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Fix A Flat Tire With Flex Tape? Will It Work?
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I Crashed My Bike And Broke My Back
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  • George B. Wolffsohn
    George B. Wolffsohn 24 minut temu

    😱 Oh No😱using ingenuity instead of cash ! ! !!

  • Politicus Rex
    Politicus Rex 26 minut temu

    I have 10 tools for that. They are called fingers.

  • Denver Lewis
    Denver Lewis 49 minut temu

    thanks a lot RJ ,was really helpful , u bring just the right kind of videos for a budjet cycles

  • Uncle Fate
    Uncle Fate 2 godzin temu

    Wow, just opened it. Thanks man!

  • Marc Serina
    Marc Serina 2 godzin temu

    I own a puller tool and a lot of times I still can't get them off. That's usually the only time I ever go to a bike shop is when I need my cranks removed.

  • Sim Core
    Sim Core 2 godzin temu

    Yes, mage-Ick

  • Michael Fowell
    Michael Fowell 2 godzin temu

    Excellent, I personally wouldn't use a stick they are a bit bulky, I'm more of a thick twig user.😂

  • Sapphire Jan
    Sapphire Jan 4 godzin temu

    I want and need to lubricate mine. I never bave in 3 years and it squeaks. I am afraid I will ruin it.

  • Sapphire Jan
    Sapphire Jan 4 godzin temu

    So my treadmill stops suddenly on it's own when I walk on it. At first I thought it was because I have gained some weight and maybe I am too heavy for it. My feelings were really crushed. But then I realized that my son has been running on it. And so I notice that if I run on it it does not suddenly stop. It works just fine. I don't understand this.

  • Bicyclo Antwerp
    Bicyclo Antwerp 4 godzin temu

    i think replacing the rear wheel with a single speed one that has a pedal brake option would a more suitable solution for this project

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy 2 godzin temu

      Coaster brake. That is not what most people want for a single speed. And if I was going to replace the wheel, I could have put a single speed wheel on there. But that is not cheap.

  • Romain Prigent
    Romain Prigent 5 godzin temu

    Best commercial ever ! Haha

  • Marin Stipković
    Marin Stipković 5 godzin temu


  • Matija Matanić
    Matija Matanić 6 godzin temu

    Mate, can I put shimano MF TZ21 cassette on a maddux 10 speed wheel- rs 3.0? Thx!

    • Matija Matanić
      Matija Matanić 46 minut temu

      RJ The Bike Guy baš si jazavac

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy 3 godzin temu

      I am not going to spend my times googling these, when you can do it.

  • Jimmy Torpedo
    Jimmy Torpedo 6 godzin temu

    Why do the bearings go in with the cage facing the cone nut of the spindle?

  • Luka Malic
    Luka Malic 6 godzin temu


  • i!Xx_abidulprogamerzz_xX !i

    Hey miachel tell your son Jimmy thank you for the video😂

  • Jeffrey Reicher
    Jeffrey Reicher 7 godzin temu

    Instead of cutting the cable, couldn’t the cable be removed from the derailleur and reused if not worn out?

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy 3 godzin temu

      Cables and housings are wear items. If you are doing this maintenance then replace the cables.

  • Kevin Cuthbert
    Kevin Cuthbert 7 godzin temu

    Thanks for sharing, agree most would throw them away but how about challenging yourself and seeing if you can fix them.....oh the satisfaction. Ignore the keyboard critics, good video.

  • Henry Morgan
    Henry Morgan 7 godzin temu

    Just make it cool. For cosmetic reasons I'd like it if you replaced the headset to be a modern one rather than quill. I own a frame almost exactly like this so would like to see what you do.

  • chickenpoodl GMS
    chickenpoodl GMS 12 godzin temu

    i'm glad you posted this video. you just saved my life. i dropped my chain by mistake while fitting my rear wheel back on. so instead of putting it back on by hand i ordered a rehook tool and i'm going to stand here and wait for it to be delivered. what a relief!

  • iRyan Gamez
    iRyan Gamez 13 godzin temu

    Ksi fan anyone?

  • Diego Gonzalez
    Diego Gonzalez 14 godzin temu

    I´ve been using the eco rj the bike guy tool since I was a kid.

  • justw4lkbesideme
    justw4lkbesideme 14 godzin temu


  • steve Baldsmoker
    steve Baldsmoker 15 godzin temu

    I use my finger.

  • Amed M
    Amed M 16 godzin temu

    Was awakened at 4:00am this morning. Mine has the beep and voice. I immediately replaced with new batteries to no avail. Turned out a contact had corrosion. Cleaned as instructed and all good now. Thanks much!!

  • Geth Cleddyfa
    Geth Cleddyfa 16 godzin temu

    The sad thing is if they had built that hook into a pair tyre leavers, chain splitter or both (KMC style). That would be one amazing, versatile tool and not a waste of plastic.

  • Nigel Oulton
    Nigel Oulton 16 godzin temu

    A free twig - shut up and take my money. Funnily enough I recently had someone at work argue with me that Rehook was a brilliant idea and I was a idiot if I didn't buy one. He doesn't ride a bike, but I do and I just pointed out that my whole drive train is narrow wide and I couldn't recall the last time I dropped a chain - but if it did then I would just use the twig trick to do the same as the ripoff product he saw on Dragons Den and on which apparantly some idiots stumped up lots of cash to back making something I nor any sensible bike rider just doesn't need. Anyway - I'm looking forward to the when Park Tool release the TW-1G Combination Tyre Lever/MasterLink Plier/Rehook Tool and charge $50

  • SimAnt
    SimAnt 16 godzin temu

    RJ do you recommend Hardwood for longevity or Softwood for improved grip?

  • justw4lkbesideme
    justw4lkbesideme 16 godzin temu


  • ArtemSure
    ArtemSure 17 godzin temu

    You're hilarious 😂 love you man. All the best to you.

  • Tobias Baker
    Tobias Baker 17 godzin temu

    hocus pokus i stole your ford focus

  • Norcal Mike
    Norcal Mike 17 godzin temu

    I love it! Awesome bike

  • Sam Darii
    Sam Darii 18 godzin temu

    Thank you so much you helped me fix my bike

  • Stoventian Airsoft
    Stoventian Airsoft 18 godzin temu

    Your voice is so annoying oof

  • nayab ahmad
    nayab ahmad 20 godzin temu

    how to get staninless steel ball gauge rollee

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy 17 godzin temu


  • Dellvmnyam
    Dellvmnyam 20 godzin temu

    I use a simpler and better DIY tool for this: my own hand!!111

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy 17 godzin temu

      My method doesn't get grease on my hands and then clothes and bike.

  • Daniel Ruezga
    Daniel Ruezga 20 godzin temu

    I've been pushing my bike Flinstones style ever since my chain fell. Now I can finally ride my bike the way God intended!

  • Chris chomley smyth
    Chris chomley smyth 21 godzinę temu

    If it drops, try your front derailleur, or reach down and lift it back on. Otherwise stop and use your Richard bashers. Ta dah. Instant. Now adjust your limit screws closer in. Unless it's a 55 to a 20 something chain ring.

  • nayab ahmad
    nayab ahmad 21 godzinę temu

    how to get baring steele ball size roller

  • Gedrot
    Gedrot 22 godzin temu

    You just saved me so much money I don't even have. You're my hero today! ; )

  • Иван Стрижков

    Просто уничтожил производителя 😄

  • Metal Head Biker
    Metal Head Biker 23 godzin temu

    Really Good idea RJ. 👍

  • Dorian Lopez
    Dorian Lopez 23 godzin temu

    @rjthebikeguy how would I convert a front axle on my front wheel to a quick release by the way its sealed bearing

  • actonblue2012
    actonblue2012 23 godzin temu

    Brilliant you should patent it.

  • Kenshin Himura
    Kenshin Himura Dzień temu

    For double crank users, why use a forward derailleur when you can manually shift with your hands or stick

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy 22 godzin temu

      The chain would like come off if you didn't have wide narrow chain rings.

  • kenzo oznek
    kenzo oznek Dzień temu

    hahahahahaha 🙌🙌🙌

  • Studentofgosset
    Studentofgosset Dzień temu

    People complaining that he should have replaced the pads first, I replaced my pads and still had a massive squeal, so it is useful to get tips other than just replacing pads.

  • Deplorable Citizen
    Deplorable Citizen Dzień temu

    Man vs machine. Man won.

  • Matt Dunmore
    Matt Dunmore Dzień temu


  • salem macalawi
    salem macalawi Dzień temu

    is the head Tube of this bike Oversized? or just a Standard just like huffy bike?

  • wordreet
    wordreet Dzień temu

    16 of your Earth dollars?????????? H0ley shin0ley! You can buy a new chain for that amount!

  • Sachin Kumar
    Sachin Kumar Dzień temu

    Environment friendly tool.

  • Blix Etty
    Blix Etty Dzień temu

    Hi RJ, thanks for another brilliant video. Can you please tell me what the corrugated plastic tube present in bottom bracket is and is it necessary to put it bank in?

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy Dzień temu

      It helps keep debris away from the bearings. Necessary, no. Recommended, yes.

  • anonymous
    anonymous Dzień temu

    Me i also use sticks or leaves 🍂 😂😂

  • virgil fulton
    virgil fulton Dzień temu

    I was searching around for a stick, for just that same reason, next to a city bicycle path... it turns out that I grabbed a dog log by accident (I didn't have my glasses on at the time). So, there's that....

  • LoneFrogman
    LoneFrogman Dzień temu

    Thank you

  • totally irrelevant
    totally irrelevant Dzień temu

    oooh does it matter what type of wood ?? how confusing ash ? beech ? lmao love this, im a gadjet nut so probably would have brought this :)

  • mike kunnecke
    mike kunnecke Dzień temu

    Being theRetroGrouch Weight Weenie I am, I'd have kept the Friction Shfters & endless obsessed over 1x or 2x. Cudos for a Sweet recycle!

  • Chao Dong
    Chao Dong Dzień temu

    that normal job for me finger, stick is much a upgrade

  • Israel Magalit
    Israel Magalit Dzień temu


  • Cryxzel
    Cryxzel Dzień temu

    everytime i pedal it makes like a crunching but only when i am riding it not if spin the pedals when i am not on it what do i do? i cant go to a mechanic

  • Mista chriS
    Mista chriS Dzień temu


  • jaydavee
    jaydavee Dzień temu

    I carry around 4 priceless chain rehookers that are hopefully permanently part of my hands.

  • Stitch I'Lalu
    Stitch I'Lalu Dzień temu

    hahaha brilliant dad joke! i didnt know a rehook even existed, what a silly idea, most chain drops happen off-road where there are likely to be plenty of sticks. i use whatever, but usually just my shoe.

  • Cryxzel
    Cryxzel Dzień temu

    what is the tool called

    • Cryxzel
      Cryxzel Dzień temu

      @RJ The Bike Guy thanks so much

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy Dzień temu

      @Cryxzel search for Suntour fork tool.

    • Cryxzel
      Cryxzel Dzień temu

      its the tool at 0:49

    • Cryxzel
      Cryxzel Dzień temu

      @RJ The Bike Guy the one you used to take those things off the top of the fork

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy Dzień temu

      Which tool? I used a bunch of tools!

  • R Fox
    R Fox Dzień temu

    i just bring a small tissue paper with me in case the chain get off. and If things gets really ugly then I have a pair of latex gloves. But good to know a stick also works :)

  • Mr Bop
    Mr Bop Dzień temu

    Best video on youtube... simple and direct to the point thanks...

  • Retro Dude, Old man on his bikes

    Where can I buy a stick like that?

  • Franck Gautier
    Franck Gautier Dzień temu


  • future shock
    future shock Dzień temu

    A tire lever works in a pinch, I can’t be riding around with greasy hands!

  • Bllack
    Bllack Dzień temu

    i dont have a puller thingy lol fp

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy Dzień temu

      Buy the tool. plclip.com/video/9n1z2kwmL8o/wideo.html

  • Lauri Pullinen
    Lauri Pullinen Dzień temu

    I wear gloves, they are nice when maintaining bike.

  • Dale Zapple
    Dale Zapple Dzień temu

    I use my diy tool called a hand. It's multi purpose

  • RelakSHUN
    RelakSHUN Dzień temu

    My home made tool is the front derailleur. Several years ago my chaing dropped, bent, etc, I had to walk 5km to go home. Then, I have set the derailleur properly, not a single chain drop since that. The idea is nice BTW, if the chain decides to drop anyway.

  • albanesebrandon1477
    albanesebrandon1477 Dzień temu

    Hi RJ my name is Brandon. I'm trying to fit a 26x3.0 3 speed nexus rim on a Micargi Mustang stretch cruiser and looking for advise to stretch the frame to fit the 26.x3.0 wheels with 2.25 stretch tires just a bit more.I tried using a car jack but it broke n stretched it out enough for the wheels to fit but have barely any space.BrandonAlbanese Facebook SyndicateBC🖤💛

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy Dzień temu

      No, you can't stretch the frame to fit wider tires.

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh Dzień temu

    I wanted to buy a RJ patened stick. When will you release this?

  • Karm Asutor
    Karm Asutor Dzień temu

    Question: is there also an e-bike version of this tool?

  • Alanko ulkoilee
    Alanko ulkoilee Dzień temu

    Very nice! video Thank you! Been working on couple of little bit older bikes with coaster brakes and both have similar problem that when I stop pedaling it doesn't always go smoothly to the coaster mode, it sort of "yanks" the pedals a bit. Been wondering what causes that. After watching this video I suspect the clutch spring might have something to do with it, not releasing the clutch straight away. Have to check that again. The cut away hub really showed well how it works!

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy Dzień temu

      Might just need to take it apart, clean, and be relube it.

  • Alexej Svirid
    Alexej Svirid Dzień temu


  • Viljamin Somemakuuhuone

    Your tools do not work with IGH/SS. Maybe someone is patententing piece of paper for that. :)

  • Wayne Martens
    Wayne Martens Dzień temu

    Are the cables/housings different sizes for shifters vs brakes?

  • Anthony Gotschall
    Anthony Gotschall Dzień temu

    Just grab the chain and put it back on with your hands

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy Dzień temu

      And grease on your bikes and clothes.

    • Alexej Svirid
      Alexej Svirid Dzień temu

      And you'll got a dirty hands. Hygiene on a ride is very important! :D

  • Nate Northway
    Nate Northway Dzień temu

    I prefer the free version that i always have on me: my finger!

  • auto mike
    auto mike Dzień temu

    best tool ever

    JOSIAH HAYDEN Dzień temu

    My bike keeps going in too 6 gear

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy Dzień temu

      Did you go through everything in the video? If so, then take it to a mechanic. I can't diagnose it without working on the bike.

  • John Wick
    John Wick Dzień temu

    People who make that will hate you . I just got me a stick 😂😂👍👍

  • Snaker Stran
    Snaker Stran Dzień temu

    I just use the ol lady's underwear. But man is she chaffed by the end of the ride.

  • jimihendrix731
    jimihendrix731 Dzień temu

    I suggest trying a product called CRC Freeze Off, sold at most automotive parts and supply stores. It is an aerosol that drops the temperature of a given part coupled with penetrating oil. The idea is the rapid contraction causes the corrosion to fraction and the penetrating oil to get into areas it wouldn't be able to otherwise. I recently purchased a very rare vintage steel bike with an extremely frozen stem and damaging the fork in any way was not an option as finding a replacement would be next to impossible. The stem was a 3ttt record in very good shape and I preferred to try to save it. I read about success from other with the CRC Freeze off and within 30 seconds of spraying the around base of the stem where it went into the fork steerer, it broke loose. This product is a game changer. I've had several worst case frozen stems and seatposts I had to cut out and based on how well it worked with this particular bike, I'm confident it will work in most cases.

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy Dzień temu

      I have tried Chill Zone which is similar. I have tried dry ice. I have tried alternating heat/cold. These have made no difference. They have never worked for me.

  • c
    c Dzień temu

    RJ the Troll Guy. I thought you were genuinely reviewing that thing at first.

  • Herbybandit
    Herbybandit Dzień temu

    I’ve got one that goes everywhere with me and I don’t even have to look for it! It’s called finger! 😂 I’m not afraid to get dirty hands ✋🏿🤚🏿

  • That 70's Schwinn Vintage Bike Channel

    Interesting🤔 never considered using a tool, I react instinctively by using finger 😏🚲🏡

  • Whazzat
    Whazzat Dzień temu

    What if you can't find a stick?

    • Whazzat
      Whazzat Dzień temu

      @RJ The Bike Guy LOL

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy Dzień temu

      Then use a tire lever, or an allen wrench, or a pen/pencil, etc..

  • Mark Jiles
    Mark Jiles Dzień temu


  • XDM50
    XDM50 Dzień temu


  • T Mayberry
    T Mayberry Dzień temu

    RJ epic lol

  • Brian Merryman
    Brian Merryman Dzień temu

    STICK!!!!!!!! Free

  • Drews Enthused
    Drews Enthused Dzień temu

    Hahaha love it!

  • matrixdean
    matrixdean Dzień temu

    Too funny. Sometimes we all need a reality check. We don’t need as much as we think we do. I guess that’s why we ride bicycles 😊

  • jimihendrix731
    jimihendrix731 Dzień temu

    The two prong Regina freewheels are the devil. I have the correct tool and have only once had one come off without the notches deforming and breaking out of a dozen or so attempts on various bikes.

    • RJ The Bike Guy
      RJ The Bike Guy Dzień temu

      I agree they suck! Only had problems with one or two of them though.

  • steve gray
    steve gray Dzień temu

    When I like to live dangerously, I use my little finger on my LEFT HAND 🖐😂👍