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NICK JONAS describes "Midway"
wyświetleń 115Dzień temu
wyświetleń 2083 dni temu
ED Norton Motherless Brooklyn
wyświetleń 465 dni temu
Aaron Paul reveals "El Camino"
wyświetleń 625 dni temu
Anne Hathaway Modern Love
wyświetleń 3497 dni temu
Arrivals "Gemini Man" Premiere -
wyświetleń 6810 dni temu


  • steve wasp
    steve wasp Godzinę temu

    Dumb fuck blowhard. What a piece of shit. Just another arrogant, rich asshole.

  • Pablo Olivera
    Pablo Olivera 3 godzin temu

    Oh my God!!! They killed Kenny... Lol

  • gangstalishis
    gangstalishis 4 godzin temu

    why do people not like the character? I havent heard any valid arguments.

  • Mariska meykens
    Mariska meykens 10 godzin temu

    What a great movie u just saw!!!

  • Adam Turner
    Adam Turner 10 godzin temu

    The mannnn...

  • Adam Turner
    Adam Turner 10 godzin temu

    Mewes! The man with the golden nooch!

  • Ace Moonshot
    Ace Moonshot 11 godzin temu

    Lol usually he turns to Jay and asks, "what was I saying?"...

  • Jolly Puff
    Jolly Puff 12 godzin temu

    Ew he seriously looks unwell. Somebody help this kid. Sounds like a complete idiot repeating that your playing his game.

  • Stela Mold
    Stela Mold 17 godzin temu

    Wtf hhhah

  • Phantom Lancers
    Phantom Lancers 19 godzin temu

    lady from scary movie

  • Andrew Gaytan
    Andrew Gaytan Dzień temu

    I see why they gave her the role lol

  • Darryl Minaker
    Darryl Minaker Dzień temu

    "What's rule number one?" ".. Party..?"' Well.. He's not wrong

  • Ylva Bjarnson
    Ylva Bjarnson Dzień temu

    Cure all his hurting pain he sure comes across is a arrogant little jerk

  • Major Tom
    Major Tom Dzień temu

    there are thirty-two ways to write a story, but there is only one plot - things are not as they seem.'

  • paul francisc
    paul francisc Dzień temu

    sweet little baby :*

  • jhonny ortiz arenas
    jhonny ortiz arenas Dzień temu

    esta obra maestra fue gracias a todos pero en especial en la increíble interpretación de joaquin phoenix..en mi opinión el mejor joker q he visto hasta el momento.

  • Mario87456
    Mario87456 Dzień temu

    His take on the character sounds like Gilbert Gottfried at times just saying

  • Michelle Honiarta
    Michelle Honiarta Dzień temu


  • Luciana Ontiveros Polo

    The audience already love it!!

  • Citipati Osmolskae
    Citipati Osmolskae Dzień temu

    Ever notice Brian never kills the girls Danny likes?

  • L Rodriguez
    L Rodriguez Dzień temu

    Jake is about to bust a cap and put cases on all you fools.

  • Dyah Lieza
    Dyah Lieza 2 dni temu

    Sediiih aku gk ngerti kamu ngomong pa idolaku😥😥😭😭😭😭

  • Raggan
    Raggan 2 dni temu

    you should get a muff on the mic

  • Corena Aneroc
    Corena Aneroc 2 dni temu

    I had sooo much fun making this costume for him. this is what really makes me love my job. You killed it David.

  • Angel Sheilla
    Angel Sheilla 2 dni temu

    His film full of fighting...It is recommended by his hard life..Life is a struggle

  • Clos Colo
    Clos Colo 2 dni temu

    Seems like a genuinely good dude.

  • Cancan
    Cancan 2 dni temu

    Love Charlize ❤

  • dragonfly6908
    dragonfly6908 2 dni temu

    Probably the best smile in the world.

  • Professor Hidgens And his almighty memes

    So it’s just Gil Faizon

  • hussein alkraty
    hussein alkraty 2 dni temu

    سبحان الله تشبه ابوها ❤️😘

  • emani donaldson
    emani donaldson 2 dni temu

    She bad and she know it

  • Sajil V Y
    Sajil V Y 3 dni temu

    Y no j Statham here?

  • Amberlynn 18
    Amberlynn 18 3 dni temu

    He’s such rude nasty d bag

  • LoLoadventures
    LoLoadventures 3 dni temu

    Saw this movie today. It was very good

  • Hari López
    Hari López 3 dni temu


  • Crystal Dawn
    Crystal Dawn 3 dni temu

    He’s so full of himself.

  • Make Asylums Great Again

    He is playing himself.

  • Chintan Desai
    Chintan Desai 3 dni temu

    Has she even watched the show Maybe she’s watching the wrong show “Ninety nineeee”

  • Gacha Gamer
    Gacha Gamer 3 dni temu

    Peng is literally me and my friends spirit animal XD idc idek

  • Sivolee Paul
    Sivolee Paul 3 dni temu

    1:05 tntl.......... laugh = go tell ur mom i hate u... (so i suggest u better not laugh then hehe... gotchaaa there..)

  • lonely sense
    lonely sense 3 dni temu

    Where is Jason???

  • Gabriel P
    Gabriel P 3 dni temu

    I love Emma Stone. She´s so great in everything she does (Easy A, SuperBad, Crazy Stupid Love, the Help, Zombieland, Amazing Spiderman, Battle of the Sexes, Birdman, La La Land, the Favourite...)

  • duygu türkmen
    duygu türkmen 3 dni temu


  • deathswoon23
    deathswoon23 3 dni temu

    I anticipated Eiza Gonzalez having a decent sized role due to her being in the trailers. I was very let down.

  • arcasu2
    arcasu2 3 dni temu

    Ok this is very distracting

  • ron damendez
    ron damendez 4 dni temu

    Obra de arte! Póstuma

  • Madamei.Mercy.JeanX. 83_20_19

    * « Hahahaha !!!! » 100% X3 <3 XO XD

  • Clarence Lee
    Clarence Lee 4 dni temu

    💚 I really like the videos. Can’t wait to see more from you! Check out followsm[.]com! It will really help you with growing your channel!!

  • darkpegasus321
    darkpegasus321 4 dni temu

    he looks ready to kill, but still he shows that he´s having too much fun

  • Thiw Jenson
    Thiw Jenson 4 dni temu

    Wow... This is awesome

  • Jackie Jack
    Jackie Jack 4 dni temu

    Flyest kid on the block. Hahaha.

  • Olive & Eunice
    Olive & Eunice 4 dni temu

    His dimple lines and voice are so cute

  • Joy
    Joy 4 dni temu

    Damn still adorable but a lil older now. Also her voice has changed so much.

  • Davis T.
    Davis T. 4 dni temu

    2:12 Vin Diesel?

  • Adam Doyle
    Adam Doyle 4 dni temu

    Heard ninety nine and immediately went to the comment section while covering my face in fear

  • Gaby
    Gaby 4 dni temu

    HE OWNS A DIFFERENT SHIRT!? (I'm kidding. Maybe... lmao)

  • Corman Tarantino
    Corman Tarantino 4 dni temu

    i pray/hope that eiza comes back as madam M in (hopefully) in a sequel. because i love eiza and pray that she has tons more screen time (her and character madam M)

  • procurore ..
    procurore .. 4 dni temu

    Statham is the guy who is filming this sheet. And Jason is playing in movie???

  • George Ferdinand
    George Ferdinand 4 dni temu

    The awkward moment when you can just hear Coach Steve 😬

  • AllPeople (AP) Gifts

    Aaron Carter is NEITHER "mentally ill" NOR is he "chemically-dependent" and The Media pundits have actually helped his record sales to fly off the charts in Europe, Asia and even Canada and the U.S. ~ by giving him FREE PUBLICITY. Aaron Carter is literally "playing" The Media "like a bass guitar". And ~ in their pompous-arrogance ~ these old media-pundits have fallen for it are are "dancing to his tune" and giving him all manner of "free publicity". Groups like The Rolling Stones have played this same-game with The Media pundits for literal decades. Even the general-public REALIZES that Aaron Carter is NEITHER "mentally-ill" NOT "chemically-dependent" and is shocked to see The Media fall for it. So ... IF The Media pundits continue to "take the bait" .. THEN it shows that EITHER they are all incredibly-stupid OR they have some sort of 'agenda' themselves for trying to present to the general-public the false-idea that Aaron Carter is "mentally-ill" or has some sort of "chemical-dependence". .

    • liv mar
      liv mar 21 godzinę temu

      AllPeople (AP) Gifts Agree!

    • Sweetness
      Sweetness Dzień temu

      Hi Aaron ! On a scale of 1-10 how envious are you of Nick ?

    • Crystal Dawn
      Crystal Dawn 3 dni temu

      AllPeople (AP) Gifts just look at him. Look at his hair cut. That he did himself. He’s manic. His music is not off the charts here in Canada. That is false. His music doesn’t even play on the radio stations.

  • Rosy Vela
    Rosy Vela 4 dni temu

    El mejor Joker es Joaquín pohenix 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡👍👍👍👍👍💖💖

  • Maya Sueing
    Maya Sueing 4 dni temu

    Old grumpy, dumb man, sorry, Disney‘s old movies are full of bs, especially beauty and the beast. He’s talking to much.

  • Hey Vern
    Hey Vern 4 dni temu

    You kno what they say 🤔"once you go white.. you can close both eyes at night" 😴

  • cynthia rogacion
    cynthia rogacion 4 dni temu

    very smart with sense..an amazing woman and mother of six

  • The Walrus
    The Walrus 4 dni temu

    Dwayne: I'm Mike Oxmaul Officer: 😙My Cock's Small?

  • Ante Gadze
    Ante Gadze 4 dni temu

    Um um um um i

  • مطره واللعاب باربي

    Wow what a beauty.God bless and ur family

  • thelma agondez
    thelma agondez 5 dni temu

    Sooo beautiful ...

  • Henrietta Bunhian
    Henrietta Bunhian 5 dni temu


  • flamedancer44
    flamedancer44 5 dni temu


  • Christine Cole
    Christine Cole 5 dni temu

    Thank you fab have a great day everyone god bless you people Amen

  • qdubbs
    qdubbs 5 dni temu

    I love this guy!

  • rhys burns
    rhys burns 5 dni temu

    He's to cute I can't take it 😍

  • saurav raj Singh
    saurav raj Singh 5 dni temu

    Br Ba❤️

  • Susie RN1814
    Susie RN1814 5 dni temu

    He is Raymond Reddington! Love this show. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Phoenix Ward
    Phoenix Ward 5 dni temu

    Nick Kroll absolutely NAILED it. Loved the movie

  • JOHNNY Walker
    JOHNNY Walker 5 dni temu

    She be awesome for nina Williams in new tekken movie.

  • saurav raj Singh
    saurav raj Singh 5 dni temu

    Underrated actor

  • Esmé
    Esmé 6 dni temu

    Him and that Asian guy in the right is cute 👀👀👀

  • Rosa Pastel
    Rosa Pastel 6 dni temu

    Robert de niro??

  • Eugenia
    Eugenia 6 dni temu

    aaawwww he cuteeeee

  • Cary Villarruel
    Cary Villarruel 6 dni temu

    What I don’t like about this video is the editing when Spader is speaking. It sounds like a hint that he won’t survive and it will end with season 7. Yet other shows like Gray Anatomy has ran for 16 years CB and Law & Order for 23.

  • Lorraine White
    Lorraine White 6 dni temu

    I loved Joey King she did a wonderful job in the Act

  • cesar loco
    cesar loco 6 dni temu

    Oh my god marieee!!!!!! I wanna cum blu inside you

  • leafyutube
    leafyutube 6 dni temu

    I happen to own John Voight's car.

  • NoX#
    NoX# 6 dni temu


  • diana oliva
    diana oliva 6 dni temu

    you know what hurts me the most! she says hello my name is jolene rapino. what happend to blalock its like Malibu barbie completly lost her self in her husband. blalock is a name to be proud of she was t'pol for crying out loud. she completely erased her carreer and what for her rich husband? i dont care is he is a rich ceo from some famous company. jolene shoud be proud of het own name and carreer and she should be back on tv and not do charity with dear husbands big money purse. jolene please act again i dont have the money to go to a star trek convention i am from Belgium but please go back to acting i miss you on tv. and maybe do bigger jobs bigger movies bigger parts than small ones like on house and all the rest.and stop playing strippers and junks and stuff doe normal jobs. but please come back to us. and use the name blalock its something to be proud of. greetings from Belgium ps its freaking cold here and it rains

  • Tiberiu Musat
    Tiberiu Musat 6 dni temu

    Imi faci atat de sila tarfa imputita cu doua fete , te pretinzi draguta cu atitudinea ta degajata cand de fapt esti doar o scorpie de mana a doua aflata pe interes care habar n-are ce-i ala barbat bun.

  • Sean Ross
    Sean Ross 6 dni temu

    This guy is LEGEND

  • Justin Thomison
    Justin Thomison 6 dni temu

    "This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed... Bitch!"

  • RMJ1984
    RMJ1984 6 dni temu

    I still to this date, cannot wrap my head around that this DUDE, is Daniel "Nerd" Jackson from the Stargate movie, like jesus christ, how do you go from that, to this?. I guess for some people getting older is a blessing.

  • mario Ramirez
    mario Ramirez 6 dni temu

    They really are clowns, both of them.

  • BlueBerryFairy1
    BlueBerryFairy1 6 dni temu

    Is it legit to nickname him Ty Who?

  • Wane Frame
    Wane Frame 6 dni temu

    It shouldn't be coming to "America 2" it should be "coming back to America".

  • Leah Romualdo
    Leah Romualdo 6 dni temu

    OMG Zhavia why your so pretty?! 😍 Im your fan from philippines

  • Christine Cole
    Christine Cole 6 dni temu

    Be the real person in your life and when you pray to god and he watches you everyday in your life

  • Gigglyardo
    Gigglyardo 6 dni temu

    I wanna grab dat skull and shake it around a bit

  • Dalai Lama
    Dalai Lama 6 dni temu

    Would be nice if you morons could indulge us with the questions... ...just sayin...

  • Dalai Lama
    Dalai Lama 6 dni temu

    Still sexy af. 💋💋💋💋 👄👄👄👄

  • Batman
    Batman 7 dni temu

    My favourite character ever