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  • bernard hutter
    bernard hutter 7 dni temu

    When I installed my Lund Visor on my 79 F250 I Positioned the visor on the roof with tape , double checked and triple checked the alignment . I also took several measurements to make sure I had it centered . Once satisfied with the positioning I marked the holes and drilled only the top outside holes with a small drill bit . I then used small sheet metal screws in the two upper outside holes . Once those were secured I drilled the remaining holes with a small drill bit. I installed the remaining Sheetmetal screws and again checked for proper alignment . Satisfied that everything was going to line up , I removed the small sheet metal screws. I decided that sheet metal screws were not a good idea for this application . Having aircraft sheet metal experience I decided to install 1/4 20 stainless steel riv nuts . I redrilled the holes to the exact od of the riv nut. I coated the ss rivnuts with a seam sealer while pushing them into the hole and installed them using a homemade bolt and nut /washer combination .( My riv nut tool was a cheap Harbor Freight one and it could not pull the SS riv nuts) . This installation method is guaranteed not to rust or wear out the holes due to air flow vibration . Another thing I did to prep the visor was to sand the inside smooth as possible to reduce air flow disturbance at highway speeds. I also painted the inside of the visor matte black to reduce glare . Good luck with your installation project .

  • Bruce Junker
    Bruce Junker 29 dni temu

    Just wondering do you get any wind buffeting when going down highway at 75 - 80 mph? Especially when meeting semi's on 2 lane highways?

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1 29 dni temu

      Bruce Junker not at all buddy. It’s solid as a rock.

  • Michael Roberts
    Michael Roberts Miesiąc temu

    I have no power to any of the wires

  • Bloody assassin
    Bloody assassin 2 miesięcy temu

    Thanks so much works my first time doing it

  • D W
    D W 2 miesięcy temu

    A cupholder...that's a new one. Nice!

  • Chris VanOsdol
    Chris VanOsdol 2 miesięcy temu

    Excellent series of videos on this subject! I'm getting ready to do this to my 88 and it will make things weigh less painless. Thanks a lot!

  • Austin E
    Austin E 3 miesięcy temu

    So I wanna put one on my charokee and I saw one with offroad lights built into it if anyone has seen one that sounds like I just described get me a link please

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 miesięcy temu

    Pain in the ass

  • Anthony
    Anthony 4 miesięcy temu

    This guy is functionally RETARDED with the camera. This video is of very little help since he can learn to use a camera properly

    • Anthony
      Anthony 4 miesięcy temu

      firesupression1 not a troll and who i subscribe to has no meaning or bearing on how someone can’t use a camera properly. My comment addresses that. Your response is SJW, Liberal, Progressive, Democrat attack miles away from the point.

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1 4 miesięcy temu

      Anthony lmfao, this is coming from someone that is subscribed to pewdiepie. 😂👌🏻 have a great day troll.

  • Toby Baker
    Toby Baker 4 miesięcy temu

    That looks loke crap dude😨

  • Oscar Moran
    Oscar Moran 4 miesięcy temu


  • Megan Flood
    Megan Flood 5 miesięcy temu

    anyone else read the texts?

  • Alan Lowberg
    Alan Lowberg 5 miesięcy temu

    is this a 4 stroke or 2 stroke engine. I just got one in a deal and want to know whether to mix the gas or not.

    • Cecil Price
      Cecil Price 4 miesięcy temu

      Alan Lowberg 2 stroke 50:1 fuel mixture.

  • William Todd
    William Todd 6 miesięcy temu

    A bad window regulator can cause this too, and has nothing to do with the motor itself....most failures seem to be the stupid plastic gears on the 91 ford tempo has this problem on the driver's side and the window regulator itself is just plain worn out, motor is brand new. Only issue with mine was the motor was riveted in rather than being bolted in...obviously whoever designs these things has never had to work on anything they've designed.

  • Walter Steffens
    Walter Steffens 6 miesięcy temu

    Those visor still look sweet!! Even in 2019 lol 😂 great video!!

  • Billy Castaneda
    Billy Castaneda 6 miesięcy temu

    Do you need to leave the vehicle running or can I just have the vehicle turned off, pull the fuse and put it back in? I just ran into this issue just today

  • Brenner Borec
    Brenner Borec 6 miesięcy temu

    Help!!! Gotta do this job on my bronco in the next few days! What is weird is when I turn the right single it will also act like it’s shoring our cause the lights will flicker, does anyone know what this could be? Maybe some wire is touching something inside?

  • Brenner Borec
    Brenner Borec 6 miesięcy temu

    Help!!! Gotta do this job on my bronco in the next few days! What is weird is when I turn the right single it will also act like it’s shoring our cause the lights will flicker, does anyone know what this could be? Maybe some wire is touching something inside?

      QBERT ATX 5 miesięcy temu

      It's more than likely a faulty ignition switch. I had the same problem. It will short all your blinkers, lights ect. It's not the ignition switch where the key goes in but rather the ignition switch / ignition module on top of the steering column. you will want to Mark where the old one actually lines up on the steering column before removing. Then I believe it's two bolts and the wiring molex. Think a pushrod goes in it too. Careful not to break the little string that moves your gear indicator when you lower the column . Just go to and look up ignition switch or ignition module replacement. I hope this helps.

  • Brenner Borec
    Brenner Borec 6 miesięcy temu

    Help!!! Gotta do this job on my bronco in the next few days! What is weird is when I turn the right single it will also act like it’s shoring our cause the lights will flicker, does anyone know what this could be? Maybe some wire is touching something inside?

  • Thomas Kincaid
    Thomas Kincaid 7 miesięcy temu

    I have a 82 and luckily the wire harness fit through? But my switch had a tiny light bulb connected and I can’t figure out where it needs to be!!!!

  • Zor Kingston
    Zor Kingston 8 miesięcy temu

    hey man, before you made the repairs on this video - was the window regulator making any type of noises or was it all quiet on the western front? cuz my trucks window just went down and never back up . . . and it isn't clicking or making any type of attempt to go b ack up. lmk yeah much appreciated

  • Alger Russell
    Alger Russell 8 miesięcy temu

    Does this work when you have a black screen and the radio or your own music won’t turn on

    • wordlife97
      wordlife97 8 miesięcy temu

      Did you fix it?

    • wordlife97
      wordlife97 8 miesięcy temu

      Please let me know if you found a fix

    • wordlife97
      wordlife97 8 miesięcy temu

      Alger Russell yo I have this problem, any fix?

  • Ray Josephs
    Ray Josephs 8 miesięcy temu

    Oh, and a defective Turn Signal Switch will stop your Brake Lights from working...on top of another broken 'cam' my brake lights stopped working, and it's not the brake-light-switch.

  • Ray Josephs
    Ray Josephs 8 miesięcy temu

    After owning my 1988 F250 since new...I'm doing this the third time. The aftermarket turn signial Cams SUCK...but good luck finding a Junk Yard that still has old trucks in their yard.

  • Southpaw Guitars
    Southpaw Guitars 9 miesięcy temu

    Where did you buy it? can you send a link.

  • philip ohara
    philip ohara 9 miesięcy temu

    Awesome video. I have a 90 bronco with exact problem.

  • bubus109
    bubus109 9 miesięcy temu

    Thank you!!! Great video, only thing that was hard was physically pulling out the fuse !

  • douglas nowak
    douglas nowak 10 miesięcy temu

    dude thank you man, this helped totally for my passenger window. you got a video for the rear window (I've got an 89 XLT 351 too). I think my back window is having an electrical issue. doesn't seem to be getting any power to the motor. not sure if you've had this problem too. thanks again man

    • douglas nowak
      douglas nowak 7 miesięcy temu

      yes that did work. the rubber on the ends of the stricker knobs wore off and it wasn't closing the latches on the tailgate to close the circuit. thanks again! great advice!!

    • Zor Kingston
      Zor Kingston 7 miesięcy temu

      @douglas nowak let me know if that helped/worked

    • douglas nowak
      douglas nowak 8 miesięcy temu

      @Zor Kingston will do and thanks!

    • Zor Kingston
      Zor Kingston 8 miesięcy temu

      if the back window isn't shut right - and on this truck it can get a little picky - make sure that your shutting the back lift door correctly and that it clicks so it can make proper contact and thus go back up. if that doesn't work - then it's something else - good luck!

  • Kay Whitley
    Kay Whitley 10 miesięcy temu

    Thanks, Bro!

  • Javier Orozco
    Javier Orozco 10 miesięcy temu

    I will be replacing the harness at the end of the week. Thanks to your video, I'm sure I will get the job done. Thank You Young Man.

  • Tino Diaz
    Tino Diaz 11 miesięcy temu

    My motor stopped working and window is down

  • Tino Diaz
    Tino Diaz 11 miesięcy temu

    What happens if with dow is down?

  • Mauricio Alegría García
    Mauricio Alegría García 11 miesięcy temu

    You saved my ass bro! 🤟🏻

  • Rick Christensen
    Rick Christensen 11 miesięcy temu

    Thank you for sharing this. I'm doing a 91 XLT Lariat, and you just saved me a lot of time

  • Leo Santoyo
    Leo Santoyo 11 miesięcy temu

    Brooooo Thank you. I swear the dealer didn’t even know how to fix the problems. You saved me so much time.

  • CavemanDan54
    CavemanDan54 Rok temu

    Thanks for the 2fer1, my indicators wonked out as well lol

  • Michael Doster
    Michael Doster Rok temu

    Thanks for tip about 3rd taillight, Larry. There were no gaskets in there!

  • Michael Doster
    Michael Doster Rok temu

    The fireman/paramed made a short order of that back window! Nice shop, bud!!! Clean too, unusual for mechanicheads. Lol. I am not a mechanic, nor do I play one on tv! Although, superjock here had no problem, less the mud he was working with was more like concrete than mud, apparently killing his gun. It happens. Anyway, good job! Great tongue.... By the way. Lol

  • dublin innis
    dublin innis Rok temu

    great idea using west marine fastners, when I do this I hope I would thought of it, Thanks

  • Tim List
    Tim List Rok temu

    your video is funny. I would seriously recommend you fix that wiring harness. It is a fire waiting to happen.

    • Dale Emery
      Dale Emery 4 miesięcy temu

      Yep. My truck 2001 has that same crusty white wire (luckily it's a ground wire) at 4:45. Insulation is cracking off and exposing the copper. Use good quality electrical tape and make it a black wire which, to me, it shoulda been anyway.

  • Chad Mangum
    Chad Mangum Rok temu

    I have a 2010 expedition. It has all the relays and fuses installed for tow battery charging. I can't find where, if anywhere, they routed the power wire to the trailer harness area though... Any thoughts?

  • Radny Bolt
    Radny Bolt Rok temu

    Just watched all three vids of urs on this I have a 91 f150 my issue is I have no turn signals left or right but I have hazards. I’m gonna be changing this switch hopefully that fixes it I’ve traced all my wiring and done see any breaks anywhere.

  • seatown&down 206

    do you think i can take out the rivets to access the window regulator instead of cutting the door or will i be disconnecting more that just the regulator bracket??

    • William Todd
      William Todd 6 miesięcy temu

      Drill the rivets out install the new motor and use screws or bolts. Not sure why he labeled this video as window regulator fix, he does absolutely nothing with the regulator, all the does is pull the motor and "fix" the motor.

  • serious Dopamine

    Anyone know if dupli-color bed liner spray will get down into the nooks and crannies? Or does it spray on to thick to reach those hard to get spots?

  • jarrod b
    jarrod b Rok temu

    great video! ty rudedog is my favorite too ...

  • Junior Aulava
    Junior Aulava Rok temu

    thank you for the walk through. I have an 87 and doing the same thing and also the alignment of that park,drive etc....too. great job!

  • Danny Semore
    Danny Semore Rok temu

    It too is a 03 sub z71

  • Danny Semore
    Danny Semore Rok temu

    My owners manual says that stud 2. Is accessory power/trailer wireing brake feed ....stud 1auxillary power( single battery and diesels only)/dual battery(tp2)do not install fuse

  • Bruce Couling
    Bruce Couling Rok temu

    Wow, I was so frustrated with my 2017 model with Sync 3, and my wife found this video. Totally fixed the problem in just a few mins. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Schteve Ven
    Schteve Ven Rok temu

    Anything with a cup holder is worth building. Like this design. I'm waiting for my part to show up for my build.

  • Victor Burgess II

    Thanks alot. Didnt take a whole lot of time and it worked.

  • gundamfan1087
    gundamfan1087 Rok temu

    Quick and easy fix! Thank you!

  • plainlogic
    plainlogic Rok temu

    I'm going to turn down 1/2 cold roll( free at work) into pucks. I'ma see how well it works.

  • Kevin Gailey
    Kevin Gailey Rok temu

    Thanks man! Excellent tutorial, saved me lots of hours!

  • brian waters
    brian waters Rok temu

    Same problem here thanks for the info

  • Rockstar121292
    Rockstar121292 Rok temu

    Straight and to the point. Thanks for this video! I’ll be pulling that fuse in the morning.

  • C. M.
    C. M. Rok temu

    Which relay for back up or reverse lights? Does your middle pin for reverse light work since the spot next to the one you placed in is empty and mine is too but my reverse pin is not working.

  • Michael Rosas
    Michael Rosas Rok temu

    Awesome video bro! This is the 2nd time since owning my 2016 Shadow Black Mustang I’ve had to do it. 1st time when I did a vehicle health report and 2nd most recently when I did an update for my iPhone 8+. Thank you for the help, much appreciated!

  • Dmonieluv
    Dmonieluv Rok temu

    Do you think this product will work on the bottom of my aluminum jon boat?

    • Dmonieluv
      Dmonieluv Rok temu

      K, thanks

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1 Rok temu

      Dmonieluv I don’t know how well it would perform with the constant pressure of being underwater while underway. My fear would be that it would slowly peel away. I would call dupli-color directly.

    • Dmonieluv
      Dmonieluv Rok temu

      @firesupression: I was actually referring to underneath, on the bottom; seems like with the added kelvar it would protect it from dings from rocks and whatever. It's a 50 yr. old boat. Nice job BTW!

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1 Rok temu

      Dmonieluv if you mean the inside of the boat like the deck, then I would say yes if you prep the floor real well. I would scuff the floor as much as you can for a better bite of the material to your floor. Good luck!

  • Mario Bueno
    Mario Bueno Rok temu

    How do you unlock window if its down?

  • Brian Vader
    Brian Vader Rok temu

    Will I need a brake controller that's installed inside of the cab .

    • Brian Vader
      Brian Vader Rok temu

      firesupression1 My trailer is a inline 21' aluminum snowmobile trailer . It has electric brakes on it but don't think it's wired for it . The 7 pin plug on the trailer has only 5 wires going to it . I pulled it empty behind my 03 1500 GMC extended cab truck , and it pulled fine but with 3 sleds that's 1500-1800 more lbs.

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1 Rok temu

      Brian Vader you only need a brake controller if you have a trailer equipped with electric brakes. If your trailer harness has more than four pins it is likely to have electric brakes.

  • 305 gSxR1
    305 gSxR1 Rok temu

    Hey I know this video is old but do u still have that XJ? I wanted to ask u some questions about it. Thanks

  • PhilJ85
    PhilJ85 Rok temu

    Do you have to take the back window out to take off the plastic trim?

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1 Rok temu

      PhilJ85 yes you have to unbolt the glass from the truck, once that happens the plastic trim is left behind.

  • Doug Crockett
    Doug Crockett Rok temu


  • Wes Frazier
    Wes Frazier Rok temu

    Great video! I have a 89 150 that I think I can do now. Thanks for sharing

  • Jeremo Brown
    Jeremo Brown Rok temu

    i had my local glass company do this for my truck for $65 so far no trouble but only been 3 weeks

    • AFTECH 72
      AFTECH 72 Rok temu

      Jeremo Brown what glass company is this?

  • Basilio Aguirre
    Basilio Aguirre Rok temu

    Wondering how its holding up? Still dry? Thanks for posting the video series

    • Basilio Aguirre
      Basilio Aguirre Rok temu

      I hate to hear that man and I'm glad everyone was ok. Thanks for the response

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1 Rok temu

      Basilio Aguirre funny you should ask. Truck was sold to my nephew recently and he was t-boned. Everybody is fine but the truck was totaled. Until then the truck was holding up great! Hope this helps.

  • matt lebrun
    matt lebrun Rok temu

    Thanks for the video. nice

  • OBServe Garage
    OBServe Garage 2 lat temu

    MAJOR SUGGESTION!!!!! Drill a very small diameter hole in your A&B pillars and roof from outside the vehicle. Then, drill out those small diameter holes to the proper diameter FROM INSIDE OF THE TRUCK. By drilling the holes upwards from the inside, you will leave a volcano shaped dimple in the exterior metal that is much, much, much less prone to leaking because of the properties of liquid adhesion and how it's affected by gravity. The way you guys drilled from the outside, you have left a conical shape that the screw holes that will be more prone to leaking. Good sealant is always recommended any way you choose to drill the mounting holes. Just a suggestion on a simple design change for a better result as it relates to weatherproofing.

    • M Plante
      M Plante 5 miesięcy temu

      I have one on my 90 and I am removing it. previous owner installed it. will weld up the holes, don't care for it and the holes you drill will eventuallly leak. I have rust starting on my drivers A pillar. So off it comes.

  • linux lover
    linux lover 2 lat temu

    Thanks for posting this! I am glad you did not have a puller because I needed to know how to do this without! Great tips about lining up the notches and great tips over all! Thanks for the help!

  • medicms2001
    medicms2001 2 lat temu

    So much better than trying to brush or roll.

  • Lsxfan
    Lsxfan 2 lat temu

    Good vid.. gonna do my truck bed

  • Evgen Patotskiy
    Evgen Patotskiy 2 lat temu

    I made it, learned on inplix website. great solutions I think.

  • Sonny Cannon
    Sonny Cannon 2 lat temu

    Those Johnson/Evinrude 9.9/15's are the best motors in their class! Built like "two-ton-tilly", and lasts forever!!!

  • RebelRanger01
    RebelRanger01 2 lat temu

    I love those things they look badass

    • J T
      J T Rok temu

      maybe for a geezer

  • Dennis Kaskovich
    Dennis Kaskovich 2 lat temu

    Thank you so much for this. I am just going to replace the motor on a 92 Bronco. One question was: I dropped two of the screws like you said to expect, but I don't understand how to get them out the bottom. Through the drain holes? Thank you!

    • Dennis Kaskovich
      Dennis Kaskovich 2 lat temu

      Thanks all for that. Installed it perfectly!

    • Mike Belskis
      Mike Belskis 2 lat temu

      Extendable magnet. Like a pointer with the magnet at the end. Works perfectly.

    • firesupression1
      firesupression1 2 lat temu

      Dennis Kaskovich grab a long screw driver and move them back with the screwdriver. By moving them away from the hinge side of the door your able to stick you hand in the big door opening and reach down to grab the screws like i did. Hope this helps!

  • Zach Johnson
    Zach Johnson 2 lat temu

    This troubleshoot definitely does fix the pesky Bluetooth problem.! Thanks for posting this :) Also, one other thing I'll add when I went thru this, successfully.. was to NOT disconnect car battery, or have the dash/console or the engine turned on either... Just leave alone, pop out this fuse (need strong plyers)... then pop back in, and it'll do the reset

  • NFL starz88
    NFL starz88 2 lat temu


  • george schaefer
    george schaefer 2 lat temu

    that helped me a lot thanks

  • Justin Luman
    Justin Luman 2 lat temu

    if you use a 1/4-20 nut, there is no play between the gears.

  • J Matson
    J Matson 2 lat temu

    Thank you!

  • Swift Gearheart
    Swift Gearheart 2 lat temu

    I literally had the same exact problem you were talking about and showed on my 1990 XLT Lariat. Followed your video and now I am cruising with the windows down again. Genius move with the bearings! I would've never thought of that. XD

  • Rob G
    Rob G 2 lat temu

    cupholder. you win. the best.

  • Another Godless Atheist

    do you have a link to where you bought it?

    • Chance Newell
      Chance Newell 2 lat temu

      Godless Heathen Lund moon visor summit racing

  • Fireman Dk
    Fireman Dk 2 lat temu

    Thanks for the video...not looking forward to doing this .... looks like a major PITA, but I may tackle it .... I remember taking the windshield out of my 74 Vega at the Fire station, cleaning it all up , ready to use the Urethane, and catching the corner of the windshield with my knee...CRACK...!@#$%^&*!!!!! .... I had a custom windshield made for my Model T Speedster, used urethane to put it in with, great stuff but so damn messy... I think I would go with the 5/16" butyl tape, just because of the mess....

  • annette eckert
    annette eckert 2 lat temu

    Thank you!! Such a quick and easy fix. 👍🏿

  • Kyle Goetzelmann
    Kyle Goetzelmann 2 lat temu

    Thanks for this write up. Definitely made things easier when I made this fix over the weekend.

  • vetterfellow
    vetterfellow 2 lat temu

    FS1 3 years later, did you ever put in the front screws on your moon visor?. I own the 91 silver edition with visor already installed, when they did the wiring, they hooked it up to the dimmer switch, I don't know why either. ok Just wondering.

  • robert valdes
    robert valdes 2 lat temu

    now i know how repair my rear window

  • robert valdes
    robert valdes 2 lat temu

    thanks, that happend whit my truck

  • chris durfee
    chris durfee 2 lat temu

    Dude! Thanks for the video. Just followed your video and repaired my driver side on my 89 Bronco.

  • Grant Shimer
    Grant Shimer 2 lat temu

    Good video, thank you. FYI, those are not "Self tapping screws." No need to use different size screws for different thickness of metal. Still a helpful video.

  • Kevin White
    Kevin White 2 lat temu

    can you help me figure out a good setup to run a 700 watt keurig k130 coffee machine? thanks 150 seconds per cup and like to have enough juice for about 10 cups. Im thinking a 1000 watt inverter but no idea on the battery type or size. i wont be charging it at all while camping and only when I get home.

  • Gabe Wall
    Gabe Wall 2 lat temu

    Where did you get that steering wheel cover? Very helpful videos by the way, thanks!

  • Random Robert Renditions

    Great series of videos! Thanks for the help, gonna tackle this job this weekend!!!

  • timothy thomas
    timothy thomas 2 lat temu

    I wish I could see a plan for one of these or see one 360 under over around . So as to get an idea of how it is made and out of that . I could think of other ways of making one .

  • Brody's Buckin' Broncos

    The plastic trim clips that hold the panels in place are way too brittle for my taste. The door panels in my '90 Eddie Bauer rattle because all those clips are broken. But I guess they're cheap so no harm done. Great video btw, helpful and insightful for all us full-size yokums haha

  • carl brown
    carl brown 2 lat temu

    does anyone know if this works for the rear window as well

    • ClassAct
      ClassAct Rok temu

      Did you ever get an answer to your question? I would like to know also. Thanks.

  • Arthur S
    Arthur S 2 lat temu

    Thanks for making this! -- Planning to tackle this job over the holidays - tired of that awful smell after a hard rain.

  • ed shearn
    ed shearn 2 lat temu

    dude, i appreciate your video, I've watched a few different guys ,i completely understand your break down. I'm a carpenter not a mechanic, a poor carpenter a best need it fixed, but what the garage wanted, damn near could have done a bathroom redo. thanks alot.