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Teen Suspect Pushed Off Roof by Cop
wyświetleń 114KDzień temu
Protesting Broccoli Gets Busted
wyświetleń 100K2 dni temu
K-Pop Star Sulli Dies at 25
wyświetleń 400K3 dni temu
Woman Goes on 30 Dates in 3 Days
wyświetleń 142K4 dni temu
Tips for Kids to Stay Flu-Free
wyświetleń 109K5 dni temu
Dog Shoots Woman
wyświetleń 346K8 dni temu
What Is Yom Kippur?
wyświetleń 37K9 dni temu
Mom Gets Botox to Look More Friendly
wyświetleń 118K9 dni temu
Will Michelle Obama Run for President?
wyświetleń 166K10 dni temu
Man Laughs Uncontrollably Like Joker
wyświetleń 918K10 dni temu
Who Killed 8 Women in Louisiana Bayou?
wyświetleń 307K11 dni temu


  • Leah Hembree
    Leah Hembree 2 sekund temu

    If you can adopt and change so many kids lives, why not? So incredible❤

  • Citavalo
    Citavalo 9 sekund temu

    What the heck is going on?

  • Hadley Malverick
    Hadley Malverick 21 sekundę temu

    0:58 the bus driver kinda looks like a female version of guava juice 😂

  • Majikalnight
    Majikalnight 38 sekund temu

    2:30 Golden

  • Bitches B
    Bitches B 45 sekund temu

    She was with an adult who was supposed to watch her. Rip 👶.

    YOURか TRASH 3 minut temu

    My brother freaked out when he saw blibbi without his costume.

  • Bri I
    Bri I 3 minut temu

    I am praying for her.

  • ScootMagoot46
    ScootMagoot46 3 minut temu

    14 days

  • Rey Gomez
    Rey Gomez 4 minut temu

    I had to watch this 3 × that guy should be a stunt man and that crazy looking la llorona wannabe should try in another planet.

  • Josey Wales
    Josey Wales 5 minut temu

    Sue his estate use a court appointed lab to determine paternity and ask for back child support payments and full legal standing of his estate

  • Melissa Borror
    Melissa Borror 6 minut temu

    To ALL the people who put a thumbs down 👎🏼 on a video that had a complete stranger potentially save 2-lives simultaneously...SHAME ON YOU! 🖕🏼You need your asses whooped then lectured for about 4-hours until you understand that being inhumane is against every moral law.🖕🏼

  • PowerForce HD/PowerRBLX

    When she picks up the dice. She looks so cute Watch here! 1:58

    RED ROSE 7 minut temu

    I hope karma hits those pigs bad. If they quit, They can work for another police department

  • Jake
    Jake 7 minut temu

    Irresponsible owner who doesn’t know that the breed requires LIMITED exercise and not to that degree.

  • Andrew lilac
    Andrew lilac 7 minut temu

    I'm from the Netherlands, I was 1 week vet close to this area. This shocked me to death!

  • Destiny Gonzalez
    Destiny Gonzalez 8 minut temu

    Wow this girl has 21 kids may the ones that didn't make it rest in peace

  • Gustavo Jose
    Gustavo Jose 8 minut temu

    What did the mom do?

  • Meshahraimanuel Yisrael

    .... she didn’t have to yell at him like that.

  • Diet Bleach
    Diet Bleach 9 minut temu

    Idk why she was so worried. She had a room to herself on a bus. There was luggage so you know someone's gonna be looking for that.

  • taylor jackson
    taylor jackson 9 minut temu

    Or dont let retardeds carv pumpkins

  • FaZe Kaleb
    FaZe Kaleb 9 minut temu


  • JahariRacesAlot - Jahari_M_Doe

    0:23 Suv: This Will Be Great For My Vocation! No Yelling, Shooting, Power Outages. This'll Be Great! 0:27 Nope! I'm Going Back Home!

  • Clare Aubrey
    Clare Aubrey 10 minut temu

    Their dog is so cute

  • Super Solace
    Super Solace 10 minut temu

    I heard that there was possibly a doctor that did medical testing stating that she was at least 22. I really want to know what happens with this story. Orphan isn’t too late

  • LordGoku bot
    LordGoku bot 10 minut temu

    Isn't this our everyday life? How come this kid gets to be so famous

  • Luke Yaple
    Luke Yaple 11 minut temu

    Be an attractive white female

  • Robert Johnston
    Robert Johnston 11 minut temu

    This guy sounds as though he TAKES IT IN THE RECTUM; who the HELL wants him HANDLING their FOOD ? ? ?

  • DaminionC
    DaminionC 11 minut temu

    She now serves 20 years behind bars

  • vince Mccarthy
    vince Mccarthy 11 minut temu

    that Taliban Beard is more interesting than his words

  • Brinette Valorie
    Brinette Valorie 11 minut temu

    I'm not sure why, but this gives me a weird vibe in some sort like she's stuck in another alternate timeline that's on repeat just to redo that fateful day, June 11.

  • Wired Tomb
    Wired Tomb 11 minut temu

    The one thing that Lisa couldn’t confront fully.

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 12 minut temu

    You know some guy got hooked on a fetish and had to cum all over her larger leg...

  • AzUka ChiToMoRi Nokakashi

    Highschooler these days.... tsk tsk tsk

  • Bobbito Chicon
    Bobbito Chicon 13 minut temu

    RIP May she rest in peace.

  • S Richardson
    S Richardson 13 minut temu

    They both should lose their jobs

  • I Z
    I Z 13 minut temu

    It's pyrocynical

    YOURか TRASH 14 minut temu

    K-nets act like they care now

  • T W
    T W 14 minut temu

    The police has no right to push him

  • Nyankana
    Nyankana 15 minut temu

    Imagine if she gets DUI in that thing..

  • Battista Verardi
    Battista Verardi 15 minut temu

    Haha what a stupid ass chick! You know what she is? An ALIEN!!!

  • Kissy, Kissy!
    Kissy, Kissy! 16 minut temu

    How desperate do you have to be for material when you have to lower yourself to a woman with an inordinate amount of Cheeto's.

  • vince Mccarthy
    vince Mccarthy 16 minut temu

    After this, police departments all over the country will train their cops to not go sneaking around the Property on wellness checks. Really that shouldn't be trained, it should be common sense.

  • J
    J 16 minut temu

    What a pussy.

    PREPFORIT 16 minut temu


  • Carlos Curry
    Carlos Curry 17 minut temu


  • iGotta Bag
    iGotta Bag 18 minut temu

    Korea has flamin dog and cats but no cheetos

  • EllisVlogs 6
    EllisVlogs 6 18 minut temu

    0:41 Voice crack

  • Flying Dog
    Flying Dog 18 minut temu

    Ted Jorgenson is like "And i think to myself... what a terrible worlddddd"

  • Ixchel Gil
    Ixchel Gil 19 minut temu

    That does not look like a human. You saw them feet?!

  • MondoBeno
    MondoBeno 19 minut temu

    I have a few questions about this "little girl" living alone in the apartment: 1. How was she able to go to get herself to the store, buy food, carry it home, and cook it? How did she know how? 2. Why weren't the neighbors suspicious about a little girl not going to school? 3. How did she know how to clean and maintain the apartment? 4. Even if she didn't grow, she would still have to buy new clothes and clean them. 5. Did she see a doctor or dentist even once during that time? If so, how did she get herself there? Why wasn't the doctor suspicious?

  • Savage
    Savage 20 minut temu

    Tased him mid air 🤣

  • M K
    M K 20 minut temu

    They should beat her till her face is blue. Look at what they did to the Central Park five. They were innocent. Hurt no one. Lost their entire youth. And her. A criminal. No solitary confinement. No ass whooping. Not even a year. Not even rats claiming her bed.

  • ThePuppyQueen 33
    ThePuppyQueen 33 21 minuta temu

    Huh??!!?!??! I think i read this wrong because ?!?!!?WHAT'S HAPPENING?!?!? Someone explain to me please!

  • Harry Browneigh
    Harry Browneigh 21 minuta temu

    "You're beautiful , your husbands a lucky man." ..... "Can I sniff your feet " ? I got your creepy.

  • Green House Homestead
    Green House Homestead 21 minuta temu

    I liked him when I was young but when he started treating his family bad while on the marathons I had no respect for him. Even his oldest don hadnt been included in his will.

  • Jessica Driscoll
    Jessica Driscoll 22 minut temu

    I'm not sure why he thought Trump was actually gong to follow through, or that his word could be trusted when it came to business. Before he ran for president, he was in hot water many times for going back on business deals and left people without compensation for their services. He hired people to do work, and then filed for bankruptcy several times to not have to pay them. He screwed everyone over with his "university. "

  • XxbadsportxX J
    XxbadsportxX J 22 minut temu

    Dang 😐

  • FlixCreEightR
    FlixCreEightR 22 minut temu

    The scum of the world live on a floating trash can.

  • eoin ye
    eoin ye 22 minut temu

    *I love refrigerators*

  • Ironwind1972
    Ironwind1972 22 minut temu

    Who cares, he's a no good criminal who didn't care about anyone but himself when he was breaking the law. Im tired of hearing about these guys getting more rights than the law abiders. Its no wonder they aren't afraid of prosecution.

  • Lisbeth P
    Lisbeth P 23 minut temu

    Everybody is getting a WHOOPING!!!

  • JBM 209
    JBM 209 23 minut temu

    She's on Vacation

  • Mr Bond
    Mr Bond 23 minut temu

    LMFAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jay P
    Jay P 24 minut temu

    Smh this is a disgrace and shameful. This needs to end. White people have been treating other races bad for long enough

  • Candyy K
    Candyy K 24 minut temu

    awwww he’s such a cutie

  • cxxl dxde
    cxxl dxde 24 minut temu

    she should be charged :/

  • Snake
    Snake 25 minut temu

    The sick parent's wanted so badly for the end of time to happen.

  • Jason Pham
    Jason Pham 25 minut temu

    I’d rather lay down and sleep there then cramped in a seat with a fat ass right next to me.

  • Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe 25 minut temu

    Am Allergic to secret deodorant, I always get a rash with that brand, that lady gave me a great idea, time for me to Sue. Thanks lady.😂🤣😂🤣

  • Crystal Esquibel storytimes

    It's the beast from Sandlot

  • Adyleigh Rodriguez
    Adyleigh Rodriguez 25 minut temu

    I remember last year my cousin just snapped and we had a lockdown for 3 to 4 hours because he stabbed a teacher and 6 students what has this world become? Bombing,suicide,bullying.Our world needs to change

  • Shady Lady
    Shady Lady 26 minut temu

    Sounds about white 💊💉😂😳😡😈🐷🚔

  • _WoOmY the W017_
    _WoOmY the W017_ 26 minut temu

    Kids:”oh well if we gonna die then we better watch 10 seconds of Shrek.”

  • Jay M
    Jay M 27 minut temu

    Poor baby... Run from the cops n have to jump down to the ground... Cry me a f@ckin river:

  • MomsWithThoughts
    MomsWithThoughts 27 minut temu

    Who crawls in

  • Neurology Love
    Neurology Love 27 minut temu

    "Imma let you finish, but Josjua is the worst cop ever!" I'm making a joke. I don't know the whole story so I'm not going to assume that anything Inside Edition or the commissioner said is true or false.

  • Sukeban Haven
    Sukeban Haven 27 minut temu

  • Mia Monroe
    Mia Monroe 28 minut temu

    She didn’t see her so it’s not her fault

  • Sub EDZIFY Ed
    Sub EDZIFY Ed 28 minut temu

    Anyone watching 2019?

  • Susan MinhTrang Nguyen
    Susan MinhTrang Nguyen 28 minut temu

    190 Pounds 😱

  • Sub EDZIFY Ed
    Sub EDZIFY Ed 28 minut temu

    A guy left weed untended burning

  • FlixCreEightR
    FlixCreEightR 29 minut temu

    Only a scumbag would do that.

  • Benjamin Castillo
    Benjamin Castillo 29 minut temu

    Ms.Jackson if you nasty.

  • Jayden Rice
    Jayden Rice 29 minut temu

    Most bus drivers I see closing the compartment don’t look underneath they just look up at the door when closing it

  • otxandony
    otxandony 29 minut temu

    The mom was mostly on the phone

  • Aaron Omalley
    Aaron Omalley 29 minut temu


  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 29 minut temu

    PROBABLY the biggest smack down in history!

  • Doom Sausage
    Doom Sausage 29 minut temu

    Who the hell wrote the headline?

  • Games_For_Dayzz
    Games_For_Dayzz 29 minut temu

    How do I make a circle in a bowl full of rice 🍚?

  • Neh-Bih Sangbong
    Neh-Bih Sangbong 29 minut temu

    He was wrong but he shouldn't have been pushed or tased because he didn't resist.

  • Athena GM
    Athena GM 29 minut temu

    Aja, ok... so what was it? Where is the rest of the info here?

  • Christine Smith
    Christine Smith 30 minut temu

    She certainly has the Jerry Lewis face

  • Scortch
    Scortch 30 minut temu

    I would've sued for at least 500k tbh 🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  • _WoOmY the W017_
    _WoOmY the W017_ 30 minut temu

    So they where living there the whole time waiting for dooms day to happen and survive in there huh

  • Lukey Hass
    Lukey Hass 30 minut temu

    Imagine climbing 274 stairs just to die

  • Abuelita
    Abuelita 30 minut temu

    This is why we can't have nice things. Even for the dead.

  • Nish Wayz
    Nish Wayz 30 minut temu

    What if someone was in serious danger, and the cops needed to get to them ASAP. This lady is just going to chase the cop and say “stop speeding!!!”

  • Rache Fdez
    Rache Fdez 31 minuta temu

    She will sell these bags off cheetos in corea 😂😂

  • Bro Cro
    Bro Cro 32 minut temu


  • Brinette Valorie
    Brinette Valorie 32 minut temu

    Police : _A little birdie told me you've committed a crime!_ My mind : Woman : **Sipping tea with classical music playing in the background** Police : **Busts down door** Woman : !!!! **Pretends to be clueless & innocent, while sweat beads roll down their face** Police : Ma'am, you're under arrested. Place your things down and put your hands up, so no one gets hurt! **Cuffs her wrists** Woman : **Drops act** How'd you find out?!?! Police : A little birdie told me you've just committed homicide. **Woman looks at African Grey** African Grey : **Sweats and suspiciously whistles, looking away** Woman :