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Poutine | Basics with Babish
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  • Thomas Conners
    Thomas Conners 2 minut temu

    Favorite Boozy shake, chocolate ice cream, kraken rum, orange bitters, and a bit of maraschino cherry juice.

  • Alex Marx
    Alex Marx 11 minut temu

    Oh. My God? You did NOT just add ANGELS ENVY to a fucking MILKSHAKE

  • Sapere Aude
    Sapere Aude 17 minut temu

    *Not your mom, not your milk*

  • I miss the 90’s
    I miss the 90’s 20 minut temu

    I definitely remember watching that movie in the theatre

  • Jeff Miller
    Jeff Miller 20 minut temu

    You had me at clotted cream!

  • Baal God of rain, fertility, thunder

    I find it healthier to pan fry the chicken parmesan instead of deep frying

  • Hesh Mew
    Hesh Mew 25 minut temu

    This looks easy to make

  • Stamátis Sandas
    Stamátis Sandas 25 minut temu

    "I'm not trying to wake up Rashid" *Uses Blender*

  • cc661692
    cc661692 25 minut temu

    Great cook but hardcore liptard pls don't have kids

  • commenting commentee
    commenting commentee 25 minut temu

    I would suggest you try out "Cajeta". It is a caramel that is made with goat milk. You can purchase it almost anywhere. But if not you can usually find it in Mexican stores.

  • Trucker Nation
    Trucker Nation 27 minut temu

    Myself and Ron Swanson could totally eat that whole thing.

  • I miss the 90’s
    I miss the 90’s 27 minut temu

    I remember putting that stuff on my pizza as a kid

  • JohnnoG
    JohnnoG 33 minut temu

    Babish and Jess 😍😍😍

  • PowerOf One
    PowerOf One 34 minut temu

    I pretty much put gold leaf on all my food...

  • Starvin Marvin
    Starvin Marvin 34 minut temu

    Imagine if you became the general of making custard.

  • marko Ulichnie
    marko Ulichnie 35 minut temu

    Not the most expensive a milkshake around me is 12 dollars

  • Cassy Sida
    Cassy Sida 38 minut temu

    I think you mean from I Love You Colonel Sanders, what's this Stranger Things you speak of

  • Jasmine Huang
    Jasmine Huang 39 minut temu

    if your milk : ice cream ratio is 2 : 1 that means you have twice as much milk than ice cream

  • Nick Sloan
    Nick Sloan 41 minuta temu

    Yo Babish, why no pilot lights?

  • SilentStorm1172
    SilentStorm1172 47 minut temu

    We did it PLclip!

  • Bettie Turner
    Bettie Turner 51 minuta temu

    we have a place here called "Chicago Pizza" and they have an amazing deep dish pizza, and here isn't marinara on top of it. It's amazing. And they use all fresh ingredients.... mmm... think that's gonna be dinner tomorrow....

  • Nick Thompson
    Nick Thompson 57 minut temu

    The only thing I didn’t see added to the dirty rice were chicken innards. My family has always used the liver, heart, and gizzard from the inside of a chicken when making their dirty rice.

  • Tom Kearns
    Tom Kearns 58 minut temu

    Great episode gents. Great thing you’ve done, something someone will never forget

  • Mad Dag
    Mad Dag 59 minut temu

    Gaaaaaaaah my favorite cook got a cutie! You’re so cute with her! I wish y’all the best of luck!

  • twankyjoe
    twankyjoe 59 minut temu

    God I love Chicago Deep Dish

  • Davanthall
    Davanthall 59 minut temu

    Every time - every. time. - I order a burger from LITERALLY ANYWHERE, I always always _always_ ask for “no pickles and no onions”. Because I despise the taste of pickles and onions. I’ve never been to a White Castle, but it sounds like my literal culinary hell.

  • Salah Usufi
    Salah Usufi Godzinę temu

    Raw meat. Yay

  • j6355
    j6355 Godzinę temu

    Hi jess!

  • Diana Estabrook
    Diana Estabrook Godzinę temu

    Bold of you to assume my lactose intolerance ever stopped me.

  • JoeRose8
    JoeRose8 Godzinę temu

    Why you gotta rub your happiness in our face

  • J Casanova
    J Casanova Godzinę temu

    The secret ingredient ❤

  • Makayla Southall
    Makayla Southall Godzinę temu

    Hi there! I’d love to see a video of you recreating a dish called Firecracker Pork Fusilli. It was a staple in a San Francisco pasta place called Fuzio’s that unfortunately closed. While i have not had it from Fuzio’s, I have had a rendition from a place called Paesanos in downtown Sacramento, CA. I loved it so much that I’ve thought about it frequently over the past 3 or so years since I’ve had it. I’d love to recreate it at home, but I’m not entirely sure how to properly make this dish. I love your videos and I hope you can help me recreate one of my favorite dishes!

  • slauter 19
    slauter 19 Godzinę temu

    Omg the kangaroo lost his boxing match

  • Herm
    Herm Godzinę temu

    Why does the pig tail look like a penis

  • saintsinningsword
    saintsinningsword Godzinę temu

    I'm still thinking Jess is Babish's beard. No need to tell me Babi admitted to batting for both teams in some old podcast, I don't care. I'm just here for the food. Also I add coffee when making chocolate milkshakes, add stout beer for alcohol.

  • trapson
    trapson Godzinę temu

    glad to see you aren’t gay

  • Tobey bryson
    Tobey bryson Godzinę temu

    Australians paying 5 dollars for a chocolate milkshake at mc Donald's

  • KaiserXIII
    KaiserXIII Godzinę temu

    Hi Jess! Welcome to the community! We hope you like it here!

  • The Trickster Madison
    The Trickster Madison Godzinę temu

    I feel ya with the burnt marshmallow!!! It just tastes better tbh

  • Krishna Rajpara
    Krishna Rajpara Godzinę temu

    I need to stop watching your vids when I’m hungry 😬

  • Vally
    Vally Godzinę temu

    Why does it look like babish is cooking with his dad

  • Jackie Scam
    Jackie Scam Godzinę temu

    So basic! That’s why I like to make it myself

  • Nick O
    Nick O Godzinę temu

    If I were to get the cheese from a deli, how thick or thin should I ask for the provolone and Mozzarella?

  • Kristina Perry
    Kristina Perry Godzinę temu

    I love you for making this!!! Plus...for other reasons as well.

  • Dave Post
    Dave Post Godzinę temu

    Why is the first pancake different from the rest?!?!?! Also, what kind of flour? Cake, AP, or bread?

  • James E
    James E Godzinę temu

    Anybody else trying their hardest not to cry... I just watched all of the Being with Babish that he has right now and I am on the verge of tears at how amazing and wholesome he is and what he does for the people that support him

  • Profane Gaming
    Profane Gaming Godzinę temu


  • Commander Neyo
    Commander Neyo Godzinę temu

    Woooo Wisconsin!!!!

  • glueinmyveins
    glueinmyveins Godzinę temu

    aww babish got a gf

  • Planet D.A.R.P
    Planet D.A.R.P Godzinę temu

    is their any alternative to mustard? i unfortunately have an allergy to mustard seed

  • Tatyana Gordon
    Tatyana Gordon Godzinę temu

    Has anyone tried this?

  • mtrichie111
    mtrichie111 Godzinę temu

    Not enough tears for fears and journey..

  • Grave Gaming
    Grave Gaming Godzinę temu

    Lol, my McDonalds milkshake is more expensive than that

  • Tin Nguyen
    Tin Nguyen Godzinę temu

    Hey Jess! Please don't hurt our pa-pah

  • Ridculley
    Ridculley Godzinę temu

    Oho, no one will like the way we make carbonara in my house! Fry some pre packaged diced/cubed bacon, do the pasta in the microwave, and store bought 4 cheese sauce to the pan with the bacon, then add the drained pasta to the mix and serve 😂

  • PuffsOnPlants 24/7
    PuffsOnPlants 24/7 Godzinę temu

    5:42 so is captain crunch

  • Stephanie Thompson
    Stephanie Thompson Godzinę temu

    Milkshakes are at least $7 where I live. Milk is expensive.

  • Captain Cookbook
    Captain Cookbook Godzinę temu

    Did he say “saucepin” lol

  • matthew corliss
    matthew corliss Godzinę temu

    Yaay Jess!!

  • Rival Cobra
    Rival Cobra Godzinę temu

    Can I ask why the only subtitles option is Dutch auto generated???

  • Romanikko Ralph
    Romanikko Ralph Godzinę temu

    Can that milkshake bring all the boys in the yard?

  • Eddie McGill
    Eddie McGill Godzinę temu

    Andrew and Jess! More recipes together please.

  • Will Titmus
    Will Titmus Godzinę temu


  • Newt Sphere
    Newt Sphere 2 godzin temu

    I have never seen anyone put chocolate in mole. Was it good? Is it suppose to be sweet? My family usually makes it spicy

  • ausgo jack
    ausgo jack 2 godzin temu

    Try to make some food wars foods

  • TWB Gaming
    TWB Gaming 2 godzin temu

    Awwww what acute couple

  • RavenElite 62
    RavenElite 62 2 godzin temu


  • summer serrano
    summer serrano 2 godzin temu

    ive been looking for this recipe for the longest time <3

  • hehe XD
    hehe XD 2 godzin temu

    oh so she cute cute

  • Maybejune
    Maybejune 2 godzin temu

    Just texted my boyfriend at almost 2 am in all caps “BABISH HAS A GIRLFRIEND AND SHE’S BEAUTIFUL” Best part of my day hands down

  • Lisa Essel-Addo
    Lisa Essel-Addo 2 godzin temu

    Hey babish can you post the restaurants, the food you ate and the order you went to them in? I’d love to recreate this with my boyfriend while I’m in New Orleans!

  • sam waldorf
    sam waldorf 2 godzin temu

    "Now go home and getchya fuckin shine box!"

  • Anushka Nikhil
    Anushka Nikhil 2 godzin temu

    It's only poutine if it's from the Quebec region of Canada. Otherwise it's just sparkling fries

  • Thomas Hitchings
    Thomas Hitchings 2 godzin temu

    *new girlfriend* Me: but does she like kosher salt

  • Last Acceptation
    Last Acceptation 2 godzin temu

    please open a fucking restaurant

  • Sirius Eternity
    Sirius Eternity 2 godzin temu

    Jess must Lucky, cause she can get The Most Expensive Milkshake in the World for free 🙂 And I'm just, here your 20 Dollars 😐

  • Gavst3r
    Gavst3r 2 godzin temu

    I know what I’m doing with my next McDonalds shake

  • Turtle Yes
    Turtle Yes 2 godzin temu

    Your voice is very satisfying

  • -—
    -— 2 godzin temu

    Please do a pound cake! :)

  • Oz Lee
    Oz Lee 2 godzin temu

    Vanilla milkshakes at ice cream shops (and my house) also have vanilla syrup in them. Milk dilutes the vanilla flavor and lowers the sugar content.

  • Mitchell Burdett
    Mitchell Burdett 2 godzin temu

    Why am I crying over you and your girlfriend???

  • John Ross
    John Ross 2 godzin temu

    I just want to say that Smokey Bones Grill and Bar sells $10 milkshakes that are really good. Then again they also sell $10 cornbread that should be given to you for free since it's a BBQ restaurant, so...

  • Keith Newberry
    Keith Newberry 2 godzin temu

    10 scoops of vanilla in a blender , nothing else. That's how I make a milkshakes. That's why it's $5

  • Christopher Conley
    Christopher Conley 2 godzin temu

    Two of the most soothing, relaxing voices ever

  • Ole Jørgen Rønning
    Ole Jørgen Rønning 2 godzin temu

    I appreciate the time you spend trying to figure out such things about what's best.

  • jeromy 916217
    jeromy 916217 2 godzin temu

    If you've never had ethiopian coffee, you've never had REAL coffee ☕️☕️

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 2 godzin temu

    This is so random but I’d love to see you cook the soup from The Tale of Despereaux!!!

  • Chris O'Donovan
    Chris O'Donovan 2 godzin temu

    What's sad is $5 is like normal price for a shake now.

  • Madara L Uchiha
    Madara L Uchiha 2 godzin temu

    Girlfriend ? Holy hell I thought she was your daughter 😂

  • shandiana
    shandiana 2 godzin temu

    Gahh. So cute. <3

  • Michael Suarez
    Michael Suarez 2 godzin temu

    Now I want a shake.

  • Soul
    Soul 2 godzin temu

    Babish: "..So that it does not form a skeein." Me: "a WHAT"

  • Daytothenextday
    Daytothenextday 2 godzin temu

    Upload on my birthday

  • Trigger Lord
    Trigger Lord 2 godzin temu

    This whole video was just a weird flex

  • pinknovas
    pinknovas 2 godzin temu

    ofc the only time my mom makes this breakfast is when i have a meth hangover

  • ehcastro3
    ehcastro3 2 godzin temu

    This channel's going to be renamed Binging with Jess and Babish in the future...

  • chimi changa
    chimi changa 2 godzin temu

    U and ur gf are adorable 🥺🥺🥺

  • Bubbas Ernie
    Bubbas Ernie 2 godzin temu

    Thumbs up for the labor alone.

  • Manny Salazar
    Manny Salazar 2 godzin temu

    Been waiting for this, fack

  • Charles Faile
    Charles Faile 2 godzin temu

    I definitely like this episode, mainly because I remember wanting to try the noodle soup from Kung Fu Panda when I was younger.