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My first cheap drone
wyświetleń 282 lat temu
Porsche Classic
wyświetleń 822 lat temu
JCPMF Honnelles 2015
wyświetleń 2463 lat temu
CHH 1982 à la foire d'Audregnies
wyświetleń 1463 lat temu
AECA 1982 concours d'attelage
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  • Dominique
    Dominique 2 miesięcy temu

    Je me souviens avoir lu un livre sur un pilote belge qui volait sur Typhoon et qui a obtenu bon nombre de victoires en attaque au sol contre les allemands. Je ne me rappelle plus de son nom mais ce pilote m'avait impressionné par ses réussites, Il était originaire des environs de Namur

  • Disco Bandit Story
    Disco Bandit Story 7 miesięcy temu


  • NKs Entertainment Vlogs

    Nice Video with pictures, thanks for sharing. We also attended this years parade. Its great experience. Please check our video on our channel

  • Lawrence Fitz-Simon

    This is amazing, thank you!

  • Carl Berlemont
    Carl Berlemont Rok temu

    Do you know where this video was taken please? I am very happy to see it as he was my Father.

    • J Goes
      J Goes Rok temu

      Dear Carl, sorry for the misunderstanding but my father was his best friend (not me) but unfortunately my father died in 2002! Yes for me too, my english is not good enough to speak with you but you can contact me on my private email to jeanlouisgoessens65@gmail.com

    • Carl Berlemont
      Carl Berlemont Rok temu

      Dear Mr. Goessens, thank you for your most interesting reply....how nice to read what you have written. Sorry that my French is not good enough to communicate with you. Since you were his best friend there is much that I would like to talk about with you. My wife and I were last in Mons in 2014, to visit my godmother's son and visit the First World War cemetery. I'm not sure how I can contact you outside of this public chat on PLclip....do you have any ideas please? Thank you, Carl.

    • J Goes
      J Goes Rok temu

      Hello Carl, nice to have news of you. Yes, I think this video was taken between Mons and Brussels in Belgium in +/- 1955. He was pilot instructor in Casteau for a small club. Your father was the best friend of mine. I regularly saw your father in Fayence between 1965 and 1985, he spoke me about you.

  • Paweł Wik
    Paweł Wik Rok temu

    Any chance to contact u (to use some shots from your movie?)

  • Michelle mobakeng

    Oui, la qualité fait vraiment défaut mais je suppose que pour l'époque c'était acceptable. Merci du partage.