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Is it Wrong to Fly? - Glad You Asked S1
wyświetleń 1,8MMiesiąc temu
How to fix our unreliable power grid
wyświetleń 288K24 dni temu
2019, in 6 minutes
wyświetleń 2,4MMiesiąc temu
Who pays the lowest taxes in the US?
wyświetleń 1,2MMiesiąc temu
How the fisheye lens took over music
wyświetleń 640KMiesiąc temu
What makes Delhi's air so deadly
wyświetleń 2,9MMiesiąc temu
Why German spies blew up this US island
wyświetleń 545KMiesiąc temu
What facial recognition steals from us
wyświetleń 902KMiesiąc temu
Hollywood almost lost to this city
wyświetleń 416KMiesiąc temu
How an opera gets made
wyświetleń 339KMiesiąc temu
The trick that made animation realistic
wyświetleń 1,5MMiesiąc temu
This goofy bird vs. the fossil fuel industry
wyświetleń 554K2 miesięcy temu
Why you always seem to have room for dessert
wyświetleń 922K2 miesięcy temu
How America fails its whistleblowers
wyświetleń 683K2 miesięcy temu
How stop motion animation began
wyświetleń 240K2 miesięcy temu
Brazil's indigenous land is being invaded
wyświetleń 417K2 miesięcy temu
The war for the Amazon's most valuable trees
wyświetleń 662K2 miesięcy temu
The destruction of the Amazon, explained
wyświetleń 1,3M2 miesięcy temu
Why movies went from 15 minutes to 2 hours
wyświetleń 552K2 miesięcy temu
Where the 1960s "psychedelic" look came from
wyświetleń 911K2 miesięcy temu
America's wilderness is for sale
wyświetleń 1,3M2 miesięcy temu
The first movie with CGI
wyświetleń 608K2 miesięcy temu
China's fight with the NBA, explained
wyświetleń 1,4M2 miesięcy temu
The mistake that toppled the Berlin Wall
wyświetleń 899K2 miesięcy temu
How Florida legally terrorized gay students
wyświetleń 728K2 miesięcy temu
Why Turkey is invading Syria
wyświetleń 1,5M2 miesięcy temu
Is the gray wolf actually endangered?
wyświetleń 422K3 miesięcy temu
The man who rigged America's election maps
wyświetleń 740K3 miesięcy temu
How American CEOs got so rich
wyświetleń 1,1M3 miesięcy temu
Vox Borders is back - with a twist!
wyświetleń 305K3 miesięcy temu
Are you supposed to tip an Uber driver?
wyświetleń 500K3 miesięcy temu
Why Do We Cry? - Glad You Asked S1
wyświetleń 4 miesięcy temu
Will We Survive Mars? - Glad You Asked S1
wyświetleń 14M4 miesięcy temu
The phone call that could get Trump impeached
wyświetleń 949K3 miesięcy temu
Why this chair is on so many album covers
wyświetleń 879K3 miesięcy temu
No, Vitamin C won't cure your cold
wyświetleń 865K3 miesięcy temu
Why this creepy melody is in so many movies
wyświetleń 1,9M4 miesięcy temu
The gun solution we're not talking about
wyświetleń 1,4M4 miesięcy temu
The chart that predicts recessions
wyświetleń 1M5 miesięcy temu
The mysterious rays shooting at us from space
wyświetleń 550K5 miesięcy temu
The naked lady that changed the rules of art
wyświetleń 987K5 miesięcy temu
Why the US drinking age is 21
wyświetleń 2,9M5 miesięcy temu
What the US gets wrong about minimum wage
wyświetleń 996K5 miesięcy temu
We measured pop music’s falsetto obsession
wyświetleń 1,5M5 miesięcy temu
Why so many suburbs look the same
wyświetleń 1,3M5 miesięcy temu
How Davy Crockett became an American legend
wyświetleń 447K5 miesięcy temu
All student debt in the US, visualized
wyświetleń 896K5 miesięcy temu
Where Manhattan’s grid plan came from
wyświetleń 974K5 miesięcy temu
How scientists colorize photos of space
wyświetleń 1M6 miesięcy temu
Why the US has so many tornadoes
wyświetleń 880K6 miesięcy temu
Why the Tour de France is so brutal
wyświetleń 2,4M6 miesięcy temu
How Trump took over America's courts
wyświetleń 576K6 miesięcy temu
Vox Almanac is going on a road trip
wyświetleń 92K6 miesięcy temu
India's trucks are works of art
wyświetleń 811K6 miesięcy temu
The ingredients of a classic house track
wyświetleń 1M6 miesięcy temu
How India runs the world's biggest election
wyświetleń 1,2M6 miesięcy temu
Why Iraq's great rivers are dying
wyświetleń 1,2M6 miesięcy temu
The problem with sex testing in sports
wyświetleń 1,5M7 miesięcy temu
These photos ended child labor in the US
wyświetleń 1,7M7 miesięcy temu
The right way to kill a fish
wyświetleń 4,3M7 miesięcy temu
Hong Kong’s huge protests, explained
wyświetleń 8M7 miesięcy temu
Vox Borders: India is coming next week!
wyświetleń 272K7 miesięcy temu


  • Don Barzini
    Don Barzini 3 godzin temu

    Park > village

  • bonka_iitsavibe
    bonka_iitsavibe 3 godzin temu

    I think that racism most definitely played a part in this atrocity... there’s no way a viable dentist 🦷 can defend something like this...

  • S Shrestha
    S Shrestha 3 godzin temu


  • P.S. Thomas
    P.S. Thomas 3 godzin temu

    ...Also, technology is the biggest, if not the entire cause of loneliness.

  • Kallol Das
    Kallol Das 3 godzin temu

    Thanks guys for making this video, it made me understand what i am exactly feeling.

  • Mega chevalier
    Mega chevalier 3 godzin temu

    Hello Why are we lonely:"Because They is shy Towards the other and They arrived this contact one is the other This is to that No?"

  • Momento Mori
    Momento Mori 3 godzin temu

    Saudi Arabia is the infested heart of all muslim countries.

  • The Engineers Dream!!
    The Engineers Dream!! 3 godzin temu

    today both country situation good. I request to my indian brother and srilankan brother don't cross border.. it's dangerous for your life. .. Stay happy stay together ❤️.. ~ sangakkara fan from India 🙏🙏🙏

  • Will Andersen
    Will Andersen 3 godzin temu

    Some person in China just worked a 16 hour day and slept on the floor of the factory assembling an iPhone so you could watch this Vox video about your feelings. 👍

  • Natali Larsen
    Natali Larsen 3 godzin temu

    Wow this ban will age like milk, I promise

  • Gopnik PePe
    Gopnik PePe 3 godzin temu

    My internet comes from voyager 1,what s the distance,cyka blyat answer or poszhlstaya idi nahui

  • Sol Cutta
    Sol Cutta 3 godzin temu

    According to professional researchers and channels like this, we are in the middle of masses of epidemics. Dissatisfaction is at a all time high.. Fuelled by social media n all those other people's wonderful lives they report on. Ho Ho

  • P.S. Thomas
    P.S. Thomas 3 godzin temu

    Watched all of 17mins., till you did the race card - come on...! And, better to have little company; than "any," bad company.

  • Julia Aciole
    Julia Aciole 3 godzin temu

    Sério, acho esses vídeos muito interessantes 😁

  • Kristina Lopez
    Kristina Lopez 3 godzin temu

    It’s so sad...that’s exactly what Cuba didn’t want back in the 40s, I believe....the US was trying to get them to be a part of them like PR is now, but Cuba wanted to be its own country without allegiance to another host country with no say in the matter. I hate it for PR and I hate it for Cuba...why my Caribbean people gotta be treated like this?!

  • Freya Football Man United!

    Well oh well i do 😅

  • Brando Vegan
    Brando Vegan 3 godzin temu


  • Alexander Guillen Hernandez


  • Akira Kurusu
    Akira Kurusu 3 godzin temu

    Fear mongering

  • Nicola Li
    Nicola Li 3 godzin temu

    Yo those storm troopers in the arctic were all wearing the standard NATO arctic field fatigues.

  • Nyamuoch Pandang
    Nyamuoch Pandang 3 godzin temu

    This channel is better than the news

  • Brando Vegan
    Brando Vegan 3 godzin temu

    🌼 ✌😎 🌼

  • Aivis Pukitis
    Aivis Pukitis 3 godzin temu


  • Aivis Pukitis
    Aivis Pukitis 3 godzin temu

    Ukrainians kills ukrainians-madhouse!))))))

  • santa cruze
    santa cruze 3 godzin temu

    I love how vox makes everything about race... its so great to learn how racist people were and remind people that its race that matters most... Lets all keep living in the past and always feel bad about our skin color. Whether its white guilt or black victimhood. Just keep feeling bad and never move on in life. Thanks vox...

  • Viler Yaso
    Viler Yaso 3 godzin temu

    The earth needs a rightful and truthful president

  • Momento Mori
    Momento Mori 3 godzin temu

    I guess it's time for the two nations to erase the border that one man drew

  • thatgirl
    thatgirl 3 godzin temu

    why does anti zionism now equate to anti semitism?

  • uncc 49
    uncc 49 3 godzin temu

    Funny, coming from vox, which clearly and overtly have a love affair with the left

  • JS Central
    JS Central 3 godzin temu

    Sorry if you don't believe, but ghosts are real.

  • Watergirl Blue
    Watergirl Blue 3 godzin temu

    This, thank you. Nobody needs to feel pressured to be like anything they don't want to be. Be someone you love with your own style that makes YOU happy, not someone else. If you like to wear make up then do, if you don't, don't. Everyone will be jelous of your confidence 😁😁😜

  • patrick booten
    patrick booten 3 godzin temu

    I love it to be on my own , that doesnt mean i am lonely . I rather be with my dog , then wasting my time by what people excpect from me . And i from them . Doesnt mean i dont like human .

  • Malikon
    Malikon 3 godzin temu

    when you say "it's the musical equivalent of barbed-wire" you make me want to buy the record

  • jebaczajeteloginy
    jebaczajeteloginy 3 godzin temu

    isn't a golf ball a little bit too big???

  • Pedro Ramos
    Pedro Ramos 3 godzin temu

    We feel and are lonely because we’ve had generations upon generations where “love yourself” and “you deserve it” is all we’ve learned. We need to give in, say sorry, take the first step if we want to be sociably adapted. Nobody owes you anything and people want to be around those who bring joy and positivity to them, so keeping that in mind, be less selfish and entitled if you want to have people by your side.

  • Jaxmin Cabrera
    Jaxmin Cabrera 4 godzin temu

    ame el momento 10:36 jajasj

  • TheRonnos
    TheRonnos 4 godzin temu

    Climat Change = a Hoax.

  • Mxhsin
    Mxhsin 4 godzin temu

    Awesome documentary, I learnt the How here. I‘m aiming to understand the Why through my religion, Islam. I believe faith & gratitude to the highest power Al Mighty Allah is the foundation of a happy life. Now that’s my humble belief so please be respectful people. ✌️

  • Dionne Lewis
    Dionne Lewis 4 godzin temu

    Wait!!!! WTH IS HER NAME???😖 How is that name said?😬

  • Adna Medjic
    Adna Medjic 4 godzin temu

    Sis, I cry every night

  • pher 45
    pher 45 4 godzin temu

    As a airline mechanic I need to point out that this would not have happened with a USA based carrier. The hours of flight time for both crews that crashed where way lower than US pilots. I agree that there was a flaw in how the planes system reacted. But there are 2 factors in place that would have prevented this by US carriers. A. US pilots can not be on auto pilot at that altitude. B. US pilot training and time in the cockpit would allowed the pilot to know enough to switch off the auto and know how to adjust. remember Sully . 90+ of the time an air accident occurs it is pilot error (reaction) that is the week link. look at the majority of accidents - foreign countries , minimal pilot training and ongoing maintenance issues. I would fly today any of these planes if they where US Based, with US Pilots and US mechanics.

  • Idk A good username
    Idk A good username 4 godzin temu

    Why is this in my recommendations when Kobe and 8 other people just died in a helicopter

  • Guilherme Ferreira
    Guilherme Ferreira 4 godzin temu

    100 years ago. Who really cares?

  • Yorka Seona
    Yorka Seona 4 godzin temu

    Guys calm down it's just Phil Swift testing.

  • Guilherme Ferreira
    Guilherme Ferreira 4 godzin temu

    If you're making a short documentary, get someone CAPABLE of narrating.

  • Luis Rivas
    Luis Rivas 4 godzin temu

    I know people visualize a strong, smart person as President of the United States but, if you look back in history, that's hardly ever been the case. When you think about it, it's been a lot of old, insecure men. Most of them, not that smart. I would easily vote for a smart woman.

  • Skywalker hmmm
    Skywalker hmmm 4 godzin temu

    “Get em out” wasn’t a racial shout 😂

  • Drazen Babich
    Drazen Babich 4 godzin temu

    Vox: "...I rode in an airplane..."

  • Im m
    Im m 4 godzin temu

    This right here is qualitycontent

  • Wizz Da Burrito Boy
    Wizz Da Burrito Boy 4 godzin temu

    A while back I was holding my bird and he said "can you come closer?" Which is something I never taught him, I brought him closer to me and he started playing with my hair. Birds are freakishly smart

  • AXO - D'UcK.! *
    AXO - D'UcK.! * 4 godzin temu

    Dragon lore fortnite wow

  • Kirlidess
    Kirlidess 4 godzin temu

    I remember this I was so scared it was in finland too 😂😂

  • Mad Mike Productions
    Mad Mike Productions 4 godzin temu

    Death is us waking up from the matrix we call life

  • Dayziem
    Dayziem 4 godzin temu

    My generation will probably suffer most because of past generations

  • Lord Defekator
    Lord Defekator 4 godzin temu

    19:33 duh! Not a very useful advicer

  • Daniel
    Daniel 4 godzin temu

    These boomers trying to be cool is a meme.

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M 4 godzin temu

    how bout show interest in something other than oneself?

  • MundaneSandwitch
    MundaneSandwitch 4 godzin temu

    Nobody asked you, vox

  • Roger Laboy
    Roger Laboy 4 godzin temu

    No religion is peaceful. You have to look at the history of every major religion, and you will see that is not peaceful...

  • Sally Jackson
    Sally Jackson 4 godzin temu

    Wow that was so well made. Great job guys, super interesting.

  • The cool KILLER style 0


  • Judy Wanjiku Jørgensen

    This is why watching Handmaid Tale seems like I am seeing a true story unfold.

  • Nick Pierce
    Nick Pierce 4 godzin temu

    Being that I really do enjoy history and wander away from it, due to the depressing nature of it all. I'm glad that many of you commenting have been yet again enlightened on the subject of " this is america", so yeah, hundreds of affluent black American cities and townships have been completely decimated and destroyed, for no other reason than the wealth and ability for black to thrive above and beyond whites.

  • superb037
    superb037 4 godzin temu

    I know the tone you were trying to set with the music, but the conflicting tracks resonated in my ears and body as unpleasant

  • Awero
    Awero 4 godzin temu

    Not for coby

  • David Stone
    David Stone 4 godzin temu

    🌐 Shame on democrat Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Party sanctuary city nonsense, and here’s why. In the latest example of sanctuary madness, a U.S. city is awarding an illegal immigrant with a cash settlement because police detained him for federal authorities after being arrested for driving under the influence. The 29-year-old perpetrator, Edgar Torres Gutierrez, eventually pled guilty to a lesser charge of reckless driving and his pro bono attorneys from a nearby public university sued the city for violating his Constitutional rights as well as a statewide sanctuary law. Under the agreement, Gutierrez will receive $18,750 from taxpayers in the California coastal municipality where he lives illegally. Local police officers will also be forced to watch a training video involving sanctuary measures for the next two years. Time to end sanctuary cities nonsense in the USA 🇺🇸

  • Really2950
    Really2950 4 godzin temu

    They are not settlers. Are Americans called settlers? They are citizens- just plain citizens of Israel

  • gin & cherries
    gin & cherries 4 godzin temu

    Why is this in my suggested

  • Liza Saakadze
    Liza Saakadze 4 godzin temu

    3:01 does anyone know what’s going on?

  • Maximo Kolossa
    Maximo Kolossa 4 godzin temu


  • DiamondMiner
    DiamondMiner 4 godzin temu

    I am the 58th comment, on a video made by a PLclipr with like a couple mil subs.

  • juha t
    juha t 4 godzin temu

    Putin attack....offcourse! That little weak man

  • Nessi
    Nessi 4 godzin temu

    I am from germany...same problem

  • Paul McMullan
    Paul McMullan 4 godzin temu

    Oh no; not another Trey the Explainer vid.

  • London Power
    London Power 4 godzin temu

    Colonialism, slavery and genocide of indians is what define the American nation

  • christopher martin
    christopher martin 4 godzin temu

    Why don’t Mexicans have “Chinese” DNA?

  • Macoladon C
    Macoladon C 4 godzin temu

    I actually hate human life. I don’t know what is wrong with me I just don’t have emotion... is that bad?

  • Lennon Doran
    Lennon Doran 4 godzin temu

    You know it's bad when this is on your recommended

  • Min Suga
    Min Suga 4 godzin temu

    I just wanted to say.. People who are making emoji thing.. You can delete 🐨🦘 these.. Our kids will not know what they are..

  • Kraio
    Kraio 5 godzin temu

    Buhnee sandahs

  • Charles Llanto
    Charles Llanto 5 godzin temu

    am I the only one who paused the video when mount mayon was placed in Mindanao?

  • Rakshit S Patel
    Rakshit S Patel 5 godzin temu

    China build highway through Pok its is part of India....That is not right..😑

  • santiago larrazabal
    santiago larrazabal 5 godzin temu

    4:15 old shroud is here

  • Jeffrey KRUPA
    Jeffrey KRUPA 5 godzin temu

    I never felt so alone and isolated as when I was married.

  • Mustafa can öner
    Mustafa can öner 5 godzin temu

    Dude we are helping syria we are not killing any syrians we are letting them into our country and giving them shelter food some of them are living better than the turks in their own country

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear 5 godzin temu

    Awesomeness 💞🙏great to learn of romeo clubs & such🌈🥰💞🙏👍👏

  • pastorpresent1
    pastorpresent1 5 godzin temu

    Wow. Well done.

  • G Svirit
    G Svirit 5 godzin temu


  • Hugo García Iglesias
    Hugo García Iglesias 5 godzin temu


  • Sweet Love
    Sweet Love 5 godzin temu

    *Now I know where coronavirus came from*

  • Itzz Shotgunzz
    Itzz Shotgunzz 5 godzin temu

    No wonder there are so much Syrians in my country Bahrain

  • Leila Adams
    Leila Adams 5 godzin temu

    So the white supremacists never changed. But they switched parties from Democrats to Republicans.

  • ed 3000
    ed 3000 5 godzin temu

    So if you don’t have a partner or BFF.. gotcha

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein 5 godzin temu

    Dear elon if don't take any person to Mars who is related to any religion . May their god take them to Mars.

  • Jason Richter
    Jason Richter 5 godzin temu

    Our entire world is ran by bankers. We need more variety.

  • Salyha Rana
    Salyha Rana 5 godzin temu

    Thats how nature works 😯

  • elizabeth balboa
    elizabeth balboa 5 godzin temu

    nunca me sentí más sola siendo la única de habla castellana.

  • graperry :P
    graperry :P 5 godzin temu

    Uhhh pretty sure we are not the only ones the cry from emotions. Animals have also been proven to cry from emotions, and that is usually the more developed ones so not like fish but I believe cows do cry.oh yes and elephants too I think

  • KrazyKris93
    KrazyKris93 5 godzin temu

    What will the 2020 crisis be?

  • maker a
    maker a 5 godzin temu

    Youre alone because you post post your vidéo in english and decided to give it a french title.