    Restin Burk 3 lat temu

    I'm glad it worked out for you. I appreciate the comment. Please like and share this video And subscribe so more people can see it also.

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    thanks bro good video, got the visor out in 2mins!

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    30 mins of swearing tgen seeing this it took 30 secs!!

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    Kiefer Johnson 3 lat temu

    Great video man. I was right there with you on pulling the pos out. Don't think the boss would have liked that. Works on 2013 pilot btw

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    Erin Williams 3 lat temu

    Thank you!!!!!!!! helped me save my time on a job!!!

  • Erin Williams
    Erin Williams 3 lat temu

    Thank you!!!!!!!! helped me save my time on a job!!!

  • Charlotte Ledbetter

    Great narrative! I had all the right tools thanks to this video but THANK GOD I had a 2008! Waaaaay easier than the one in this video! Just pop off the trim piece, unscrew two screws and ease it out. Reverse to replace. For a GIRL, it was super easy. Shoulda video-d it. Never even touched the horn.

  • horshak1
    horshak1 3 lat temu

    Dude you the man. Honda wanted $300 to do this. After watching your video I went to Honda Parts and got a 2009 Accord Visor for $103 pulled the horn fuse and put it in. Thank you

  • Jorge Capella
    Jorge Capella 3 lat temu

    Was about to quit when I found your video. In my case it was a 2009 Honda Accord. Thanks.

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    Brilliant work mate

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    Waoooo u a live saved. thanks so much appreciate that

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    thank you. I've been trying to do this on our car on the drivers side for 1/2 hour and finally gave up and came inside to look on you tube. You were right when I came in my wife asked why are you out there honking the horn? LOL!

    • Restin Burk
      Restin Burk 4 lat temu

      I'm so glad this video helped. so funny about the horn! Please like, share and subscribe so more people can find this. Thanks!

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    Justin Piekarz 4 lat temu

    Thanks man ! Really helped me out, honda suggests wrapping the screwdrivers in tape so you dont damage the clips as a FYI.

  • WGOASProductions
    WGOASProductions 4 lat temu

    I'm working a dent on a roof of one of these bastards and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to take this damn visor off. Thank you sir!

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 4 lat temu

      +WGOASProductions that's awesome man! I appreciate it. I want to start putting up pdr related videos on this channel and try to make some money at it. I was reading about some of the famous youtubers and they pull in about $1,000 per every million views. That's crazy huh? 5 videos a week and we are making Hail season money all year round! Lol

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      +Texas Dent Doctor absolutely! Us Dent guys have to stick together to help bring our industry up! I've already shared this video a couple times in a FB dent group I'm in. Keep up the good work man!

    • Restin Burk PDR
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      awesome! My first dent guy comment. In a world of business as cut throat as ours is, I'm glad we can work together as a team exclamation mark please like share and subscribe this video so more people can find it. Thanks for your support!

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    you have no idea how much this video helped I was about to give up not only did I use every swear word in the book I even invented new ones. You will never know how much that video ment to me THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 4 lat temu

      the first video I was going to make for this would have been me literally ripping them out of the roof. I think I would have probably got a million views for it lol! please like, share and subscribe so more people can see this video. Thank you for your help!

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    Thanks for sharing!

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      I'm glad you liked it! Please like, share and subscribe to this video so more people can find it. Before we know it it will be number one on the search engines. Thanks for your help!

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    Thank you also the same on 2014 MDX

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      thank you for your insight. Please like share and subscribe some more people can find this video and get the same kind of help. I appreciate your support!

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    Big help, thanks!

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    Thank you

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      You're welcome.

    • Restin Burk PDR
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      You are very welcome my friend. I am glad this video helped you. Please remember to click the Like button with the thumbs up, and become a subscriber to my channel. One last thing, make sure to share this on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and anything else you have. Please get this video out there so more people can get the same kind of help you did. Thanks a lot for your support.

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    Thank you so much. It is big help :)

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      your welcome David. I want to start doing videos full time. Please like, share and subscribe so more people can see this video. Thanks for your help!

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    chrisoffthewall 4 lat temu

    Finally, someone made a video that's easy to understand. Same process for the 2009-12 Honda Fit, I'm gonna give this another shot in the morning now that I know what the hell I'm supposed to do. Thanks!

    • Restin Burk
      Restin Burk 4 lat temu

      I set there in that car for close to an hour with my 16 year old son trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. Talk about frustrating! I'm glad this video helped.

  • Ronin Editor
    Ronin Editor 4 lat temu

    Dude, thanks for this... I knew it was this simple but it was driving me nuts trying to get this tab popped, didn't know how to spring it. I have an Accord and it's the same tab design as the Pilot as well... super annoying but this video helped.

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 4 lat temu

      I appreciate your support! I'm glad this video helped. Please like, share and subscribe so more people can find this video more easily. Thanks!

    • Ronin Editor
      Ronin Editor 4 lat temu

      @Texas Dent Doctor Ha, I was almost there too... I almost even paid the dealer's random for the $125 part and probably $100 for 'labor' instead of getting it online and doing it myself before I found this video. That tab is a pain in the ass.

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 4 lat temu

      You are very welcome. It's my pleasure to help. I almost made a video of me tearing the visor out of the roof in order to examine the inside more thoroughly. :-) after spending an hour trying to get it out it almost felt worth the hundred and fifty dollars to buy a new one!

  • Matt Harden
    Matt Harden 5 lat temu

    I just want to remove the airbag stickers. BMW drivers are saying they remove the visor and lay paper towels soaked in alcohol to remove it. What do you recommend? Is it harder to put back on than remove?

    • Restin Burk PDR
      Restin Burk PDR 4 lat temu

      I don't have any experience removing stickers. I wish I could be more help.