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Alinker, gratitude and a blessed 2019 to all
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Alinker - In Depth
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Mayra Testimonial
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Jos de Blok about the Alinker (2)
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Jos de Blok about the Alinker (1)
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Alinker Instruction video English
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The Alinker | #KeepMoving
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TetraGear on the Alinker
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SheEO Submission 2017
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1 9 CantedSurface3
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1 9 CantedSurface2
wyświetleń 1,9K3 lat temu
1 9 CantedSurface1
wyświetleń 2,1K3 lat temu
1 8 3 RidingDownSlope2
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1 8 3 RidingDownSlope1
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1 8 3 RidingDownSlope
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1 8 2 RidingUpSlope
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1 8 1 RidingOverCurbV
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1 8 1 RidingOnCurbV
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12 TakingATurn
wyświetleń 1,1K3 lat temu
11 LockUnlockBrake
wyświetleń 7613 lat temu
11 AdjustBrakeCable
wyświetleń 7753 lat temu
10 TakeWheelOff
wyświetleń 7043 lat temu
10 PutWheelOn
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10 FixWheel
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9 Unfold
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9 FoldUp
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8 OpenCloseRing
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7 RemoveSaddle
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6 AdjustSaddleHeight2
wyświetleń 7953 lat temu
6 AdjustSaddleHeight
wyświetleń 8483 lat temu
5 MeasureInseam
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4 FixSteering
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4 FixSaddle
wyświetleń 9993 lat temu
4 AdjustSteering2
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3 FixSteering2
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3 AdjustSteering
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2 WheelsOn
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1 Unfolding
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Basel August 2016
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The Alinker for people with CMT ?
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Alinker Assembly Transport
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Dr. Brenda Wade on the Alinker
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Alinker Lente Toer Leeuwarden720p
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Alinker Lente Toer Groningen
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Man met kinderen
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VrouwRennen Rotterdam
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PasOp Duif
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OudeDame Rollator
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Alinker versus motorrijder
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Alinker Lente Toer Rotterdam
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Lekker hard gaan !
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Familie onderweg, lol hebben !
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AlinkerLenteTour Promo
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Alinker in the SNOW
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Alinker Joe Comparison
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  • Miranda Boxing Team

    Lazy ass walking...

  • Winnie Mihaka
    Winnie Mihaka 10 dni temu

    ..i want look cool..i better start saving

  • Jill S
    Jill S 28 dni temu

    Helps those with mobility or balance issues. Nice!

  • Barry Publow
    Barry Publow Miesiąc temu

    I have one.. it only works on super smooth concrete. On even slight rough roads there is just too much rolling resistance. Totally impractical for rougher roads or sidewalks like here in canada. very deceiving in the videos how fast people are moving

    • The Alinker Inventions Ltd
      The Alinker Inventions Ltd Miesiąc temu

      @Barry Publow

    • Barry Publow
      Barry Publow Miesiąc temu

      @The Alinker Inventions Ltd Agreed that strength and ability is important. It is my mom who wanted to rent one, so I did as well. Both of us could barely get moving, and I am a former national level cyclist and still race at the top level, so it is not an issue of strength. IVe been looking for an hour and no where do I see a video about proper positioning and adjustment of the saddle. When I sit on mine, all I call do is pull with my heel/hamstring, rather than be able to push backwards, which is a far stronger movement using more muscle groups

    • The Alinker Inventions Ltd
      The Alinker Inventions Ltd Miesiąc temu

      here is a video of 50 people (most of them have severe problems walking, some had been told they would never walk again) and they all did a 2K run together, some went up to 3, 4 and even 5K... Everybody has a different experience

    • The Alinker Inventions Ltd
      The Alinker Inventions Ltd Miesiąc temu

      Hi Barry, every ones experience is different. Many people use it off road, on compacted gravel, in forests... and yes it is harder, some people find it a great work out. All depends on your abilities and strength of course. All of the videos are real life examples of people using them.

  • associatedbears1
    associatedbears1 Miesiąc temu

    I’m a Health Professional in Australia. How could I become involved in rolling these out in my own country?

  • Gregory Thomas
    Gregory Thomas 2 miesięcy temu

    I am waiting anxiously for my own Alinker. The creator/owner of this miracle should be given the highest award possible. I hope to meet her someday and give her a hug.

  • hellfeather
    hellfeather 2 miesięcy temu

    Uh huh. So like...walking, don't have to support your own body weight. I guess if that's what they want to spend their money on its whatever but don't expect me not to look at them funny.

  • aprilsno43012
    aprilsno43012 2 miesięcy temu

    I have primary progressive multiple sclerosis, but I'm not sure if I have the stamina required to ride one of those. I'd have to try it out before buying one, since it is a significant investment.

  • Tori Foster
    Tori Foster 2 miesięcy temu

    I’m going to have to save up. My mother has primary progressive multiple sclerosis and this could definitely be put to use!

  • deborah lariscy
    deborah lariscy 3 miesięcy temu

    Any help for those with physical disabilities is GREAT ! Thank You for designing such a wonderful product.

  • Brenda Fine
    Brenda Fine 3 miesięcy temu

    I am so excited to receive mine. I have problems with my walker and not a fan of my wheelchair. Being upright and able to walk and exercise will feel great!

    • Dee Dee
      Dee Dee Miesiąc temu

      Brenda tell us how it is going now. Is the seat comfortable? Pros/cons?

    • Askee mee
      Askee mee 2 miesięcy temu

      Congratulations, I'm happy for you 💐

  • justha vingfun
    justha vingfun 3 miesięcy temu

    a great invention ! it looks so cool

  • Dezi Miller
    Dezi Miller 3 miesięcy temu

    My boyfriend is deaf and has trouble with his balance whole walking. I have noticed, since getting his alinker, he is more confident walking in Seattle, people don't startle him coming up from behind. His health his improved and is losing weight. He can talk to people easier, he reads lips and he can stand at a level that's easier to do that. I am so glad he got that instead of a Walker or an electric chair. He loves your product, and everyone he talks to about the benefits wants one. Thank you!!

  • Margaret Sears
    Margaret Sears 4 miesięcy temu

    ME TOO !!

  • Penelope Ortega
    Penelope Ortega 4 miesięcy temu

    I’m saving too

  • Mary Buck
    Mary Buck 4 miesięcy temu

    Great invention ! Love it

  • Ian Green
    Ian Green 6 miesięcy temu

    just ordered for my wife through the usa rent to own program excited to see her fllourish

    • Barbara Alink
      Barbara Alink 6 miesięcy temu

      I hope it works well for your wife and she'll enjoy the freedom of it soon.

  • long dong12
    long dong12 6 miesięcy temu

    How much are these worth

  • brian appshole
    brian appshole 7 miesięcy temu

    they need to give this to obese people like me that cant walk far but wants to lose weight

    • Barbara Alink
      Barbara Alink 7 miesięcy temu

      we are working on one for up to 450Lbs

  • D J
    D J 7 miesięcy temu

    Wish I could have one instead of being reliant on a powered wheelchair I can’t use crutches as can’t stand up for long because of back conditions when I stand it puts pressure on my spinal stenosis

  • Patricia McGill
    Patricia McGill 8 miesięcy temu

    I have one... I HAVE ONLY ONE ISSUE ALINKERS need to be available other colours especially for TEENAGERS!

  • Erag HD
    Erag HD 9 miesięcy temu

    shit is stupid just walk instead smh

  • WhiteGeranium
    WhiteGeranium 9 miesięcy temu

    Thank you, you have given me hope, the chance of being able to move outside.

  • Marsha Kaehler
    Marsha Kaehler Rok temu

    Can U buy in the USA?

  • Marsha Kaehler
    Marsha Kaehler Rok temu

    Needs a basket

  • Leung Andy
    Leung Andy Rok temu

    Good idea is similar to my Keidou trike.

  • Kathie Leonardow

    I bet it helps one loose weight!

  • Branon Johnson
    Branon Johnson Rok temu

    That things amazing... Shut up and take my money! Syke

  • Gene Keuning
    Gene Keuning Rok temu

    I would also appreciate a way that I could make payments on an Alinker because at this time I can’t afford the full price ! Also I see different handlebars on the one in this video, where can I see that option? Are they available in any other colors ? I thought I saw a silver one in one of the videos but can’t find it back ?

  • Barb Dingwell
    Barb Dingwell Rok temu

    Awwww, this made me tear up :'( I do not know you but I am so happy that you found Barbara & the Alinker!!! I have Multiple Sclerosis and a back injury from a roll over accident. This is my dream to change my life...

  • Banff Lee
    Banff Lee Rok temu


  • Roberta Pearson
    Roberta Pearson 2 lat temu

    It would be lovely if you had an English version of this presentation.

  • Barbara (Info) Alink

    they are for sals only online

  • mayra alma
    mayra alma 2 lat temu


  • mayra alma
    mayra alma 2 lat temu

    When are you coming to Toronto??? I would like to buy a bike!

  • mayra alma
    mayra alma 2 lat temu

    I love it, I want it, I need it

  • 李美玲
    李美玲 2 lat temu


  • Ethan C
    Ethan C 2 lat temu

    If they had a layaway plan I would gradually purchase one.

  • The Alinker Inventions Ltd

    Hi Teresa, this slope is probably not as steep as a ramp, but it is good doable on an Alinker. We'll try to shoot the turns on a ramp and then post it here. Bare with us. Thank you

  • Teresa Thompson
    Teresa Thompson 3 lat temu

    Wondering if the grade of that slope is at least equivalent to ramps set up for ADA use, i.e., wheelchairs, etc. A sample of going a twisting ADA ramp getting to a building entrance or comparable would be wonderful to see.

  • Judy Epstein
    Judy Epstein 3 lat temu

    Hi! I have 3 questions: Can I order one to be sent to the UK? Could you tell me about becoming a distributor in the UK? What about the availability of the Alinker in poor countries? Thank you. Best wishes, Judy

    • The Alinker Inventions Ltd
      The Alinker Inventions Ltd 3 lat temu

      Hi Judy, Thank you for your message and questions. The Alinker can be ordered in the Netherlands and be shipped, though at extra cost. We do not have a distributor in the UK yet. Please contact: Nijland Cycling BV. Telgenweg 12 8111 CM HEETEN, the Netherlands Contact: Willy Nijland Tel.: (+31) 0572 382 222

  • Shog Imas
    Shog Imas 3 lat temu

    I like the idea! but I would be scared to put myself on such a small wheel. It does not inspire reliability. It should be more reliable. I would loose my balance over it, when I get tired of moving my legs. This looks more like an acrobatic device, more for young population than for disabled.

    • The Alinker Inventions Ltd
      The Alinker Inventions Ltd 3 lat temu

      max weight bearing capacity of the Alinker is 265Lbs

    • The Alinker Inventions Ltd
      The Alinker Inventions Ltd 3 lat temu

      That will change once you try it. Most people who try it are surprised how stable it is and how safe they feel. Nearly everybody who is using an Alinker now, have some kind of mobility challenge, ranging from MS, CP, Amputees, Parkinson's, RA, bad knees, etc....

  • Shog Imas
    Shog Imas 3 lat temu

    Why only a very small wheel should support the weight of the body? I would prefer to be sure where I am sitting, having 2 wheels instead of one wheel behind. Why not one wheel at the front, and two wheels behind? Please explain, so I could participate in the donation.

    • The Alinker Inventions Ltd
      The Alinker Inventions Ltd 3 lat temu

      Hi Shog Imas, The one wheel in the back is to have a little as possible obstruction behind your feet, so you can make full strides and in fact walk on wheels. When you go through corners, you need to make smaller steps and there is a risk of bumping your heel to the rear wheel. So to have that be a minor bump only, the wheel is small. When the wheel would be larger, there would be a risk that your foot could get under the wheel. We have put an extra bearing in the wheel and it is complete alloy, so very strong and comfortable. Two wheels in the front makes it more stable, and when you go through corners, you can actually make a very tight corner, because nothing behind you can ram into anything. So safer, easier, stabler and ore fun! With its Ackerman steering mechanism, it feels like you are operating a vehicle.

  • testytest
    testytest 3 lat temu

    this looks very autistic

  • Win Michaels
    Win Michaels 3 lat temu

    Where do you buy these in the US?

    YOCOSU KENT 3 lat temu

    What a outstunding invention !! It gives tremendous benefit to those who suffer from arthritis on Knees. Worth a nobel prize!

  • Sue Mitchel-Runow
    Sue Mitchel-Runow 3 lat temu

    I can't find the company's own contact link

  • Sue Mitchel-Runow
    Sue Mitchel-Runow 3 lat temu

    How comfortable is the seat for having all the weight on the sits bone for an extended period of time? Do u have seats for obese people? Can we change them out?

    • The Alinker Inventions Ltd
      The Alinker Inventions Ltd 3 lat temu

      +Sue Mitchel-Runow any bicycle saddle can be fitted and adjusted to your comfort. The max capacity of the Alinker is 265Lbs. Hope this helps.

  • Miguel
    Miguel 3 lat temu

    Remove the stupid back ground music

  • Miguel
    Miguel 3 lat temu

    Remove music from video

    • The Alinker Inventions Ltd
      The Alinker Inventions Ltd 2 lat temu

      Sorry, we don't understand. Do you own the music or does it simply bother you for being there? Thanks for clarifying.

  • Miguel
    Miguel 3 lat temu

    Music is too loud. Remove music and I will come back to watch it.

  • aleon1018
    aleon1018 3 lat temu

    I'd prefer the Harley saddle seat :P

  • Artur Souza Maciel
    Artur Souza Maciel 3 lat temu

    Uau! Excelente facilitador de locomoção para pessoas deficientes ou não! Gostei!

  • Mieke Rolie
    Mieke Rolie 3 lat temu

    Zo zijn onze ervaringen ook.

  • Kelly Stanley
    Kelly Stanley 3 lat temu

    Wow! Where can I get one...and are they expensive?

    • The Alinker Inventions Ltd
      The Alinker Inventions Ltd 3 lat temu

      +Kelly Stanley Hi Kelly, we are currently preparing the pre-sales campaign for launching in North America. Subscribe to our Alinker INSIDER newsletter, then you'll be the first to know all launch dates and events in the months to come. There are a few places where you can try them but it depends where you live. Sign up on Share with friends and find us on Facebook The Alinker USA

  • andre pol
    andre pol 4 lat temu

    ik heb altijd pijn aan een knie. ik word meteen enthousiast over de Alinker waar kun ik hem bestellen? hartegroet andre

  • Alice klein breteler

    Nog 14dagen en dan is deze de mijne!!!!!!!!!

  • The Alinker Inventions Ltd

    Tijdens de #Alinker #LenteToer kun je niet alleen een Alinker testen je kan er ook één WINNEN!

  • The Alinker Inventions Ltd

    Nearly 100% ... jump on board !

    • Jennifer Boney
      Jennifer Boney Miesiąc temu

      The Alinker Inventions Ltd love you BE!!! Love this mobility bike

  • LeonorRoan
    LeonorRoan 5 lat temu

    Goed verhaal zeg. Overtuigend. Iedere keer krijg ik weer kippenvel bij dit soort verhalen. 'In principe kun je alles'. Complimenten

  • Anna Werners
    Anna Werners 5 lat temu

    Ik mocht de Alinker uitproberen bij het evenement van Raisin Hope. Ook ik vind het een fantastische uitvinding. Helaas werd een vriendin van mij onlangs met haar loopfiets geweigerd bij het Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Misschien een punt van aandacht om alle musea te benaderen?

  • Henny Leeflang
    Henny Leeflang 5 lat temu

    Dit zou echt geweldig zijn voor mij ,zo kan ik weer onafhankelijk met het openbaar vervoer reizen en mijn kleinzoon nog beter verzorgen omdat ik dan samen met hem kan wandelen en naar de speeltuinen en pretparken gaan ,ik verzorg het kleine mannetje al vanaf zijn geboorte hij is nu 4 ,5 jaar straks te groot voor achterop mijn scootmobiel en nog te jog om zelfstandig te fietsen naar school dus nogmaals een super uitkomst!!! Mvg Henny leeflang

  • RiddSann
    RiddSann 5 lat temu

    "great invention" ... I don't wanna be mean, but it's the retarded brother of the "draisienne", which became the bike we know today. Had it been cheap, easy to produce, faster than a bike, or even foldable why not but this is just a waste of money ...

  • rdkater
    rdkater 5 lat temu

    1500 euro? you're money or you're freedom ! grate invention but out of reach for many.

  • The Alinker Inventions Ltd

    Cher Alphonse Hérin, merci pour votre question. Nous sommes actuellement en train de développer une selle spécifiques aux besoins de l'utilisateur Alinker. Il y a quelques semaines, j'étais à un festival où j'ai siégé, et marcha sur les Alinker pendant 8 heures. C'est une question de temps pour s'habituer à ainsi, comme une bicyclette. Veuillez ajouter votre adresse e-mail sur notre site web pour rester à jour. En septembre, nous allons commencer la pré-vente campagne. merci. Barbara

  • Alphonse Hérin
    Alphonse Hérin 5 lat temu

    Quelle genre de selle convient à ce genre de véhicule ? N'y-a-t-il pas un inconvénient pour .... "s'asseoir convenablement". J'aimerais essayer sur une grande distance.

  • Tall Mama
    Tall Mama 5 lat temu

    I watch this and then I begin to hum Pharrell's song "Happy". Thanks for the smiles. I can't wait till this gets to our side of the pond!

  • Lidy Klomp
    Lidy Klomp 5 lat temu

    Wow, I know Merijn and now I know the Alinker as well

  • The Sound Of Snow
    The Sound Of Snow 5 lat temu

    Except that it looks very difficult for her to use- they didn't show her taking more than one or two steps with this- which leads me to believe she had difficulty using it.

    • The Sound Of Snow
      The Sound Of Snow 5 lat temu

      Ok - I understand that she had never walked before - that does not address my comment that it looks very difficult to use. None of the videos as a matter of fact show it being used for more than a few seconds. I myself am in a wheelchair and am very interested but would like to see videos that show it being used for longer period of time.

    • The Alinker Inventions Ltd
      The Alinker Inventions Ltd 5 lat temu

      @The Sound Of Snow Haruna had never walked in her adult life. She kept saying: "I feel so tall, I feel so tall."

  • Dynie Schuurman
    Dynie Schuurman 5 lat temu

    This is one of my favourite video's of the Alinker. In Haruna's eyes and face you can see what a great possitive difference the Alinker makes for people. I'm deeply touched by her.

  • Sipke Bergsma
    Sipke Bergsma 5 lat temu