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My Sweden Vlog! | PBA Lucky Larsen
wyświetleń 19K5 dni temu
Kyle Won His First PBA Title!!
wyświetleń 47KMiesiąc temu
PBA League | Some CRAZY Semi-Finals Action!
wyświetleń 19K2 miesięcy temu
Pba League Warm Up!
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PBA League Day 1 | Let the Games Begin!
wyświetleń 13K2 miesięcy temu
wyświetleń 12K2 miesięcy temu
A Bowling Lesson With Mike Jasnau
wyświetleń 15K2 miesięcy temu
Storm AstroPhysix - This thing hooks!
wyświetleń 36K3 miesięcy temu
How Much $$$ Pro Bowlers Win/Lose
wyświetleń 55K3 miesięcy temu
wyświetleń 17K3 miesięcy temu
Best Bowling Practice Tip
wyświetleń 26K3 miesięcy temu
I'm nothing special, but BOWLING is!
wyświetleń 13K4 miesięcy temu
wyświetleń 22K4 miesięcy temu
Midnight Bowlers Society
wyświetleń 6K4 miesięcy temu
bowling in Japan.
wyświetleń 17K4 miesięcy temu
Bowling Crowd Goes CRAZY! | PBA PLAYOFFS
wyświetleń 29K5 miesięcy temu
wyświetleń 27K5 miesięcy temu
wyświetleń 31K5 miesięcy temu
wyświetleń 25K5 miesięcy temu
wyświetleń 32K5 miesięcy temu
Brad & Kyle Podcast #9 - Mike Flanagan
wyświetleń 9K6 miesięcy temu
USA vs The World | Thank You Detroit!
wyświetleń 45K6 miesięcy temu
Dog vs Hydrant | PBA Chameleon Championship
wyświetleń 21K6 miesięcy temu
Cheetah Practice Livestream
wyświetleń 11K6 miesięcy temu
SO CLOSE! | PBA WSOB World Championship
wyświetleń 37K6 miesięcy temu
Halo Pearl Ball Review
wyświetleń 18K6 miesięcy temu
What A Legend! | PBA Indianapolis Open
wyświetleń 45K6 miesięcy temu
Brad & Kyle Podcast #8 - Kris Prather
wyświetleń 9K6 miesięcy temu
Brad & Kyle Podcast #7 - Josh Blanchard
wyświetleń 7K7 miesięcy temu
Plans Have Changed..| PBA TOC Vlog
wyświetleń 16K7 miesięcy temu
CRUX PRIME - What is it Exactly?
wyświetleń 48K7 miesięcy temu
Loving the Tour Life! | PBA Lubbock Vlog
wyświetleń 24K7 miesięcy temu
Bowling - The Timing of a Power Player
wyświetleń 14K8 miesięcy temu
Balance Arm Explained!
wyświetleń 11K8 miesięcy temu
Columbia 300 Chaos Ball Review and More!
wyświetleń 21K8 miesięcy temu
wyświetleń 153K9 miesięcy temu
Spare Shooting Explained!
wyświetleń 36K9 miesięcy temu
PBA Tulsa Open Day 4
wyświetleń 9K11 miesięcy temu
PBA Tulsa Open Day 3
wyświetleń 10K11 miesięcy temu
PBA Tulsa Open Day 2
wyświetleń 12K11 miesięcy temu
PBA Tulsa Open Day 1
wyświetleń 14K11 miesięcy temu
wyświetleń 4,2K11 miesięcy temu


  • Matt Wzientek
    Matt Wzientek Godzinę temu

    Nice tip thanks guys

  • C J
    C J 19 godzin temu

    Anyone know what the music is?

  • Walter J. C
    Walter J. C 21 godzinę temu

    I’m a new sub. Can someone please explain to me what a house shot is ?

  • Bones Hunter
    Bones Hunter Dzień temu

    Am I the only one who noticed they forgot to talk about polish bowling balls

  • chatnboy
    chatnboy Dzień temu

    Where Kyle at?

  • Kenny Diaz
    Kenny Diaz Dzień temu

    What’s your opinion on; no thumb bowling?

  • Iron Trunk
    Iron Trunk Dzień temu

    The squad system.. Sounds like it’s a fix for the two squad system that is prevalent in the PBA

  • Paul Witucki
    Paul Witucki Dzień temu

    Great tip on push away.

  • Michael Mozisek
    Michael Mozisek Dzień temu

    How about some pro tips on how to properly use the dots and arrows for the approach and aiming.

  • CleSwag24
    CleSwag24 Dzień temu

    I heard somebody say Kansas for what city Kansas City is in 😂 Hahahaha

  • Russell Gilbert
    Russell Gilbert Dzień temu

    More Stewie, please.

  • Allan Anderson
    Allan Anderson Dzień temu


  • Ethan  K
    Ethan K Dzień temu

    What is the best way to get a hold of you directly?

  • A-Train Travels
    A-Train Travels Dzień temu


  • SMRN
    SMRN Dzień temu

    I was hoping I could get a bowling alley at my house.😊😌😉🙂

  • JR Munroe
    JR Munroe 2 dni temu

    your mom seems very cool

  • Charles Magnuson
    Charles Magnuson 2 dni temu

    Your intro music is still wildly too loud compared to your narration. You need to drop the intro music by at least 5 dB, possibly 10. Your intro is ear rape right now.

  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards 2 dni temu


  • Gabriel Cain-Martinez

    1:30 best quote ever from Brad

  • Overwatch Mercy
    Overwatch Mercy 2 dni temu


  • Ken Burgio
    Ken Burgio 2 dni temu

    Another STUUU Williams sighting!!!

  • Kaden Morris
    Kaden Morris 2 dni temu

    Quick question. Do you know if wrist supports are allowed to be used in league?

  • Samuel word
    Samuel word 3 dni temu

    I need a video on the release. I can loft the bowling ball with control but struggling. with laying the ball down. I think it's a timing issue

  • Nick Merryman
    Nick Merryman 3 dni temu

    I bowled in that bowling ally

  • Russell Gilbert
    Russell Gilbert 3 dni temu

    Nice to see Martin Larsen is doing well.

  • Russell Gilbert
    Russell Gilbert 3 dni temu

    Dat's a lotta MATH, y'all!

  • Kolton Dickens
    Kolton Dickens 3 dni temu

    Hey Brad can you do a ball review of the idol pro?

  • Victor Bogen
    Victor Bogen 3 dni temu

    Even If he bowl not so good it still came back and give him strikes! 😂👏👌

  • MichaelAnthony
    MichaelAnthony 3 dni temu

    Well this sucked....4:06 seconds of nothing 😄

  • Good Vibes
    Good Vibes 3 dni temu

    Such great editing as usual!

  • TrendSettaRico
    TrendSettaRico 3 dni temu


  • Douglas Harris
    Douglas Harris 3 dni temu

    Ishallen would be our ice rink

  • TBMplaygames
    TBMplaygames 3 dni temu

    Is anybody else as confused as I am as to how they got that flex between those pillars

    THE LIT BEBOUTS 3 dni temu

    Are those wooden lanes or no?

  • Mick Kane
    Mick Kane 3 dni temu

    Hi I got a problem where my release foot doesn’t slide can you suggest anything that I may have missed I’ve currently reworked my work foot to 4step and still not sliding I’m asking you as I don’t want to wreck my knee again I’m a lefty by the way Not many ppl have videos on left hand it’s all for right handers

  • Adrian Jo
    Adrian Jo 3 dni temu

    All those numbers! My head is spinning!!! hehe

  • udimz
    udimz 3 dni temu

    Hello, I regularly watch PBA and in light of your recommendation I purchased a Black Widow Urethane ball It's an amazing ball with a much more aggressive entry into Phuket Strange I never saw any PBA player playing with it ?????

  • robert lapress
    robert lapress 3 dni temu

    Great vlog. What place did you finish. Can't wait till next vlog.

  • kyogre groudon
    kyogre groudon 3 dni temu

    dammit i need a plastic ball cuz im 2 handed bowling no space for another :(

  • Victor Bogen
    Victor Bogen 3 dni temu

    Any tips on how to read a house shot oil pattern that very oily! Cuse when I play at the very far right by the garter! And when I throw my ball at the right arrow my ball cant fine the pocket and hook on by! And ball is very oily! always cleaning it

  • Victor Bogen
    Victor Bogen 3 dni temu

    @4:50-4:58 my ball does that too when I throw it on the third arrow it tends to hook a lil more then fine the pocket and strike! Especially when the lane is very oily! Very difficult to hook or fine the light spot

  • Fireball
    Fireball 3 dni temu

    Good song choice Brad!

  • Sean Poskitt
    Sean Poskitt 3 dni temu

    Hi Sean poskitt I biggest fan of bowling

  • Butch Tyrone
    Butch Tyrone 3 dni temu

    Good advice, not something I normally think about. But being a two handed bowler I need to push that ball out more and some nights I’ll find I’m having trouble getting that ball through the middle, this is one subtle change I’ll try to gut my ball out for more angle. Another tool in the arsenal to keep me striking 😁👍

  • Matthew Riley
    Matthew Riley 3 dni temu

    check out timmy mack back on the lanes!!! he seems like such a big hearted nice person, thats awesome. thanks for the vlog brad always cool to see how you approach it solo

  • Jason Riha
    Jason Riha 4 dni temu

    My grip pressure is more in the front too and never liked it on the back either.

  • Viet Nguyen
    Viet Nguyen 4 dni temu

    Tell packy he is setting a bad example for all of his sub-students back in wichita!

  • Corvidae65
    Corvidae65 4 dni temu

    Wow! That was fun! Thanks for letting us tag along😁

  • George M
    George M 4 dni temu

    Those fans are doing it wrong not watching the vlogs and knowing the other half of the channel.

  • Connor C
    Connor C 4 dni temu

    Why didn’t Kyle go

  • LSG Logic
    LSG Logic 4 dni temu

    Kris can pass for a Swedish guy

  • BBDragon66
    BBDragon66 4 dni temu

    Awesome VLOG and glad you enjoyed the time you had there!!!!! Looked great!!!

  • Timothy Cook
    Timothy Cook 4 dni temu

    I got to say Kyle, that is a really nice shirt. Great color and texture text her. Where'd you get that?

  • Adrian Bradley
    Adrian Bradley 4 dni temu

    This vlog was awesome, Brad. Great editing. Man Chris Via is sooo due for a title....

  • Peanut Butter Jelly

    How did you guys take all your bowling equipment on a flight? I’m going overseas and want to take my equipment; I’m worried airport security is going to freak out.

    • Nick de los Reyes
      Nick de los Reyes 3 dni temu

      Place it in checked bags- use the 3-ball roller and at 15# it comes in at just under 50. Backpack and a carryon for your stuff and you're set!

  • Linus Johansson
    Linus Johansson 4 dni temu

    2:25 am i in blue hoodie, I am very sorry that I wasn’t there and watched the final, my dream is to get a signed storm ball of you brad. Brad is the #GOAT🐐if you are here next year I really have to get one. Great video and it was nice to see myself in the Vlog❤️🎳👏🏻I have been watching you gays for so long, wish you all luck in the future Brad and Kyle(; I am probably your biggest fan in at least Sweden

  • Brandon Caruso
    Brandon Caruso 4 dni temu

    "I live in Kansas City Missouri" 1 minute later. "If you can name what state Kansas City is in, you win"

    • Jacob Mattison
      Jacob Mattison 4 dni temu

      I was thinking different. There is two different Kansas Cities 😂 KCMO AND KCK

  • Kasper Kjellberg
    Kasper Kjellberg 4 dni temu

    Nice video Brad! I remember asking you if you were gonna make a vlog for lucky larsen and you said you wanted to make it your best video ever and it really was! Was really nice to meet and talk to you :)

  • D Lll
    D Lll 4 dni temu

    Awesome tip...been bowling 40+ years and I never heard this...I have a tough time sometime "yanking" the ball. Ill give this a shot when I play deep.

  • Robert Gustafsson
    Robert Gustafsson 4 dni temu

    Hope you told Kyle that he missed a great tournament....

  • Brent Jones
    Brent Jones 4 dni temu

    This is why it is the Brad! And Kyle vlog haha. This vlog was great loved to see the city and all the tourism spots. Sad that Kyle didn’t go but glad you made the vlog Brad! Keep the videos up!

  • Luma PM
    Luma PM 4 dni temu

    You are getting better at editing these videos, love these videos.

  • Fabian Carlsson, Ängskolan F-6, 6A

    2:52 THere i am

  • Jackie Bowling
    Jackie Bowling 4 dni temu

    It was cool to meet u and see u play in Sweden Brad

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  • GSiC Darth
    GSiC Darth 4 dni temu

    3:07 you finally got Fran in 1 of your vids.

  • Darrin Lindsey
    Darrin Lindsey 4 dni temu

    Brad, did you speak with any bowlers that seemed truly interested in coming to the states, to compete in a few tournaments?

  • roddip
    roddip 4 dni temu

    My hometown! Would have been really nice to meet you if I hadn´t had surgery that week, Thanks for your nice words about Sweden.

    • Jackie Bowling
      Jackie Bowling 3 dni temu

      I love HBG and I hope Backe can have the tournamanet again. Either HBG or Malmö.

  • Eric Neff
    Eric Neff 4 dni temu

    What a fun event!

  • Ashley Lewis
    Ashley Lewis 4 dni temu

    That looked like a great trip!!

  • The Poor Conservative

    Brad, you needed some female companionship to work out that excess energy and get some quality sleep

    DASO MILITIA 4 dni temu

    Watching the Van slowly compress at 00:36 was cool 😂👌

    Phil NG ZHENG YANG 4 dni temu

    Notification squad ftw!

  • Andrew Deaner
    Andrew Deaner 4 dni temu

    Keep up the class content guys! Hope to see you in Northern Ireland sometime!

  • Kent Chong
    Kent Chong 4 dni temu


  • ฤดี
    ฤดี 4 dni temu


  • David Pena
    David Pena 4 dni temu

    It’s much better if you also show the ball motion.

  • Matthew Priestley
    Matthew Priestley 4 dni temu

    I’ve been crossing over with my first step, right over left. Basically closing my hips down. O wonder I have been struggling to project the ball right. This could be the key, thanks chaps

    BLACK MASK 4 dni temu

    Hi Nice videos guys keep doing it👍👍

  • Shamsul Akmal
    Shamsul Akmal 4 dni temu

    Thanks guys, I am having trouble with keeping my foot straight.

  • fernando albarran
    fernando albarran 4 dni temu

    Was that a fart in 2:29 ??

  • Chuck Graf
    Chuck Graf 4 dni temu

    I have recently returned to bowling after taking ten years off from the game. Before I stopped bowling, I carried a 210 average. After coming back to the game (all brand new equipment), my average is about 167. Last night at league (Yellow Brick Road pattern) I shot games of 175, 163, and then 247. Everything seemed to click on the third game. I was feeling like I just didn't have the mojo anymore, and was resigned to being a sub 200 average bowler. That last game has restored my confidence in my abilities. From here on out, I feel I will be much more confident. Great tips here! Glad I subscribed to your channel and I look forward to more tips and advice.

  • VienerBowling !!!
    VienerBowling !!! 5 dni temu

    I have this giant problem with my slide foot, so basically when I slide ( I am a righty) I have a habit of pointing my foot to the left then toward the right, my coach wants me to keep my slide foot when I slide facing towards my breaking point.

  • Jeff Lobbezoo
    Jeff Lobbezoo 5 dni temu

    From the comment earlier we are bowling on sport shot

  • Jeff Lobbezoo
    Jeff Lobbezoo 5 dni temu

    Definitely appreciate your guy's advice but like some of the comments I would love to see the down lane movement of the difference in shots. I'm a lefty but just had some1 in my league suggest moving my right heel a bit to the right to help open up my projection from my release

  • Jeremy Parrish
    Jeremy Parrish 5 dni temu

    Can you please do a video on how to read transition & how to adjust on transition. Also how to know what move to make on lanes transitioning.

  • E Gibs
    E Gibs 5 dni temu

    Mentally when I'm playing straight I emulate norm Duke. When I play from the left my style is close to Dom Barrett

  • Ben TheStriker
    Ben TheStriker 5 dni temu

    Wish this video came out on Friday lol struggled all weekend at my tournament, but this video will def help with future events.

  • Blues coins
    Blues coins 5 dni temu

    Thank you, something to work on or pay attention to

  • Gavin Lannutti
    Gavin Lannutti 5 dni temu

    I have both of these bowling balls and like them a lot. What other balls should I get to have a six-ball arsenal?

  • Adrian Mccabe
    Adrian Mccabe 5 dni temu

    Brad and Kyle, I started bowling a year ago and enjoy watching your videos as I progress through the learning process. I would love it if you could do a video with the position of a hand as you let the ball go. I am having trouble with finding the proper hand position. Thanks for all the good tips and keep up the great videos!!

  • Jack Olson
    Jack Olson 5 dni temu

    I found a Storm Hy road for $50 used, only 20 games bowled on it, is it a good deal?

    • Eric Jaeger
      Eric Jaeger 4 dni temu

      Yes! That’s is one of, if not the best balls on the market. The hyroads win championships, even Belmo used a hyroad pearl to win his 12th major for the most majors in the history of the sport. And with only 20 games on the ball, for $50? Take it.

  • Travis s
    Travis s 5 dni temu

    Thanks this helps because I struggle to keep my angles where I want them. I will try to adjust. 👍

  • Charles Neuhauser
    Charles Neuhauser 5 dni temu

    Can’t see the shots down lane in this video. Sounds like good information though.

    • Pit
      Pit 4 dni temu

      Check out 0:57 of the video

  • To The Stars
    To The Stars 5 dni temu

    How'd you figure out who's names first, Brad & Kyle or Kyle & Brad? paper, rock, scissors? most whiskey shots? shortest hair :/?

  • Leif Skjegstad
    Leif Skjegstad 5 dni temu

    Keep in mind that you, got to have a long third step to have time to get the ball at the top of the backswing . ( Timing point 2).

  • Greyson Peterson
    Greyson Peterson 5 dni temu

    Does anyone else think it's just a green screen after the approach? It always looks like they are just cgi'd onto the screen at the beginning

  • Elizabeth MacMillan

    What happen to your icon?

  • Jaden Denyes
    Jaden Denyes 5 dni temu

    Learned a lot from your videos, thanks for all the help! This past Saturday I tied my high game of 279. I started with two spares and filled the rest of the frames with strikes, thank you for your help it has improved my consistency immensely! I’m a two handed bowler and am 15 years old.